In Defense of America

James H. Lilley

I don't know how many people across this great Nation feel like I do, but I am damned sick and tired of the so called leaders of America bowing to, and kissing the asses of everybody that has a complaint, real or imagined, against our country.

I know I don't qualify to fill the Office of President of the United States of America. However, I wish I could have just a few minutes to tell the sons of bitches with the complaints against my country that, if I occupied the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I have a solution to their problems. And I sure as hell wouldn't need a teleprompter to speak my politically incorrect mind.

The first thing I'd like to address is the immigration problem. If you are here illegally, pack your ass up and get the hell out. If you want to live and work here in America, you will do it legally, learn English, the language of OUR Country, and pay your dues the same as other citizens of this Nation. If those rules aren't simple enough for you to understand, then you don't belong here.

To Felipe Calderon, President of the Criminal State of Mexico, don't think about coming back into America and damning Her or any of Her States. Arizona's law is 100% correct. The Governor of Arizona is trying to protect the citizens and save the state from economic disaster, a job, which the President and the rest of the Federal Government lack the balls to do.

Who the hell are you to come here and dictate to America how we should be treating the millions who have entered this country illegally? Your drug dealers, your thieves, your murderers, and your rapists have taken everything from this Nation and given nothing in return but crime. And, all the while they laugh because the spineless leaders bow and give them the "free" ride-medical care, housing, and schooling and anything else they can take from the hard working American taxpayer.

Calderon you boldly proclaim that the Mexican Government will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican Migrants. Well, my solution for dealing with you, your thugs and your threats is a simple one. Beginning immediately, I'm ordering all branches of the United States Military to dispatch every available sniper to our borders.

They will take up positions 1500 yards inside our border and their orders are to shoot every adult son-of-a-bitch who takes one step on to the soil of the United States of America. Rest assured I would use every available resource at my disposal to protect the citizens of America. If that takes bombing you back to the stone ages, have a nice trip.

To Israel, the United States has grown a new set of brass testicles and will staunchly support you in your quest to protect yourself from your enemies. I will not turn my back on a nation that has been a loyal partner in the war on terror. Whatever steps you feel you must take to defend your nation and its citizens, I will stand beside you.

To the countries we have defended and are defending with the life's blood of our brave American men and women of the United States Military-if you no longer desire our presence on your soil, say so. I will gladly bring them home immediately, but don't ask for our help again. I will not order another drop of American blood to be shed in defense of ungrateful people or nations.

To those terrorists throughout the world, and all countries harboring them that think you have an axe to grind with America for some fanatic cause-be warned. As God is my witness, if there is an attack on this country of any kind, or against Americans, on American Embassies, Consulates or aboard military vessels, I will give the order to light you up in such a fashion that you will glow for many years to come. And I won't lose a minute's sleep over my decision.

I will not embark on an Around the World Apology Tour for the sins of America, nor the arrogance of which it has been accused. My country might not be perfect in every way, but this Great Nation was your best friend when Her sons and daughters died to save you from those who would enslave, or butcher you. No, America does not owe the world an apology for its so-called arrogance. What is perceived as arrogance, is strong American Pride. We have a right to stand tall and show our pride in Our God, Our Country and Our Flag.

As Americans, we earned that right when we buried our fathers, our sons and daughters, and our brothers and sisters because they sacrificed their lives defending you and your freedom. America's right to be proud was written in their blood, spilled in the Argonne Forest, on an Island called Iwo Jima, a beach named Normandy, in the ice and snow of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, the deserts of Iraq, and mountainsides of Afghanistan.

God Bless America and the men and women who stand tall to keep Her a Great Nation. And God Damn those from within and without, who have but one goal and that is to destroy Her. May you burn and rot in the fires of hell.