Science versus religion

Willie Martin Preaches Christian Identity

by Lewis Loflin

The late Willie Martin is a reputed leader of a Neo-Nazi cult known as Christian Identity, which is very popular in the Militia Movement and the extreme right. They claim the American government is under the control of ZOG, MAGOG, GOG, FROG, and who knows what else. (ZOG is Zionist Occupied Government)

Willie sent out a change of address not to long ago saying he was moving from Oklahoma to Texas. Oklahoma is one of the most racist states in America producing people such as David Duke. This is what Willie had to say about Oklahoma City:

From: Willie Martin
Subject: Oklahoma City
Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001 12:06 PM

If you ever pass through Oklahoma City or spend a day or two there, you will find that this city has completely gone nigger crazy. They have no conception of God's word, they have Jews preaching in the pulpits and hundreds of them go listen to this lying, deceiving, false teacher. It makes one sick to see our White Brothers and Sisters in such a condition. This Sunday they had a nig*** preacher on KTOK 1000 at 9:30 a.m. and some would say that they sure do worship feverently. Well the priests of Baal in Elijah's day worshiped fervently also, but they were killed in the end.

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More Willie Martin Paranoia

This is the typical paranoid nonsense put out by the extreme right. Be it Christian Identity, Christian Reconstructionism, or the Christian Coalition, paranoia and misinformation is job #1.

Willie is claiming that the Jews had a sniper picking-off children in order to pass more gun laws to take away their booze, Bibles, and guns. His revolver nonsense aside, the news report was correct, it never said revolver to begin with. How does a sniper shoot through school walls anyway? I know, the sniper was just standing there, and the Jew "law dogs" let the sniper walk away. And his nonsense claim about another shooter at the McDonald's is more paranoid propaganda. You can read it for yourself, be your own judge.

From: Willie Martin
Subject: Shooting In California
Date: Monday, March 05, 2001 2:42 PM

Well folks it looks to me that it is impossible for any law enforcement agency to tell the truth about anything anymore.

On CBS at about 4:10 p.m. this afternoon the law dogs in San Diego said that this child shot 15 people and killed 2 with a revolver. Now think about that, 15 and 2 killed people with a revolver. Now all the revolvers that I have seen and I am over 60 years old, have all been 6 cylinders, except for some small starter guns that would hold 7 blanks.

Now for this kid to shoot 15 and kill 2 people he would have had to reload the gun at least 3 times. Then he would have had to shoot running targets.

A deputy said that the kid when captured said its only me. Now why would he say something like that? I don't for a moment believe this one kid did all the shooting. I suspect that there was a sniper sitting off at a distance with a silencer and a gun that had been milled to shoot the same type of shells that the revolver did.

I think that this was another event such as the McDonald shooting about 10 or 12 years ago when some guy was shooting up a school yard, and two men, who were never identified (imagine that) were standing near the place that the person that did the shooting came from. And stood there watching the whole thing until it was over. Then they got in their car and drove off.

I suspect that you will see the damn Jews such as Finestine, Boxer, Schumer, and the Queer Barney Frank, and others of their ilk will start screaming for more gun laws. As if they didn't have enough.

So thank the Jews for a couple of more people being killed in a school so as to foster their agenda to disarm Americans, so they will be defeated when they bring Gog and Magog against us.

My response: rubbish.