The KKK Rallies in Bristol, Virginia, But Liberals are the Real Racists?

by Lewis Loflin

On June 11, 2011 something called Virgils' White Knights (aka KKK) held a rally on the courthouse stairs in Bristol, Virginia. Besides the fact the KKK hasn't been seen in Bristol since Steel Creek Park in the 1980s, this rally revealed where the real racist hatred was at and that wasn't just those wearing the pointed hats on their pointed heads.

The first thing to note is none of the KKK group was hiding behind masks. Regardless of the verbal abuse inflicted on them they stood calm and in control. Our local newspaper the Bristol Herald Courier seems to have been behind a mob that shouted down the Ku Kluckers and whose threats of violence prompted the police to shut the rally down.

The Ku Kluckers led by a Mr. Delp said, "We're just here for the rights of white people that's it we're not against the blacks or anybody else." While this may have been true, the fact they even associate with the idiotic KKK and gave some Nazi style salute when they left undermined this message. They are an embarrassment to white people and give the leftwing racists plenty of ammunition.

The mostly white counter mob shouted "green power not white power" and to quote one protestor, "We are opposed to violence that happens against black people we are opposed to anti-Semitism we are opposed to the KKK." Then why were they displaying such a violent behavior? To quote the Bristol Herald Courier on June 12:

That apparently prompted a counter-rally of sorts - one that ended up drowning out Delp's message. Tempers flared. Angry people moved closer together, and police officers who were out in force for just that reason, shut everything down and sent everyone home. No arrests. No one harmed, physically...

The counter-protestors views too are protected by the First Amendment. They had a right to be there, to express their ideas, to shout out the horrors of racism (whether Delp was delivering that message or not).

No Bristol Herald Courier it was the counter mob that rushed the stairs. Delp and his friends constitutional rights were simply violated regardless of message. I was there.

Again let's look at one statement from the counter mob: "We are opposed to violence that happens against black people we are opposed to anti Semitism we are opposed to the KKK." Besides their own pathetic actions, the ratio of black on white violence is 170 to 1 according to the Chicago Tribune.

Minorities in Virginia commit as much as 75% of the violent crime and in nearly every case of cross-racial violent crime the victims are white. (Hispanic crime is counted as white inflating white numbers.) Yet this same bunch of liberals ignore those facts and the Bristol Herald Courier sensors any letter to the editor that points this out. Violence against blacks by whites is very rare (much of that is Hispanic gangs counted as white) while black on white violence is an everyday event.

Blaming Jews
Anti-Semitism and racism is rampant among liberals.

What about anti-Semitism? A poll conducted by Neil Malhotra and Yotam Margalit, two professors at Stanford University, released in 2009 showed as much as 39% of liberals/Democrats held anti-Semitic views blaming the bad economy on Jews. Bernie Madoff aside, most of those behind the Wall Street debacle where liberal white Protestants.

The Bristol Herald Courier in some recent letter to the editor pointed out that President Obama was not racist because 70% of his staff is white. But liberals and leftists even if white are often anti-white racists themselves. This culture of self-hatred is rampant among white leftists. They do not identify themselves as white, the y leftists.

The statement "green power not white power" reveals what the counter mob really is, as are most liberals, Progressives or whatever they call themselves, they are some form of Marxist.

Marxism since that fall of the Soviet Union was never defeated, but has mutated and infiltrated everything from the Democratic Party to most college campuses, the education system, etc. It has taken on a lot of racist' undertones in particular with pseudo-theologies such as Black liberation theology. Some can call it democratic socialism, but it's really just a racist version of Marxism lite by mob rule.

Yet Marxism in any form is racist in the sense that all differences between people are to be erased, be it any form of cultural, racial, or ethnic identity. All people are the same, period. It's a world identity devoid of individual/group merit, any exceptionalism is to be suppressed. It's taken on the form of a pseudo-religious dogma called multiculturalism (or anything but white philosophy) that doesn't reflect reality in the real world and no amount of reason or evidence will convince its irrational adherents that it's bunk.

For white liberals this has led to a psychotic form of self-hatred and denial of reality. Any form of inequality in particular when it comes to low-achieving minorities is considered racism; in fact they are obsessed with racism as the answer for every failure in minority communities.

But that makes no sense as Asians are as successful if not more so than many whites. Liberals after all dominate the education system, yet non-Asian minorities fail and drop out is massive numbers from that same leftist' dominated education system. If it's really racism, then liberals are the racists. Are they projecting their own guilt and failure onto others?

And what about the 70% of the Obama staff that is white the Herald Courier seems to think proves Obama is not a racist? The simple fact is that "70%" has a large number of Jews and that staff are Jewish or not has no identity as Jews or white people. It's what a Jewish friend calls "self-hating Jews" and I'll add self-hating whites.

They have no identity as Jews or white people in any traditional cultural or religious sense of the word. They as mainly atheists/agnostics are hostile to traditional Jewish/Christian values and culture to the point of hatred or at best blind intolerance. Their identity socially and religiously it seems to me is their liberal political dogma.

President Obama is another case in point. He has no identity as a black man in the sense of the average black American. He has been surrounded all his life by mainly white Marxists and radicals. He has never lived in the ghetto as such and even his own children have never attended any public schools. (Typical for most affluent white liberals.) He has never even held any real private sector job that I know of. Except for his daddy, there isn't any difference in any social sense between him and the white leftists he surrounds himself with.

The point here is neither whites nor blacks are monolithic. Most whites are not rich nor are most blacks criminals. But the huge proportion of blacks born to unwed mothers and their tendency towards violence in disproportionate numbers are facts that just aren't explained away by mere poverty.

Here in Appalachia a very large segment of the white population does live in poverty or survives on low paying jobs, but we have nowhere near the violent crime rates of black communities. Poor whites far outnumber poor blacks.

A distrust of blacks by many whites is because of the massive crime problem and their bad behavior that society, in particular liberals, refuse to address. This would undermine their dogma of victimization and demands for "change" liberals are seeking, but couldn't get past a ballet box.

Most problems in the black community are self-inflicted or is faced by all poor people of whatever race, while liberals constantly play the race card for political gain. This is sure to ratchet-up racial tensions and it seems to be by design. Attacking whites that stand up of for their values and culture they have every right to do has nothing to do with black failure. It's the leftist' hatred of traditional values.

So what about the claims of Delp and his Ku Kluckers? Yes there is a lot of anti-white racism in particular from racist white liberals using low-achieving non-Asian minorities as political pawns.

For them it's really a cover for their hatred of working class white values and elitist' bigotry. The only hate speech liberals see is from white people they disagree with, never from Louis Farakhan, Rev. Wright, or La Raza. Their double standards makes them real racists.