Justin Barker at the hospital
The real victim Justin Barker at the hospital.

Jena 6 Criminals Versus Biased Press

by Lewis Loflin

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One thing is for certain, if the so-called "Jena 6" were white, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, and the liberal professional race baiters would be demanding the death penalty. But when the victim is white, it's "racist" to prosecute the felons. This is part of a constant "liberal" agenda of tearing down American society hoping to rebuild it along the lines of the far-left ideology.

At the same time this was going on, the torture slaughter of a young white couple in Knoxville by five blacks was ignored outside blogs and local press reports. The savage attack on three white girls in Long Beach, CA was ignored too, even when 9 blacks were convicted and assault, etc. with race crime charges attached, got probation and walked. (They were tried as juveniles, one has already been re-arrested for more crime.)

Jason Whitlock

Google "Jena 6" and the level of hysteria from the left is daunting. Trying to find out the facts is even more daunting, then finding it out from someone I could quote so I wouldn't be accused of racism. To say the least I found someone that was black to confirm what I already suspected, so let me quote Jason Whitlock, www.kansascity.com for Sep. 20, 2007 (just the facts please):

There was no "schoolyard fight" as a result of nooses being hung on a whites-only tree. Justin Barker, the white victim, was cold-cocked from behind, knocked unconscious and stomped by six black athletes...A black U.S. attorney, Don Washington, investigated the "Jena Six" case and concluded that the attack on Barker had absolutely nothing to do with the noose-hanging incident three months before.

The nooses and two off-campus incidents were tied to Barker's assault by people wanting to gain sympathy for the "Jena Six"...Much has been written about Bell's trial, the six-person all-white jury...

It is rarely mentioned that no black people responded to the jury summonses and that Bell's public defender was black...Bell's absentee father returned from Dallas and re-entered his son's life only after Bell faced attempted-murder charges...Bell was already on probation for assault when he was accused of participating in Barker's attack...that white people in the "racist" town of Jena provided Bell support and protected his football career...

I didn't even know about Bell's football career or that his public defender was black. If this was a rigged "all white jury" one can bet he would have brought it up. Bell and his other "star athlete" friends are criminals which everyone has gone out of their way to pamper and help.

For Bell this is violent offense five, even when he got a football scholarship this did nothing to deter him from this behavior. Again I had to hunt all of this down on the net because CNN and others slant the news.

Mr. Whitlock goes on to lament racism, but brings up that he has been a spokesman "for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City for six years. Getting black men to volunteer to mentor for just two hours a week to the more than 100 black boys on a waiting list is a yearly crisis. It's a nationwide crisis for the organization. In Kansas City, we're lucky if we get 20 black Big Brothers a year." But the failures of broad sections of the black community has nothing to do with white racism. The fact is that what racism there is often a reaction to black conduct. If we had more black men like Mr. Whitlock, there would be little cause for "white racism." I only found Mr. Whitlock from another blog, he never made it on Google for "Jena 6."

The real racism here were those white liberals/others that pandered to Bell and his cohorts by not dealing with their criminal behavior before this. Because he was black, I'll bet there was fear of "racism" charges if he was dealt with properly. (Just like what happened here.)

By shifting the blame of his dysfunctional family and personal actions onto everyone else, we were sure to get more crime and further erode the reputation of the entire black community. Everyone whines the charges excessive, but are they? It's a near certainty Bell and friends will be up on more criminal charges in the future. Who does Bell have to kill before reality strikes? And what about Justin Barker the victim? Forgot about him didn't we? The liberal race baiters don't care about him and really don't care about Bell either. It's a political issue only.

Liberal Hypocrisy: Black Ministers decry racial hostility

BY PETER BAILEY Sep. 27, 2007 www.miamiherald.com extracts.

A coalition of black ministers gathered at a press conference Wednesday morning in Overtown to denounce what the ministers called the "wave of racial hatred" sweeping throughout the country and now affecting South Florida. "There should be more of an outcry from leaders throughout Miami-Dade to prevent a proliferation of these events." "We have to punish the young men that caused this to happen in our own backyard," said the Rev. Carl Johnson, 93rd Street Baptist Church. Added Rev. Richard P. Dunn: "No one can deny that this was a case of pure racial hatred."

Quoting one man who went to support the Jena Six in Louisiana where several black teens were charged in beating a white student, "My biggest concern was that the behavior in Jena would not be mirrored in my community," said Johnson, who attended the protests in Louisiana. "My biggest fear has become a reality." He considered the charges against six "young men" was racism.

They all are demanding elected officials to "make an example" of the four teens charged with a hate crime for beating and nearly drowning a black college student. This was the same kind of thing that happened to a white student, where making the black thugs "an example" is considered racism.

Unfortunately for the race baiters on the left, again the crime was committed by a "minority." They were Hispanics, not white. One of the teens said, "Get off the boat, N-----," according to police reports. This wasn't an attack on a lone white kid being hit from behind and knocked out. Barrett (the victim) and his friends were attacked by the Hispanic teens, "wielding baseball bats. Several of the teens tried to hold Barrett's head under water." They didn't say if the black kid was knocked out and being stomped on.

To quote, "Miguel Aranda, 18, and Gilberto Maakaroun, 17, have been charged with a hate crime, battery and attempted felony murder. Nicholas Checa, 15, and Marino Biodini, 17, were charged with a hate crime and battery. A fifth person, Jose Osorio, 21, was charged with aggravated battery. and attempted felony murder, but not a hate crime."

What am I missing here?

Update December 7, 2007 extract

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A week after one of the so-called Jena Six defendants pleaded guilty to second-degree battery in the beating of a white schoolmate, the judge in the case said the records will remain closed, pending an appeal...

Bell, 17, was sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile facility on Dec. 3. He was given credit for the 10 months he had already served. Barker (the real victim) and his parents filed a civil suit this week against the LaSalle Parish School Board, the parents of the young men accused of beating him, and the adult members of the Jena Six...The charges against Bell and five others - the so-called Jena Six - sparked a huge civil-rights demonstration in Jena in September.

The activists said prosecutors treated blacks more harshly than whites, and pointed to an incident three months before the attack on Barker in which three other white teens were accused of hanging nooses from a tree at the high school. (This here is a flat out lie. Barker had nothing to do with the noose, which had nothing to do with this attack.)

Here we go again

Police: 'Jena 6' teen arrested after another school fight (CNN February 2008) -- A member of the gang dubbed the "Jena 6" is facing misdemeanor assault charges after a fight at his Texas high school Wednesday, police said Thursday. Bryant Purvis was arrested after a fight Wednesday at his Texas high school, police said. Bryant Purvis, 19, was arrested after the incident at Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas. Carrollton police Sgt. John Singleton told CNN the altercation does not appear to be racially motivated.

Police reported the student had marks on his neck and bruising on his eye. A municipal judge set Purvis' bond at $1,000, and he was transferred to the Denton County Detention Facility, Singleton said. Purvis is one of six former students in Jena, Louisiana, accused of being involved in the beating of a white student. He initially was charged with second-degree attempted murder and conspiracy, but charges against him were reduced in November to second-degree aggravated battery. He is awaiting trial in that case.

More details on Jena

On 31 August 2006, a black student asked the assistant principal if black students were allowed to sit in the shade of a tree in a square at the center of campus. "Sit anywhere you want," he said. The next morning, two nooses were found hanging from said tree. The three white teens responsible were given three-day suspensions instead of expulsion.

On November 30, 2006 a wing of the school was destroyed by a series of deliberately-set fires, one in the principal's office, and a number in various classrooms on the second floor. No arrests have been made, officials don't believe the incidents are linked.

By December 2, 2006 at the Gotta-Go Grocery convenience store, a white Jena graduate was attacked by three backs and was injured, treated at the local hospital. The three blacks claimed self-defense in attacking a man they claimed pulled a gun on them. They were charged with second-degree robbery, theft of a firearm, and conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

The Jena Times claimed "eyewitness accounts provided by those unrelated to any of the four involved parties supported the victim's story, the teens claimed self defense." Would anyone like to guess who two of the black thugs were? (This person was not a student of the school as liberals claimed.)

During a fight (12/6/06) Justin Barker was hit from behind, knocked out, then set upon by other black students who proceeded to kick and stomp his "lifeless" body as he lay unconscious on the floor. The Barker spent about three hours at the emergency room being treated for injuries to his head and face.

The liberal press made a big deal out of the three hours in the hospital like nothing was really wrong, but left out the other part: he went to the "party" that night to get a senior ring then left shortly afterward, still blind in one eye, etc. for three weeks. The liberal press forgot that part.

That attack resulted in five of the black thugs being charged as adults with attempted second-degree murder with bail ranging from $70,000 to $138,000 while a sixth thug was charged as a juvenile. Two of the Jena 6 thugs had been involved in the Gotta-Go Grocery incident resulting in higher bond amounts to cover all the charges. Liberal press forgot that last part.

Mychal Bell, the only one of the Jena 6 to be tried so far, was convicted in June 2007 on a reduced charge of aggravated second-degree battery. He is scheduled to be sentenced on 20 September 2007, when he could possibly be given a term of up to 22 years in prison.

He had been convicted as a juvenile for attacking someone a year prior to the Jena 6 assault, then committed three more crimes while on probation for that one, which meant the Jena 6 verdict marked his fifth conviction for violent crimes. These prior acts were taken into account by the judge when the question arose of reducing Bell's $90,000 bond. Thank you www.snopes.com for that facts the liberal press forgot to mention.

Judge in Jena 6 Case Closes Records

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