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I've been a part-time adjunct professor at a local community college teaching electricity and electronics. My electronics website reflects what I've taught or been asked to look into by visitors. I have 40 years experience in electronics from vacuum tubes to modern solid state and industrial controls. In college I had a year each of physics, chemistry, and biology along with C, C++. Pascal, and assembly.

I taught myself the coding for Arduino, PICAXE, Raspberry Pi, Microchip PIC, Debian and Slackware Linux, CSS etc which I approach in a way to give my students a basis for their own projects. Every page on this website was hand-coded by me. My education philosophy is learn the basics, find working examples, then use what works as a foundation for further learning. Modify and try new ideas. I'd say my job title would be applied technologist.

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New for 2021

Date: 7-11-2021

In the process of publishing new gadgets and circuit ideas. Plus new tutorials and videos. They will be published here on this site.

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