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Jews in the University and Jewish College Students

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk

Over 80 perent of Jewish high school graduates attend college. Almost all Jewish college students are admitted to large and so-called "prestigious" universities. Although we are only 1.8 percent of the American population, 23 percent of students at such "Ivy League" schools as Harvard University, Yale, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania are Jewish.

The reason for this academic "success" lies first and foremost in the ability of Jewish parents to pay for the tuition and other expenses at such schools. Usually, the "Ivy League" schools cost upward of $20,000 a year.

The second reason for the academic "success" of Jews is our scholarly tradition. Even in the "shtetl" or small towns of Europe, Jews accorded the highest social status to the Talmudic scholars and rabbis (Be sure to read Life Is With People by Herzog and Zborowski. That book gives you a detailed picture of life in the Yiddish speaking European communities before 1939).

The third reason for Jewish academic success is that Jews were at all times excluded from the most common occupations and were therefore forced to gain access to such independent sources of income as law, medicine, accounting, etc. All these require a good deal of schooling.

In view of the academic success we have enjoyed, we are now faced with two developments on the campuses of American universities. One is that schools which heretofore had few if any Jewish students are now actively seeking Jewish enrollment.

Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is now openly recruiting Jewish students. The president of that university, Gordon Gee, told the Wall Street Journal: "Yes, we are targeting Jewish students. There is nothing wrong with that. That's not affirmative action. That's smart thinking." How smart may be seen by comparing the national average on Scholastic Aptitude Tests, which is 1,020, to the Jewish average, which is 1,161. Only Unitarians exceed Jews with an average SAT score of 1,209.

The reason for this is that a large number of Unitarians are in fact Jewnitarians.

Vanderbilt University is not alone in its efforts to gain more Jewish students. Southern Methodist University located in Dallas and Texas Christian University located in Forth Worth have now hired Jewish Studies professors and have built up a Judaica collection in their libraries. In addition, a number of Christian universities have offered merit scholarships to Jews. This is also true of the University of Alabama and others.

Meanwhile, two problems face Jewish students at American universities. One is called "affirmative action". This method of accepting students favors minority students who may have lower grades than Jewish applicants but are admitted nonetheless.

An excellent example of this policy is the method used by the University of Michigan Law School. There a large number of Jews apply each year. It is unlikely that the admissions policy of that school is anti-Jewish. (Note: it cannot be anti-Semitic since we are not Semites. The Arabs and the Israelis are Semites because they speak Semitic languages). However, the outcome of admitting "minorities" with lower Law School Aptitude Test results than is true of Euro-Americans leads to the rejection of many Jewish applicants with high LSAT scores.

This policy has been upheld by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and is now headed to the Supreme Court. In any event, Jews are disproportionately rejected by American universities for racial reasons, i.e., being of European or Caucasoid race. (Note: There is no Jewish race. We are a religion and culture but we are not a biological subdivision of the human species).

Jewish students and professors are now also faced with another problem within the universities. That problem is Arab hate mongering. There are now numerous Arab students on the campuses of our universities. Many are "well heeled" children of wealthy Arab oil millionaires.

These Arab students are currently engaged in exploiting the commitment to free speech which is the basis of all American education. Of course, no one will dispute the rights of the Arab students to present their views to anyone willing to listen and to do so in whatever manner they seek.

However, during the academic year ending now Arabs, almost all foreigners, have attacked Jewish students on our campuses by not only using verbal expressions of hatred and contempt but also by becoming violent and assaulting Jewish students on each campus.

An example of this kind of violence occurred at San Francisco State University on May 6, 2002. There the Hillel director had to be rescued by the campus police when Arab students and their supporters threatened to "Kill the Jews" and distributed pamphlets denying the Holocaust and asserting that Jews celebrate all Jewish holidays by drinking the blood of non-Jewish people. These foreigners use their opportunity to study in American universities to shout that "Hitler should have killed all of you" and other epithets.

The vilest and crudest form of anti-Jewish hatred are carried to our campuses by the Arab contingent there. In some universities Arab professors and their supporters "teach" anti-Jewish courses, all in the name of "free speech". Arab students often bring incendiary anti-Jewish speakers to the campus. These speakers use Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's propaganda minister) style rhetoric to incite students to commit violence against the Jews on the campus.

The university president at San Francisco has given the names of anti-Jewish rioters at that university to the district attorney for prosecution. Yet, the anti-Jewish outbursts go on. Evidently, outside of San Francisco, the same administrators and faculty who denounce even the appearance of racism if directed at other minorities find it legitimate for foreigners to assault American Jews in our schools.

In sum, we now find that the American population is generally friendly to Jews, as evidenced by the large number of Jewish politicians elected from areas which have hardly any Jewish voters. Yet, foreigners come here now and bring with them their hatreds and their ancient bigotry. It is time to demand from our elected officials that they pass legislation leading to the prompt expulsion of those foreigners who incite hatred on our campuses. Why not write to senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton about this? We can also write to our congressmen, John La Falce, etc.

Do it now.

Shalom u'vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Stigma: How We Treat Outsiders.

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