Black Male Murders Woman over Cigarette

compiled by Lewis Loflin

Seattle August 16, 2011: 24-year-old Sweetheart Masela Failautsu was at a buss stop with friends when she was approached by feral black male Anthony H. Smith and his two friends. When he asked for a cigarette an argument/scuffle ensued. They refused to give him and his friends a cigarette, then they stormed off calling her a "bitch" among other things.

Smith said, "I'll be right back; it's not over." About 30 minutes later the trio returned and one even shaking hands with the victim. At this point Smith shot the young women dead. Idiot King County Superior Court Judge Mary Yu complained that Anthony H. Smith had a terrible childhood, but then said, "You had the chance to walk away and you didn't." Smith said he was sorry and after a plea bargain deal got only 15 years. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. April 13, 2012

All of this over a damned cigarette and this obscene plea bargain of only 15 years? Why not first degree murder and at least life in prison? I know liberals loath it when whites make the point of addressing black on white violence, often calling them racists for even pointing it up. This young woman wasn't white and her life isn't any less precious, so where are the stupid damned liberals on this? I know the shooter was the real victim. Racism, poverty, a bad hair day, whatever.

Inmate charged with beating sister's killer

May 28, 2012 A Burien man accused of attacking his sister's killer while both were jailed has been charged with assault. Prosecutors contend Jessie Sosefaika Koke, 23, seriously injured Anthony H. Smith during an Oct. 4 attack at the King County Jail in Seattle.

At the time, Smith was charged in the shooting death of Koke's sister, Sweetheart Marie Failautusi. Smith ultimately pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the Aug. 16 shooting, which saw Failautusi shot to death in West Seattle following a chance argument.

Describing the October attack, King County prosecutors asserted Koke and several other inmates were being transferred from their cells to the King County Courthouse when Koke broke away to attack Smith.

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I have a better idea, let's lock the scum bag in a cell with her brother and see who lives!

From transcripts:

On August 16, 2011, at about 0022 hours, Sweetheart Marie Failautusi, (person A), (person B), and (person C) were waiting for a bus in the area of SW Roxbury and 15th Ave SW, Seattle, King County, Washington. As they were waiting, three black males approached: a light-skinned African American male with curly hair (the defendant), a dark-skinned African American male with cornrows going straight down, and a dark-skinned African American male with cornrows in designs. One of the males asked for a cigarette. The group refused to give him a cigarette.

The defendant then said, "What's up cuz?," "F*** you bitch," and "crip." Failautusi told the defendant not to talk to them like that. The defendant then said "F*** you, bitch" and grabbed Failautusi. At that point, Failautusi swung at the defendant, he punched her, and a brawl ensued. (Person C) punched the defendant several times, causing injuries to his face. When he did so, a gun fell from the defendant's waistband. There was a scramble for the gun and one of the defendant's friends got the gun. The three men then left but the defendant told the group, "I'll be right back, it's not over."

Deputies responded to the scene shortly after the fight but Failautusi and (person A) told the deputies everything was okay and the deputies left.

About 30 minutes later, the three males returned. The defendant was on a cell phone near a bus stop across SW Roxbury. One of the dark-skinned males approached Failautusi to shake her hand. When Failautusi shook his hand, the defendant started charging, stating, "no, f*** you bitch, don't touch him."

The defendant pulled out his gun and stated, "What, bitch, what, bitch, I told you I was coming back for you." Failautusi and her friends began to back away from him as he fired the first two shots. Then the defendant pointed the gun forward, toward (person C) and Failautusi, and fired again, hitting Failautusi. It was approximately 12:58 am.

Failautusi fell immediately and died at the scene. The defendant fled east down Roxbury and then north on 14th. The two dark-skinned males fled as well.

Police responded to the scene. One bullet casing and bullet were recovered at the scene. Police found evidence of two additional gunshots - a bullet strike to the ground and a bullet strike through the window of a local business. Those bullets and casings were not recovered.

Both (persons A and C) confirmed with that the light-skinned black male, the defendant, who they had fought with earlier at the bus shelter, was the one who shot Failautusi.

The King County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy and determined the cause of death to Failautusi was one gunshot wound. The bullet entered through the back of Failautusi's head and exited from her forehead. She would have died immediately.

Police obtained video from local businesses and were able to observe the fight at the bus shelter as well as the shooting. Police received information that the light-skinned black male on the video might be the defendant, Anthony H. Smith. Police compiled a montage with Smith's picture and showed it to (person A). She immediately picked Smith out as the shooter of Failautusi.

Immediately after the shooting, police brought in a K9 dog to do a track in an attempt to locate the shooter. The K9 started its track where the shooter was purported to have fired from. The K9 went down Roxbury and then north on 14th. The track was lost in the area of SW Cambridge and 14th Ave SW. This area is approximately two blocks from Smith's house. ...