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Sister Anisah David and the Abuse of Muslim Women

First I will let Anisah have her say, then I'll have mine.

From: "Anisah David" To: (lewis@sullivan-county.com) Subject: your homepage guestbook: Comparing Arab women to Livestock Date: Monday, November 13, 2006 2:27 PM

Hello Lewis,

I am writing you here since your guest book submission system seems to not be operational. I won't be surprised if you don't post this reply to your page, since it doesn't make you look good. But heh, perhaps God will surprise me with a little common sense honest on your part & allow others to read my reply to your post.

I stopped by to read your ranting regarding the comparison of Arab women with animals & you extremely biased, vulgar, sexist, degrading, racist comments about Arabs in general. Did I mention that it illustrated your nieve, uneducated bigotry?

Yeh, that too. I am an American. I know Arabs. I am not one myself, but a multi-generational white America. But my daughter is married to an Arab (Egyptian in fact) and my granddaughter is half Arab.

Your post illustrated a very popular bigotry these days amongst a certain element of the US population. I'm sure if you had been around a century ago, your target for ethnic hate would have been Jewish instead. But anti-Semetism is unpatriot these days & so very politically uncool. Isn't it? Yet anti-Semetism is just fine it if is targeted at the other Semetic people...the Arabs! It must be so good to know you run with that sort of crowd.

As for your claims regarding seeing "burka" in Egypt. It illustrated your ignorance, since women in Egypt don't wear burka. Burka is worn in Afghanistan, India & Pakistan. Arabs don't wear it!!! Its an South Asian garment.

The clothing you described seeing being worn by two women (who I suspect were not even co-wives) were likely wearing boushiyas & abayas, which are extremely cool, loose fitting & comfortable to wear. Unlike you, I actually took the invitation & wore one before jumping to stupic assumptions. IF its hot to shade your skin, then I guess Lawrence of Arabia (a Brit) was an idiot too, since he too adopted covering up in the sun rather than frying himself in it)

I wore it in EGYPT in the summer, so I actually know what I'm talking about! So, don't tell me or anyone else how "hot" it is, when you have no idea about the garment what so ever! Heck you didn't even know its name!

As for whether the man was "Their husband", I doubt that too. The custom you, like so many bigots, claimed regarding the "wives" walking behind him is not practiced as a cultural or religious practice in that region of the world. But it is always written by people like you as "observers" who never actually interact with the subjects they are criticizing.

Like many cultures, even here in the good old USA, women tend to walk together so they can chat, leaving the men to walk together. Whether they are in front or behind means little. But its amazing if you watch, that even here in the Freedom of the USA, women tend to walk behind so they can chat without being bothered by the men.

Another point, its likely the man you assume was their "husband" wasn't even that. Did you actually speak to the man or the women to ask their relationship to each other? Or was this one of your other profoundly narrow minded assumptions?

Most men, married to women who cover to that degree are also covering to a far more conservative degree. You likely only witnessed two women walking down the street together; and a head of them was a stranger also walking down the same street & God forbid he was ARAB too!

You already had your hatred in place before you got there. So why'd you waste your money to go to another culture?

Perhaps what you need to do is look carefully at your own culture & see if you notice any similiaries between it & the people you loath so much. You might be surprised. CHeck out Thanksgiving gathers for example. Men & women tend to gather in their own little groups. Is it sexual oppression? Or perhaps they like each others company & want to chat. Man can you imagine if someone came from outside & started bad mouthing US culture like you just did about Arabs!

And whats worse is your propagating your hate as if it is "truth". May God forgive you for it. By the way, how would you view Jesus' cultural community? They too were Middle Eastern & Mary wore a headcover too very similar to the various traditional clothing of Arabs.

Also dont forget he spoke ARAMIC...a language akin to Arabic. I think if he showed up on your door some day, you'd spit on his thinking he's Arab.

So may I make a suggestion....look inside yourself and ask what you hate so much about yourself that you have to attack people you don't even know?

Sincerely, a fellow American, Ms Anisah David

Webmaster response: Thanks you Ms. David for your letter. The article you refer to, Arab Women and Farm Animals was written by Arlene Peck and was clearly stated as such. She had lived there too. So you attacked the wrong person. The article didn't compare Arab women to livestock, but the fact many are treated worse than livestock.

What Anisah David failed to say she is a Muslim convert. She is "a self described Muslim American Feminist" (how asinine and deluded) from South Dakota and founded something called "Covered Women for God." (http://www.pluralism.org/research/profiles/display.php?profile=73610)

Her group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Covered_Women_4_God/ describes itself as, "This group is for WOMEN ONLY who seek to veil themselves (including their hair) as a sign of submission to their Creator. Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jew or other...we seek to support each other in our efforts to dress modestly and to separate ourselves from those who choose to submit to this world." In other words, she's religious fundamentalist. No wonder she could safely walk Egyptian streets. What Anisah David really seeks to do is sucker other fools into converting to Islam.


SNAP-South Dakota's Executive Director is Sister Anisah David. She accepted the position in the spring of 2005, after the SNAP-SD chapter was approved by the head SNAP office in Minneapolis. Ms David lives in Bushnell, South Dakota with her family and works as a freelance writer, as well as in her position with SNAP-SD as executive director.

Ms David can be contacted at the South Dakota SNAP office at 21079 1st Ave S, Bushnell, SD 57276 if you would like her to speak at your organization's meetings or if you would like SNAP-SD to hold a training workshop with your agency.

And, she "helps women in various stages of life, such as those leaving abusive relationships who need jobs or want to advance their education." How about helping women trying to leave Islam? And to quote her from the South Dakota Muslim Women's Network, "We pray that someday, all governments will be willing to put the Billions of dollars they swiftly have available for war, into food, shelter and education. Only through kindness, gentleness and compassion for others will our world truly become a "Developed" world." Why don't those wealthy Arab oil billionaires feed their own people? Her real e-mail is anisahdavid@sociologist.com

Muslim Women Need Help Too

I'm glad to know that ugly tent Egyptian women are forced to wear isn't a "burka" but are really called "boushiyas & abayas, which are "extremely cool, loose fitting & comfortable to wear." So you are telling me they wear them because they have natural air conditioning and feel wonderful? Why are they not wearing them in South America where it's just as hot? And why would you wear them in Europe or America where it isn't that hot in most places? What about Australia where it gets as hot as Egypt?

You mean they won't be arrested, beaten, etc. if they choose not to wear them? Holland right now is considering laws to ban burkas, boushiyas, abayas, and other forms of ugly tents in public. I have no problem if that is their choice, but not in the west with all the security problems and the growing use of women homicide bombers. You know darn well why they wear garbage and it has nothing to do with being cool. Why are Arab men today not wearing a tent while women only do so?

And it isn't just Muslim women:

Why shouldn't I be angry at what this person believes? Why should she be able to hide her face in any western nation? I don't care if only a minority of Muslims think/act like this. The majority of Muslims refuse to denounce it or put a stop to it. That includes Ms. Anisah David.

Quoting the New York Times (Nov 18, 2006), another often Arab/Muslim terrorist apologist:

Dutch Consider Banning Burqas in Public...the center-right government announced Friday that it planned to introduce legislation to ban burqas and similar garments in public places, saying the full-body garb...posed a grave security threat...The Dutch discussion is part of a European debate about how far governments can go in legislating what people - specifically Muslim women and girls - can and cannot wear...But if it should pass in Parliament, women would be prohibited from wearing burqas in a variety of public settings, including schools, trains, courts and even on the street...

others noted that the law would extend beyond religious garments to include head-size helmets with full-length visors and any other article that completely covers the wearer's head and face...The Dutch are not alone among European countries in seeking to restrict some forms of Muslim dress...

...France banned from its schools the hijab, the head scarf worn by many Muslim girls and women, along with other conspicuous religious symbols. Britain's highest court ruled this year that a secondary school was within its rights to bar a female student from wearing a jilbab, a loose, ankle-length gown, instead of the regular school uniform...Those consulted by the government do not believe that such a ban would violate Dutch or European Union laws regarding religious freedom...

To further quote:

Prime Minister Romano Prodi of Italy has also joined the debate. "You can't cover your face, you must be seen. This is common sense, I think. It is important for our society." And Cardinal Renato Martino said that immigrants of other religions "must respect the traditions, symbols, culture and religion of the countries they move to."

Muslims brought this on themselves. The article called them burkas too. That's what people in the west call those ugly tents Muslim women wear.

I don't give a hoot if your daughter married an Egyptian. Part of my family is American Indian and perhaps Arab as well, but that is irrelevant. My question is why are you living here and not in Egypt? Could it be that like nearly all Muslim countries Egypt is a total economic and social failure? That it's violent, backward, and crime ridden? Better yet, why isn't your daughter living in Egypt?

If she did (or does), your grand-daughter could face the same horror as millions of other little Arab/Muslim girls. At around 7or 8 they would hold her down and while screaming, will cut her colitis to help assure she's a virgin for her future husband. It would likely be an arranged marriage, because under Muslim/Arab law she has no rights. I'll assume your son-in-law isn't that kind of savage and your daughter isn't that stupid.

Fatwas are published opinions by Muslim religious scholars. They are non-binding in law. But Muslim believers are expected to follow them. In Egypt, a number of Fatwas have been issued by the influential Egyptian Fatwa Committee on FGM:

Update: According to press reports (June 2007) Egypt has banned this practice. Will they enforce it?

How does Unicef describe this procedure?

The procedure is usually performed on girls between the ages of 9 to 12 years, prior to the onset of puberty. In the past, the procedure -involving removal of the clitoris, together with the excision of all or part of the labia minora...The operation was frequently done without an anesthetic using knives or razors...

To further quote Unicef:

"The practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in Egypt dates back more than two thousand years. Today, it is almost universal: an authoritative survey conducted in 2003 showed that 97 per cent of Egyptian women of reproductive age have been subjected to the practice, while 8 out of 10 mothers had either circumcised their daughters or intended to have a daughter circumcised in the future.

For God sakes please don't let your grand-daughter live in Egypt! I'd advise you to keep a close watch on your son-in-law's family if he is a Muslim. Here is the Unicef article on your beloved Egypt. See http://www.unicef.org/egypt/protection_148.html This entire barbaric practice makes me sick and should concern you if you weren't so brainwashed by political correctness.

Second, you give me some absurd speech about "Semites" and Jesus and Aramaic. Anti-Semitism as commonly used means Jews, Jesus was a Jew. I'm not a Christian or a Jew and don't care what race Jesus was. And I will remind you that the several million Egyptian Christians consider themselves Egyptians, not Arabs. They don't cut their little girls. Don't ever try that racism game with me. I'll bet you went around dressed as an Arab because it was safer to do so, not because it was cool to wear.

Anisah might like to explain why most Arab terrorists are drawn from middle and upper-class Arabs?

Brainwashed by her Muslim husband, Muriel converted to Islam, then went to Iraq to be a homicide bomber. She was killed when she blew herself up to kill Americans. The use of women converts to Islam going over to terrorism is a growing danger. For the full article see Raised as Catholic in Belgium, She Died as a Muslim Bomber

Driver Charged With DWF: Driving While Female

Arab News TAIF, 22 August 2006 - Police in Taif caught a woman violating the law by being behind the steering wheel of a moving car, the Al-Jazirah newspaper reported yesterday.

The woman, an Arab foreigner married to a Saudi man, was immediately arrested. The husband was called to the police station to pick up his spouse.

The cops instructed the husband to make sure his wife does not repeat such a terrible crime as driving a car, which, according to the defenders of the law can lead to immoral behavior.

Considering how many men drive in Saudi Arabia (and the lax enforcement of speed limits and other basic driving rules) apparently it's not quite as immoral to endanger the lives of selves and others by speeding, changing lanes erratically without signaling and disregarding traffic signs.

But a woman behind the wheel? For shame!