Mixing religion, government, environmentalism explosive device.

Secular Humanism in Practice Leads to Tyranny

by Lewis Loflin

I often get e-mails from various atheists who tell me atheism is merely a disbelief in God/gods or rejection of supernaturalism in total. Then they try to disavow any connection to many atrocities committed in the name of various atheist' philosophies.

They will tell you the world would be perfect if we could simply eliminate all religion. The only problem is there's zero proof anywhere to substantiate that claim.

Atheism regardless leaves a vast emotional void which can lead to irrational thinking regardless of all the hype about reason and science as a distorted replacement belief system.

Or Leftism. Or Environmentalism.

Everyone believes in something and those that are empty and lost will fill that void. Be it a conscience, choice, or simply indoctrination in our education system, that choice is broadly secular Humanism. It is far more than atheism alone.

It's time to understand just what secular Humanism really is and what it's mixed up with.

Why the Foundation of America is not Secular Humanist

Can a Humanist of the modern type be loyal to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? The answer is largely no unless they can overthrow its traditions. The American Revolution was religious in nature (not as in Calvinist' Christian theology) in that the Founders believed our rights derive from God, not man. God cannot be overruled by man be it dictator or popular mob vote.

The atheist/Humanist must reject the entire concept of America's Foundation when they reject any notion of God. The Foundation of America was Calvinist' Protestant ethics (essentially Judaism filtered through reason minus the priesthood, ceremonial and dietary laws) without the irrational Calvinist' religious dogma. (Paulism)

From Calvinism we get universal literacy and education for men and women and a general concept of democracy from the Hebrews. While originally intended to allow everyone to read the Bible directly, literacy and education are vital to democracy by enabling the populace to make reasonable choices to support the republic and participate in the political process.

From Aristotle we also derive the concept of individual worth due to a direct relationship with God. (Not Jesus) This also implies individual responsibility for ones actions.

Without the foundation of inalienable rights given by a Creator beyond the influence of man, and a belief that one is directly responsible for their actions, all we have left is the democratic mob which often produces the dictator.

When rights, freedom, and liberty become subjective they lose any real meaning.

The First Humanist Revolution

Thus this is the basis of the American Revolution so opposed to by secular Humanists. They constantly struggle to claim the Constitution "is a living document" that doesn't mean what it says or what the Founders intended, but anything they can invent.

President Obama recently complained the Constitution is too hard to change. Well it should be Mr. President, that was the intention.

The Secular Humanist must reject in total the entire Foundation of America and the concept of individual rights, liberty, and property. Without individual liberty and rights to property, there are no rights.

Rights to a Humanist are dictated by the collective humanity (or the manipulated mob), thus the State. The State supposedly answering the whims of the democratic majority is the source of rights and can invent to revoke "rights" at will.

One of the primary misconceptions of Humanism going back to its origins in the bloody French Revolution (the first Humanist Revolution by the way) was man was basically good and 'bad' was simply a product of upbringing and culture. This myth is false. This is why every secular Humanist effort at social engineering and the welfare state fail.

The concept of the welfare state comes from 19th Century Germany (Bismark) who believed give the people enough of what they want and we can control them.

Another humanist' view is fixing a 'broken' society we can fix people. One important philosopher among Humanists and the most influential was that of J.J Rousseau, a so-called deist. He invented the absurd idea that the "Fall" of mankind was not due to the Adam/Eve myth, but to the invention of property.

The first 'Humanist' revolution sought to destroy all concepts of God and tradition, and placed the 'collective good' above the individual. The goal became to redistribute property from an abusive nobility, and rule by reason alone free of any influence from traditional religion. J.J Rousseau was the father of communism.

So out of the 19th Century we get the origins of the welfare state, socialism, and Enlightenment humanist dogma all in a foul smelling stew - all sought to place the State over the individual.

Turning to a publication titled Socialism from Below by David McNally:

Birth of the Socialist Idea; The great French revolution of 1789-1799 involved the most massive popular struggles that had yet been seen in history...the revolution rose on the backs of the masses of poor people in Paris who united under the banner of 'liberty, equality and brotherhood'...

Out of the French Revolution, then, emerged the essential socialist idea that democracy and freedom require a society of (material) equality. The French radicals recognized that genuine freedom presupposed the liberty of all to participate equally in producing and sharing the wealth of society...

Anyone rejecting this poison are called fascists, Nazis, or white supremacists today.

Worse the modern Secular Humanist, Leftist, or Progressive have racialized this garbage. Race or other forms of "identity" have replaced class.

Family, faith, etc. are seen as impediments to their pseudo-religious dogma - they must be destroyed. You better believe that, accept for the absence of a deity, this is religion by its worse definition.

Read that last sentence again my children, "that genuine freedom presupposed the liberty of all to participate equally in producing and sharing the wealth of society...

Freedom as liberalism or secular Leftism defines it today has nothing to do with individual liberty the foundation of America. It's impossible to separate secular Humanism from its origins - tradition based on God must give way (or be swept away) by distorted pseudo-science building a new foundation for society.

Secular Humanists today reject empirical, evidence based science. That's why they can seldom quantify many of their arguments over climate change, abortion, etc.

McNally attempts to separate Soviet Communism from 'true' socialism/Humanism by referring to it as 'state capitalism.' They cling disparately to the myth that it's material inequality and oppressive religion that is at the root of all problems in society.

That 'liberty, equality and brotherhood' is just waiting for all of us through 'faith' in Humanist' dogma and the jackboot of Statism.

By refusing to rationally note the innate tendencies of humans towards greed, lust, etc. Humanism becomes obsessed with controlling the culture, economy and all facets of life to engineer that elusive 'happy' human.

'Re-education' wasn't invented by 20th Century Marxism nor was the concept of 'enemies of the people.' The first secular mass murderer was a deist and 200,000 people died on the gallows, the guillotine, and prisons this first experiment in Humanist governance produced.

This doesn't mean in the least that every "Humanist" or radical atheists are commies or tyrants - they just don't know any better. They are blind to human frailty and innate evil among some people.

But Humanism is more a secular pseudo-religious philosophy and like all blind dogmatic belief systems the 'religion' is right and 'others' caused it to fail.

If God is the opiate of the masses, then Humanism is the opiate of the atheist. And Humanism applied in the real world is called socialism with Marxism and Fascism as the worst examples.

Marxism: The Second Humanist Revolution

If one is wondering at this point why the ideals of the first Humanist' Revolution in France seem a lot like Communism, the answer can be found with Dr. Paul Kurtz He is one of the leading Humanist' philosophers and former head of the Humanist Society and other influential Humanist, scientific, and academic organizations. To quote Dr. Kurtz in his own words,

After a century of Marxism-and Marx was no doubt the greatest humanist thinker of the nineteenth century-and after the patent failure of Marxism, the question can now be raised, Where does atheism now stand?


Humanism must address itself to the heart and the passions; it must have some relevance to practice and conduct; and it must have some effect upon how we live. I submit that broadly conceived the free thought movement has failed in that direction.

Marxism was an effort to apply humanism to practice, and indeed Marx said that atheism was merely abstract, that it only became meaningfully expressed when it was realized in terms of Communism; and so Communism offered a program and an agenda for the future liberation of mankind.

The Marxist-Leninist's failed because they developed a new tyranny. And so we now see that Marxism without freedom is not an authentic humanism. But we must not give up on Marx's basic insight that humanism only has meaning if it is related to practice.

Understand these people don't mean 'freedom' as in one can live their lives as they see fit, but freedom from material want in an atheist-socialist framework. The government is to secure that 'freedom' through material 'fairness.' Read 'redistribution' or as President Obama says, 're-distributive change.'

As a further quote, "to move beyond ego-centric individualism and chauvinistic nationalism." There's no way for individual freedom with Humanism because the whole concept is rejected from the start. Material equality or equality in general is impossible without tyranny and the suppression of liberty. And here is the concluding paragraph from Dr. Kurtz:

We need to step up to a new plateau, and that, I submit, must be a plateau that defines a new eupraxophy that is relevant to the human condition, can inspire human beings to commitment and action, and provide meaning to their lives. This task is all the more pressing given the apparent collapse of Marxism, and the great vacuum in the world for inspiring ideals.

Unless an authentic, democratic, scientific, and secular humanism can be identified as a viable alternative, then we may again be threatened by a new outburst of orthodox theism, and new cults of irrationality are most likely to emerge to plague humankind.

Most of the above quotes are from Defense of Eupraxophy (Humanism Today 1991) by Paul Kurtz. Kurtz clearly shows the close relationship between Humanism, Marxism, and atheism. (This doesn't mean every atheist is a Marxist, but every Marxist and socialist is a Humanist.)

Kurtz laments Marxism's failure in practice and in 2012 is still seeking to repackage the same poison of the first two Humanist' Revolutions.

Like a virus this destructive 'dogma' is rooted in particular in academia and higher education and its adherents weld a disproportionate amount of power far beyond their numbers through law, government and the media down to the public education system.

Marxism was simply applied Humanism and didn't end with the so-called 'Fall of Communism'. It has been repackaged and sugar-coated with more academic babble often under names such as 'social justice', 'environmental justice', and 'liberation theology.'

Like any bad religion it simply mutates and tries to redefine itself to feed the wants and needs of its blind adherents. They have made it very clear a secular Humanism in general (not many or even most individuals) must by their very core beliefs reject both America itself and any notion of individual liberty. Know the enemies of freedom.

Finally let's note this is no grand conspiracy building some new world order nonsense. Most of the people mean well.

Social justice, climate justice, etc. is just repackaged Marxism. To quote,

CRITICAL THEORY is rooted in Marxism, and SOCIAL JUSTICE, as social justice warrior Joan Alway admits above, is application of Critical Theory "affecting revolutionary social change." That revolution may be labeled liberation, cultural transformation, or Christian Social Justice, but it begins with Progressives "deconstructing" traditional Western values and culture by redistributing wealth and power. Traditional Marxists tried and failed to accomplish redistribution by establishing class equality. Twenty-first century Progressives are attempting to accomplish it by establishing "identity" equality: sexual, gender, racial equality. These Progressive efforts are evident everywhere in American culture.

Ref. Critical Theory & Social Justice, URL 10/27/2022: https://jude3pca.org/critical-theory-and-social-justice/

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