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"From the Chronicles of . . . . . .The Holy Grail"

Jerry Falwell, is on the tube as I write this. This hog-jawled piece of sh** is preaching that Sharon is God's man and that the Khazars are Bible Jews returned to their ancestral land.

Oh, let me be God for a day! I would fry this ugly fatass son of a bitch along with all his head-nodding ignorant followers. And the remainder would be jailed in this nation's libraries for indefinite terms, dependent upon their ability to learn!

Of course, the Jerusalem Post should put Falwell on their front page as an important figure. He and his gang have made the Palestinian Holocaust possible. The blood of every child murdered there has sullied the hands of these deluded fools.

Again, Ariel Shraron is a cowardly, serial killer and his continued existence upon this planet defames us all. No single man or group of men should be allowed to kill Ariel Sharon.

The world collectively, in a violent revolt of the human soul, should destroy this son of a bitch and leave no trace at all to sully the footnotes of our history.

Jim Floyd ps I called the numbers they gave and relieved meself, come on and get me.

-Rebbi Pro-tem Jim Floyd

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