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Non Jewish Jews are Often Destructive

by Lewis Loflin


Dennis Prager calls those that have left the Jewish faith and substitute atheist' and leftist' causes for Judaism "non-Jewish Jews." They are every bit the same religious fanatics even if their "causes" seem secular. In fact they attempt to redefine Judaism as these causes in many cases. Many are not Jews in any religious sense and I believe are not Jews at all. Jews believe in God and those that don't are not Jews.

According to Ira Foxman ( November 5, 2008,

When the general election campaign began in June of this year the consensus opinion among political pundits was that Barack Obama was going to underperform among Jewish voters. In the four presidential elections between 1992 and 2008 the Democratic presidential nominee averaged 79%...

The Republican Jewish Coalition and other Republican spokespeople were quite confident that McCain would outperform past Republican nominees in the Jewish community. A few even predicted that McCain would surpass the 39% of the Jewish vote that Reagan received in 1980. The bottom line from the 2008 exit poll: Obama 78%, McCain 21%

With only 200 voters, some dispute his claim, but I'll take his word for it. I'm sure he is tickled silly over the Obama victory, but what does this "Jewish" organization he represents really believe? He implies he speaks for most Jews and because most (about 80%) vote democratic year after year, I'd say he is correct. There's a lot of questions Jews should be asking about Obama in particular the racist' and anti-Semitic diatribes from Rev. Wright and their affiliation with anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan. That should also include Obama's many Marxist affiliates because anti-Semitism is rampant on the left. (Or is it anti-Judaism?)

Why Biden?

Many found it odd Obama would even pick Joe Biden, who did some real damage to Obama during the debates. Ira makes the case it seems as to why Jews went over to Obama in large numbers. It was because of Biden. To quote August 25, 2008 in Biden has 'solid pro-Israel record,' says head of Jewish Democratic group ( where Ira calls Biden,

"an outstanding selection...Biden is a strong leader and great friend of the American Jewish community with extensive foreign policy experience and a solid pro-Israel record"

There was a lot of questions with Obama in relation to Israel and that seems it's the only thing too many Jews care about. There's several troubling issues here unrelated to Obama, but to the attitudes of those claiming to be Jewish. The first is in regards to Israel, which I support myself. First, American Jews oppose any idea of opening Israel's borders to allow the entry of millions of Arabs, which will destroy the Jewish identity of the state. (Not counting another mass murder.) Thus Jewish nationalism is to be protected at all costs even to sometimes the detriment of the United States.

While Biden claims to be Catholic (I don't think he really believes it) it's really his "30 years in the Senate, he has served at various times not only as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, but also as head of the Judiciary Committee, with its jurisdiction over anti-crime legislation and Constitutional issues."

The problem is many "liberal/progressive" Jews (the secular majority) hate American nationalism where 80% of Jews demand open borders and mass third-world immigration. It's as if they are hell-bent on destroying American culture, a culture that has given them freedom and wealth even surpassing Israel. I'm not suggesting Jews are unpatriotic. In the American Revolution, World War 1, 2, etc. Jews served in the US military in disproportionate numbers far above their percentage in the population. It changed it seemed starting in the 1960s and they weren't alone by any means. That patriotism towards traditional American culture and values seems proportional to their belief in God.


I'm forced to believe that Ira Foxman ( and company are simply deluded. Only a fool would believe violent Islamism intends nothing less than another Holocaust, but that seems lost to President Obama and the stupid Jews that apologize for him at the NJDC.

Back in July 2009 Obama went to Egypt in what could be described as an Islamist "hug-a thon" by some. While there's a lot of this in the news the unbelievable statement on Israel was the Holocaust was true, but was also carried out by Israel against the PLO Arabs or so-called Palestinians. Where the hell are these phony leftist/atheist Jews on this? Foxman and pals thought this was just fine.

Let's use some reason here. Nazi Germany attacked almost every country in Europe and attempted to exterminate every Jewish man, woman, and child. The three million Jews murdered in Poland alone didn't attack Germany. Yet Israel that has been under armed attack since 1948 by Arab Nazis is accused of a Holocaust against the same Arabs.

What six million Arabs did Israel gas or starve to death? The 600,000 Arabs that fled what is Israel under the orders of the leaders in fact have been part of the armed attacks. What about the one million Jews expelled from Muslim countries? The only reason Israel even ended up with the West Bank was because of the unprovoked attack by Jordan in 1967.

By the way, there was no talk of any "Palestine" from 1948-67 when Jordan annexed the territory and murdered and drove out every Jew and stole their property. I'm not even a Jew and find this claim outrageous when these atheist' phony Jews support Obama for saying it. Are Jews really this stupid? What about Jesse Jackson saying during the election, "the Democratic candidate (Obama) would rid the United States of years of 'Zionist' control." Where the hell was Foxman on this?

It's my contention these people are not Jews but simply secular Progressives. See Why Progressivism is a Mental Illness

New Jewish Religion for the non-Jewish Jew

These "non-Jewish Jews" are just as adamant in opposing all traditional American values. To quote Foxman again,

"Biden embodies the Jewish ideal of practicing tikkun olam - repairing the world and has a strong commitment to issues important to the Jewish community including, civil liberties, reproductive rights for women, education, health care, the environment, opposition to radical right wing judicial appointees, combating violence against women, and maintaining a strong wall between church and state."

This in reality is the pseudo-religion of all secular/atheist progressives such as Biden and not just "non-Jewish Jews." They are no different than the Unitarian Universalists that have abandoned God and so-called Progressive Christian Churches that have abandoned Jesus. Thus the NJDC is typical for a "Jewish" organization as defined today and it has nothing to do with Judaism. Quoting Don Fedor on such groups,

Despite its reputation, the ADL is not a Jewish organization. There's nothing distinctly Jewish (i.e., grounded in Jewish law) about its operations. It's really just another left-wing group, with a leftist agenda. Politically, it is virtually indistinguishable from the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way, or Americans United for the (so-called) Separation of Church and State.

Equally, there's nothing Jewish in the values claimed by Ira Foxman. Much of it is Humanist and socialist. In Another Look at Religion in America 2008 a poll by the Pew Foundation reveals 65% of Reform and 45% of Conservative Jews believe the Bible was an invention of man.

They are simply atheists and not Jews. And as Mr. Prager points out, they are religious, but these "non-Jewish Jews" that substitute various liberal and left-wing causes for their lack of belief in God. This is also true of progressive Christians that substitute the "social gospel" for Christ.

In reality secular progressive, modern liberals, and democratic socialists are much the same thing. Their collective "repairing the world" crusade has become more and more totalitarian. Jews in totalitarian (statist) societies don't do too well. To quote Tyler Cowen,

The history of the Jewish people illustrates the relatively favorable position of minorities in a market setting. Hostility toward trade and commerce has often fueled hostility toward Jews, and vice versa. The societies most congenial to commercial life for their time-Renaissance Italy, the growing capitalist economies of England and the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, and the United States-typically have shown the most toleration for Jews...The socialist origins of modern anti-Semitism illustrate the link between statism and the persecution of minorities...

Oddly the real Jews such as the Orthodox often vote Republican and share many of the same traditional values of other Americans. Much of the problem for real Jews such as the Orthodox is all Jews get branded with the nonsense Foxman believes in. In addition, anyone critical of this politics as religion of so many American "non-Jewish Jews" so identity with, that criticism against them often leads to charges of anti-Semitism. And Jews have themselves to blame as a group because they won't renounce or separate themselves from those that have in fact rejected the Jewish faith and demand to be called Jews. If anything, they've seemed to have renounce Judaism itself.

Another problem I find amazing is the rabid hatred and hysteria over Jews for Jesus. One lady contacted me torn apart because her niece went over to that group. When I suggested perhaps the girl would be interested in Orthodox Judaism, the lady threw a fit. She turned out to be non-religious herself. It seems horrible to her when a Jew converts to Christianity, but atheism and Buddhism are just fine. This is simply religious bigotry on the part of these "non-Jewish Jews."

She called Jews for Jesus anti-Semitic as do most "Jewish" organizations claim when others try to convert Jews to another faith. Yet these same "non-Jewish Jews" try to use government coercion to shove their secular "religion" down everyone else's throat. Where's the separation of church and state then?

Yet these "non-Jewish Jews" try to redefine Judaism as an ethnic group or culture. With due respect that is just nonsense. Sorry, but Judaism is not a race, and there's nothing religiously or otherwise different from other progressives. If it's just ceremonial, then Jews for Jesus is just as Jewish and in fact more so in the religious sense.

To quote Wiki on atheist Jews,

Jewish atheism is practiced by atheists who are ethnically Jewish and members of the Jewish people. Because Jewishness encompasses ethnic as well as religious components, the term "Jewish atheism" does not necessarily imply any kind of contradiction. Based on Jewish law's emphasis on matrilineal descent, Orthodox Jewish authorities would accept as fully Jewish an atheist with a Jewish mother.

Sorry but I don't see any of that in the Torah. (Spare me the oral Torah of rabbinic Judaism.) To quote Must a Jew Believe in God? by Daniel Septimus,

Traditionally, Jewish identity had been defined biologically. According to rabbinic Judaism, if one's mother was Jewish, than one was Jewish, regardless of one's actions or beliefs. Referring to his thirteen principles, however, Maimonides wrote: "When all these foundations are perfectly understood and believed in by a person, he enters the community of Israel, and one is obligated to love and pity him in all ways in which the Creator has commanded that one should act towards his brother." For Maimonides, one was not Jewish--at least not fully Jewish--if one did not believe in God and in the other tenets of belief that he outlined...

Nevertheless, on an official level, most Jews are uncomfortable with the idea of a Judaism without God. This is true for the liberal movements as much as it is for more traditional Jews. In 1994, the UAHC (the synagogue council of the Reform movement) rejected an application for membership from a synagogue that practiced "Judaism with a humanistic perspective" because the synagogue's principles deviated from "the historic God-orientation of Reform Judaism."

Daniel Septimus is the Editor-in-Chief of Again the issue with UAHC proves Jews are inconsistent and illogical on this issue and generate a lot of confusion for non-Jews. So as Daniel asks, So, "Must a Jew Believe?" I say yes. Go argue with Maimonides. In the King James Version, Leviticus 18:22 is translated: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Thus if a Jew accepts homosexuality, part of the progressive religion, then they deny God. Without God, they are just another progressive and nothing more.

Why the Jews?

Why have Jews been the object of the most enduring and universal hatred in history? Why is the Jewish state the most despised country in the world? Dennis Prager and Joseph Teleushkin, authors of the widely acclaimed The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, take on these momentous questions. Why The Jews? discards conventional explanations of antisemitism to argue that its root causes are, paradoxically, the very convictions that have ensured Jewish survival: the Jewish conceptions of God, Law, and People hood. Drawing on extensive historical research, the authors reveal how these distinctive Jewish values have precipitated universal antisemitism by making the Jews, and now the Jewish state into outsider-challengers-to other people's Gods, laws, or national allegiances.

Note that Mr. Prager has nothing to do with this webpage. I read the book and believe it's a must read.

Reconstructionist Judaism, another example of nonsense

To quote Wiki,

Reconstructionist Judaism is a modern American-based Jewish movement based on the ideas of the late Mordecai Kaplan (1881 - 1983). The movement views Judaism as a progressively evolving civilization...Kaplan believed that in light of advances in philosophy, science and history as they existed in the 1930s and 1940s, it would be impossible for modern Jews to continue to adhere to many of Judaism's traditional theological claims. Kaplan's naturalism theology has been seen as a variant of John Dewey's philosophy. Dewey's naturalism combined atheist beliefs with religious terminology in order to construct a religiously satisfying philosophy for those who had lost faith in traditional religion.

Kaplan affirmed that God is not personal, and that all anthropomorphic descriptions of God are, at best, imperfect metaphors. Kaplan's theology went beyond this to claim that God is the sum of all natural processes that allow man to become self-fulfilled. Kaplan wrote that "to believe in God means to take for granted that it is man's destiny to rise above the brute and to eliminate all forms of violence and exploitation from human society."

Not all of Kaplan's writings on the subject were consistent; his position evolved somewhat over the years, and two distinct theologies can be discerned with a careful reading. The view more popularly associated with Kaplan is strict naturalism, (Dewey), which has been criticized as using religious terminology to mask a non-theistic, if not outright atheistic, position.

However, a second strand of Kaplanian theology exists, which makes clear that at times Kaplan believed that God has ontological reality, a real and absolute existence independent of human beliefs. In this latter theology, Kaplan still rejects classical forms of theism and any belief in miracles, but holds to a position that in some ways is neo-Platonic.

Most "Classical" Reconstructionist Jews [those following Kaplan] reject traditional forms of theism, though this is by no means universal. Many are deists; a small number accept Kabbalistic views of God, or the concept of a personal God.

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