Toxicity Of Environmentalism

by Lewis Loflin

Prof. Reisman's book The Toxicity Of Environmentalism was written circa 1992, but is very applicable today. The book is also quite prophetic in that environmentalism even then was toxic towards the well-being of humanity, it's even worse today. I'll combine Prof. Reisman's work with updates for 2017.

Let me be clear on my position here: any belief, religion, or ideology that undermines personal liberty and freedom for whatever the reason is poison. Any belief, religion, or ideology that elevates non-human entities, objects, or ideas above human beings either collectively or as individuals is poison.

Killing unborn babies for population control or refusing care and comfort to the sick, old, or dying on the belief they don't contribute enough is poison. Humanity and individual human beings are always more important than the welfare of non-human organisms or geological works of nature and to believe otherwise is poison. I call this "poison" botulism of the mind because all it takes is just a little to poison the whole batch.

If one ever does home canning of vegetables such as green beans they must be on guard for botulism poisoning. (Yes, botulism is natural and thousands of times more toxic than organo-phosphates like Roundup or dioxin also known as Agent Orange.) But what if we have a mental toxin that's "several parts per ten"? What if that poison makes it into public policy with government force behind it?

A political coalition in Virginia combining a lust for power, greed, and promoting anti-human ideology seek to impose needless cost on citizens in the name of climate change.

As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 16, 2017) Governor McAuliffe is doing this mainly because president Donald Trump is rolling back ominous Obama era EPA regulations and the Obama war on energy. They have no regard for poor and working class people that will pay inflated electric bills and possibly lose their jobs.

The inefficient green energy industry is also celebrating. By artificially inflating energy costs this strong-arms citizens in to buying their uncompetitive solar panels and windmills. Despite the claims that solar-wind has come down is still unaffordable to many and more a status symbol. $30,000 in solar panels in Arlington, Virginia installed on a $750,000 home is not $30,000 in solar panels installed on a Bristol Virginia home going for $75,000.

Dominion Energy supports the legislation. As the largest electric supplier in the state and under state law Dominion Energy operates on a cost plus basis. The higher their energy production costs the more profits for the stockholders. For them it's always a win.

So-called "market based mechanisms" are not free market anything. Dominion can buy a worthless wind farm in Wyoming to meet environmental standards of diversifying generating capacity, while charging the cost back to Virginia customers - plus a profit. Governor McAuliffe and the environmentalists couldn't care less. It's political corruption when powerful corporate entities work hand-in-hand with government to harm the general public.

The asinine idea that through massive government regulation and social engineering we can control the world's climate is simply a cover for a deeper agenda. Greed and lust for power aside, the environmental movement has been hijacked by social justice jackasses allied with anti-human biocentrists both a threat to the public.

It's time that we really take a look at the motivations behind this.

Remember the claims of "peak oil" a few decades ago? In the 1970s environmentalists were claiming we would be out of most industrial metals such as lead, copper, nickel, etc. by the year 2000. Yet in 2017 changing technology and science has completely debunked all of these claims.

New discoveries of oil and gas in Texas alone using hydraulic fracturing and other technologies will make America the world's leading producer of oil and natural gas - for hundreds of years. Even on EBay I have purchased sample amounts of a number of metals and elements at very low prices.

Again technology has reduced the quantity needed of these rare materials to the point prices have remained low and widely available. New technology has enabled the extraction from even low grade ores.

But who are these alarmist crackpots? Celebrated green guru Paul Ehrlich is a political extremist, Marxist, and an entomologist. He is an expert on butterflies. So what exactly makes this fool with no background in technology, Earth science, mining or manufacturing, an expert on resource depletion? Or climate? Decades of failed predictions and this person is still preaching to fools.

"Science Guy" Bill Nye was absolutely savaged by Tucker Carlson live on television. The "Science Guy" is not a scientist, but a mechanical engineer.

On the episode he claimed that the Earth's temperature today should be back to the same as it was during the American Revolution. The only problem with that is the world was in the grip of the Little Ice Age at that time. Most alarming though when asked again and again to quantify exactly how much humans have changed climate. He didn't know.

He is a religious style crusader and an entertainer, but most of all he can not use reason and empirical proof because his emotions rule his behavior. His reason is overruled and excluded by emotion. This is no different than flat earth creationism and religious fanatics can be an atheist - blind dogma doesn't differ from blind ideology.

The environmental movement operates strictly on dogma and violates every facet of the scientific method. Environmentalism is permeated with mental botulism at war with reason. Reason and its most public form of science, technology, and industry is utterly hated in the name of Gaia.

For the record the temperature from around the early 1800s to today has gone up a whopping 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in about 200 years. That's right, just 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit - even after tinkering with the data. And this is after coming out of the Little Ice Age where it was supposed to warm up.

While millions claim there's no such thing as safe vaccines, safe nuclear reactors, or anything else that modern science and technology produces, they are equally adamant scientists can predict the weather 100 years into the future with their virtual computer models. Blind faith or mental botulism.

They can't quantify it because they have no actual proof of it. And when I say proof I mean empirical scientific proof based on experimentation in the real world. Computer models and statistics have failed again and again to predict anything.

Incidentally, Mr. Nye, the so-called "Science Guy" is claiming gender is not based on DNA and biology, but on how you feel. I'm still waiting to see a man give birth to a baby. This is the kind of insane and irrational thinking that has poisoned science in many fields. And all it takes is a little bit of botulism to poison the entire quart of green beans.

Environmentalism as practiced by many today is an ideology with religious undertones regulated by feelings. Religion is pure emotion and not reason. Representative Morris Udall of Arizona calls the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, a frozen and baron arctic desert, "a sacred place". This religious nonsense has no place in public policy. Crackpot religion is alive and well in 2017 at the Vatican.

No doubt that liberals display a livid intolerance of conservative Christianity, while at the same time apologizing for Islam. Islam irrationally is treated as a race or culture and thus becomes a protected victim class regardless of the extremist elements within the religion itself. At the same time while liberals are intolerant of believing Christians they seem to absolutely love our crackpot head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is heavily influenced by liberation theology which is essentially Marxism in religious clothing. Liberation theology has poisoned Catholicism in Latin America. This so-called Pope doesn't condemn Islamic violence and terror against Christians, but instead demands mass Muslim immigration into the West.

Instead of promoting the Catholic faith he meddles in politics something that I will not tolerate. It's bad enough this phony liberation theology Pope has abandoned his traditional faith, but there is an even more sinister underside. It's no coincidence that he assumed the name of Pope Francis after St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of ecology by the Roman Catholic Church. Once again we have a mixing of religion, socialism, and ecology which seem inseparable.

St. Francis believed all animals be it rats, dogs, cockroaches, and vermin are equal to human beings. Pope Francis embraces the destructive ideology of anti-human socialism combined with an anti-human, nature-centered theology. Here is a man that refuses to condemn or address Islamic atrocities against Christians and remains silent on the socialist Holocaust that is engulfing the people of Venezuela.

The New York Times headline for November 26, 2016 reads, "Hungry Venezuelans Flee in Boats to Escape Economic Collapse". On April 26, 2017 The New York Times headlines scream, "Venezuela Says It Will Leave Pro­Democracy Organization". The Crackpot Pope is silent on this.

Pope Francis still clings to socialism regardless of the facts in addition to his biocentrism anti-human views - he has plenty of fellow travelers


"The world has a cancer and the cancer is man." The journal "Science" Vol. 121, No. 681 May 13, 1950. This was in a report to the Club of Rome in 1974. Human beings are seen as a cancer to many leaders of the environmental movement. Most are population control fanatics.

David M. Graber is supposed to be a research biologist with the National Park Service and was prominently featured in the Los Angeles Times book review of Bill McKibben's "The End of Nature". According to Mr. Graber views regarding man altering nature in order to benefit human beings:

"This makes what is happening no less tragic for those of us who value wildness for its own sake, not for what value it confers upon mankind. I, for one, cannot wish upon either my children or the rest of the Earth's biota a tame planet...McKibben is a biocentrist and so I. We're not interested in the utility of a particular species or free-flowing river or ecosystem to mankind. They have intrinsic value, more value-to me-than another human body or 1 billion of them... Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along."

Ref. Los Angeles Times Book Review October 22, 1989, p. 9. This crackpot is sick and goes on to condemn America for its fossil fuel use and condemn poor Third World people for their land-use. He is advocating what is obviously mass human genocide. Be it Paul Ehrlich, McKibben, Bill Nye, etc. this poisoned irrationality permeates much of our science community and intelligentsia.

The reason they cannot quantify in scientific terms is this isn't about science, but the "intrinsic value" of nature being more important than human welfare. Nature has become a God or should I say Goddess. Human life is completely expendable - evil in the minds of these sick people is human beings are altering nature, that is the crime regardless of degree or why good or bad.

Quoting Prof. Reisman:

"the doctrine of the intrinsic value of nature is nothing but a doctrine of the negation of human values." Many environmentalists don't hold such extreme views while a sizable minority does. Those infected by anti-humanist values and embracing statist philosophies such as socialism are real danger to the public welfare. Disgruntled leftists have flooded the environmental community since the fall of Soviet communism.

None of this has anything to do with science. Prof. Reisman further notes that "Given the underlying nihilism of the movement, it is not possible to accept at face value any of the claims it makes seeking to improve human life and well-being, especially when following its recommendations would impose on people great deprivation and cost... This conclusion, it must be stressed, applies irrespective of the scientific or academic credentials of an individual.

If an alleged scientific expert believes in the intrinsic value of nature, then to seek his advice is equivalent to seeking the advice of a medical doctor who is on the side of the germs rather than the patient, if such a thing can be imagined. Obviously, congressional committees taking testimony from alleged expert witnesses on the subject of the proposed environmental legislation need to be aware of this fact and never forget it."

How many times in recent years have we heard about cancer being caused by cell phones, power lines, GMO foods, the dangers of nuclear power, vaccines or almost any other scientific or technical advancement of the past 100 years? Why is there so much distrust and hatred of science except on this one issue of climate change? It's not about climate.

Prof. Reisman again supplies the answer,

"on the premise of natures intrinsic value, environmentalists view man is evil, because, in the pursuit of his well-being, man systematically destroys the wildlife, jungles, deserts, and rock formations that the environmentalists hold to be intrinsically valuable. Indeed, from the perspective of such alleged intrinsic values of nature, the degree of man's alleged destructiveness and evil is directly in proportion to his loyalty to his essential nature.

The man is a rational being. It is his application of his reason in the form of science, technology, and an industrial civilization that enables him to act on nature on the enormous scale of which he now does. Thus, it is his possession and use of reason-manifested in his technology and industry-for which he is hated."

The extremely toxic beliefs of socialism and the "intrinsic" value of nature are a real threat to our liberties and even very lives. To believe in this poison in light of empirical evidence is a rejection of reason.