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The Demoralizers

by David Mendes

'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

Man is a cultural and spiritual being that cannot do without morality, by lack of which he has degenerated into a crazy ape. From early age he needs training on spirituality and philosophy of truth, in order to develop an ethical awareness.

It was the sense of justice that turned apes into men, and the Pentateuch teaches that the cult of Yahweh comes from the very beginning, transmitted by a tradition of righteous men, as Abel, Enoch and Noah.

Only later, with the advent of the State, were religions formed. The Empires established religions to mystify their morality, for oppression is not viable through mere force. Abraham left civilization to live apart and educate his progeny to be a nation guardian of the truth.

However this stronghold of truth, which was the Jewish State, was dismantled by the imperialist forces supported by Christianity. Since then a misleading moral follows the laws of the powerful of the world.

Morality is what basically is at stake when discussing God and religion, and the entire issue revolves around Judaism. With the destruction of Israel ideological resistance was subdued and a great fallacy has spread. For the essence of Judaism is not the religion its conservatives make it look, but really the primordial cult of truth.

The hypocritical Christian morality was impracticable, focusing heaven instead of the real world, and justifying submission of the poor. But evil is ingenious and when Christianity began to be discredited, it quickly found a replacement: atheism. Atheism criticized the shortcomings of Christian ethics only to perform precisely the same demoralizing purpose, only this time announcing that morality is a subjective issue.

Some atheists claim to be moral people, which they really are not. But even if they were, what about the rest of the world who wrong their lives for lack of proper spiritual education? Cynically atheists attack the Jewish Ten Commandments, on the pretext that they are religious, outdated, and concise.

Atheism failed to provide an alternative, but the Ten Commandments remain rational, fair and concise, as befits a general law, and, after three millennia, still respond to the basic human psychology.

People are becoming increasingly dishonest and unhappy. The shrewd ones use Spartan rules and make everything permissible, provided that they are not caught or have a group to protect them.

A just society will never be possible without consciously moral men. That is why reinstating morality is the ideological struggle of our time, which can only be carried out on the basis of Judaism, the tradition that has always been the guardian of truth and morals.

Cain killed Abel because his own works were evil, but those of his brother were fair. 1 John 3:12


Note Mr. Mendes and Mr. Sacks don't necessarily express my view. Lewis Loflin.

Guest writer David Mendes:

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