Patronizing and Insulting at the Same Time

Quoting some of the Politically incorrect thoughts of Michael King on the Bush Guest Worker Program:

The proposal, geared toward alleviating the issue of the flow of illegal aliens across the border to take jobs that "some Americans don't want", is not only a bad idea for America, it's a poor idea for this president.

The concept creates a "guest worker" program that allows illegals to register for a three-year, work-based limited visa. In order to get the visa, the foreign national has to have a job in the US.

Among other things, that sets the stage for creating a second-class worker base in this country - made up entirely of foreign nationals...who clamor for jobs in this country that, to quote President Bush, "Americans won't do."

I can safely tell you that given a proper amount of money to live on, there aren't jobs that Americans won't do. However, Americans will not live on two or three dollars an hour, and cram twenty people into an apartment...This will create a second class worker system that is only steps removed from slavery...

No Private Sector Jobs Created in Ten Years!

As America continues to import replacement workers no new jobs were being created - so that is a direct replacement of the existing labor force. Think about that.

To quote The New York Times August 7, 2009,

For the first time since the Depression, the American economy has added virtually no jobs in the private sector over a 10-year period. The total number of jobs has grown a bit, but that is only because of government hiring...from July 1999, when the economy was booming and companies were complaining about how hard it was to find workers, through July of this year, when the economy was mired in the deepest and longest recession since World War II.

For the decade, there was a net gain of 121,000 private sector jobs, according to the survey of employers conducted each month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In an economy with 109 million such jobs, that indicated an annual growth rate for the 10 years of 0.01 percent...