Acidification or Warming But Not Both

by Lewis Loflin

Some basic science 101.

The pH level pure water is 7, above 7 is basic or alkaline, below 7 acidic. Ground water pH on land can vary from 6.5 to 8.5. Ocean pH is not static and varies around 8.0 depending on location.

Scientific fact: carbon dioxide dissolved in pure water makes a weak unstable acid. The ocean is a very stable buffer with a pH averaging around 8, which means it is alkaline.

There isn't enough CO2 in the atmosphere to make much difference to the ocean's pH level and minor changes in pH have not been proven a problem.

The concentration of enough CO2 to significantly reduce the oceans pH could not come from the atmosphere as it exists today unless we have massive volcanic eruptions covering continents or major asteroid impacts.

The mass of the oceans is 268 times the mass of the atmosphere while CO2 is currently only 0.04% of the atmosphere. Thus man has created in 200 years has added just 0.01% of the gases in the atmosphere even if the figures are correct.

An increase in water temperature will reduce the amount of dissolved CO2 in the oceans. Warm water can't hold anywhere near the level of CO2 that cold water can. This is why coral growth requires very warm water and the warmer the water the better. The massive regrowth of corals at Bikini Atoll after 23 nuclear detonations proves the acid ocean hypothesis is bunk.

The oceans are out gassing CO2 due to the slight warming trend since the end of the mini ice age in the 1850s. The exact cause of this trend is not known and remains the subject of much scientific debate. There is evidence that there is a gap of many centuries between planet wide temperature swings and atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Climate alarmists claim that man's CO2 emissions will increase ocean acidification while the temperature is climbing is bunk. This is another contradiction of science fact.

Even if the oceans are getting warmer and CO2 concentration in seawater is decreasing, this means that ocean acidification from man-made CO2 from the atmosphere is nonsense.

Or if the oceans are getting cooler and man-made CO2 from the atmosphere is dissolving into the oceans and causing insignificant, ocean acidification, then the oceans are not getting warmer to any real degree. In reality the oceans are slightly less alkaline from millions of years ago they claim, but they can't possibly know this. Sorry no computer models I want real world proof of that claim.

Claims of 200-300 ppm of CO2 in ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland are bogus because the cold water near the poles will dissolve out a lot of CO2 thus it will lower CO2 and there's no way to know how much because we don't know the temperature of the surrounding oceans at the time.


2005 was the last time a hurricane category 3 or above (Katrina) hit the continental US - at the time climate alarmists claimed climate change was going to generate record numbers of destructive hurricanes. Empirical science (based on observation of the real world) proves those computer models and expert testimony got it wrong. We have set records for lack of destructive hurricanes.

Since the 1850s after the end of Little Ice Age global temperatures have gone up they claim 1.4 degrees F. The oceans are heating up so water will expand causing massive coastal flooding. Yet evaporation and rainfall this generates, or snow at the poles radiates that heat into space. That is empirical science based on observation of the natural world.