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Questions Surround Bristol Casino Efforts

by Lewis Loflin

Note this is held up by Virginia government as of August 2019. There is nothing illegal or shady going on among any individual. The system itself is corrupt.

With Bristol Virginia finances facing possible collapse one idea being floated is a casino resort in the old Bristol Mall. But corruption starts at the top with Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam.

His political action committee "The Way Ahead" took a bribe (contribution) of $25,000 from "the backers of the Bristol Resort and casino project." The money was paid out Dec. 21, 2018.

By January 5, 2019 the press reports Northam wants to spend $175,000 for a "gambling study". I know where he can get $25,000 for this lobbying, I mean study.

Amtrak sick

We were promised no public dollars would go into this project. It was lie and I knew it was. They are also lobbying to bring Amtrak to Bristol costing federal taxpayer millions in losses. This is part of the casino effort according to some. The useless Bristol Trainstation still sits empty over decade and $6 million later.

That doesn't include perhaps a half million wasted public dollars on other Amtrak "studies" enriching consultants and producing nothing. It is another fiasco like The Falls retail development and the Bristol landfill.

Gov. Northam wants "feedback" he plans to ignore. It's up in the air officially if Northam opposes expanding gambling in Virginia. The Bristol gambling group opposes the study. They want this to go before voters and if approved start on the project.

Like all of these scams they threaten "other states" moving ahead. Typical corporate blackmail pitting states against each other. It isn't just corruption with Gov. Northam.

According to press report (BHC 1-5-2019) "Clyde Stacy and Jim McGlothlin, chairman of United, are partners in the proposed Casino planned for the Bristol Mall."

The bill to legalize gambling is "being carried" by Sen. Bill Carrico of Galax and Del. Israel O'Quinn of Bristol - both Republicans. Republicans have looted and pilfered millions from the Virginia Tobacco commission. I got into this with O'Quinn over this at a public hearing.

Let's see if a cash gifts from the Virginia Tobacco Commission and State economic development agencies don't materialize.

Those associated with this deal have paid out $550,000 to a number of Democrat and Republican PACs, etc. The press claims these entities paid out over $840,000 in political bribes to both parties.

Democrats that now control the Virginia state corruption mill seemed to have gotten the most money. Several checks were written last year. That includes $50,000 each to the Virginia House Democratic Caucus and Senate Democrat Caucus. Another $50,000 bribe went to something called "The Virginia Way". $30,000 went to the Colonial Leadership Trust PAC.

As of January 2019 the issue is still in the hands of politicians. Bristol residents are supposed to vote on this issue if passed in November. They are promising thousands of jobs averaging $50,000 a year and zillions in tax revenue.

That was the same promise with The Falls. I need say no more.

The Bristol Herald Courier quotes a "study" claiming the Bristol Casino can generate $42.1 million for Virginia and $26.8 million for Bristol by 2027. Didn't I hear that one before...

Update 1-22-2019. The Casino Bill moved out of committee of the Virginia Assembly. Five communities are involved including Bristol, Danville, and Portsmouth. None of them allow a casino without a public referendum.

Gov. Nartham wants delays for more studies. Or more money for his PAC? The bill allows the communities a referendum in November and no license would go out until July 2020.

Posted 1-28-2019.

"The most corrupt region is Southwest Virginia...more indictments for political and public office corruption have happened in this region than all other parts of the state combined." Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Governmental Studies.

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