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Who is the God of Deism?

by David Mendes

The drama with religion is still the confusion in people's minds. In the long going debate a common definition of God has been missing.

In the process the credulous have been brain-washed and made captive of delusive ideas. Atheists identified deceit and rejected the whole notion, but in so doing discarded also the good part, the baby with the bathwater.

Deists decided to keep the rational portion of the God-idea but have not succeeded totally, and Deism must be rational, or it will be just one more religion.

Rationally, God is an idea produced in men's minds, but not unrealistic or essentially bad, for it represents the real protection we receive from invoking Him. Logically such protection emanates from our own unconscious, a powerful source of amazing results. He acts like a "Father', but we can say He is 'within us'.

'The Creator', another attribute of God, is the force that pushes the universe. Logically it is eternal and has a design in evolution. While it has wrongly been used to justify fatalism, considering it gives us monistic coherence and harmony with nature.

A third attribute of God, actually the most important, is justice, the same is to say, truth and morality. This is the ingredient that gives power to prayers and provides a rationale about society. Without morals God looses strength and may even become the Devil.

Generally only 'the creator' part is used to demonstrate God's existence, so adding to the confusion. The ideologues of deism have not cared sufficiently about justice; the Enlightenment was not completely rational due to its bourgeois origins.

The result is that Deism stuck to the very Christianity it was supposed to overcome, and even remained anti-Judaic. But Deism ought to be more than intellectual play, it must be a beacon to people, if rationality, and not prejudice, is to govern society.

Christianity, with its replica, Islam, is the great fallacy in the world, the crystallizing of all religious evil, the bad leaven that spoils present culture, prevailing by ignorance and fear. Success for Deism can only be attained by rational and wide criticism of Christianity. To change thousands of years of mind conditioning is a tremendous task, but if there is a design of goodness for the world, it will ultimately win.

Natural theology has to be developed, on the basis of Judaism, in order to eliminate all supernatural metaphysics, for all that is true can be explained rationally. But the legitimate needs of people for spiritual practice are not incompatible with open debate and must be welcome. Robespierre was right to a point.

Posted December 28, 2011.


Note Mr. Mendes and Mr. Sacks don't necessarily express my view. Lewis Loflin.

Guest writer David Mendes:

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