Can we please cut the quackery (on Islam)?

by Jack Engelhard

They voted for terror.

We keep hearing from our candidates for president and even from Jewish leaders that the Palestinian Arabs want peace just as much as the Israelis.

Really? This will come as a shock mostly to the Palestinian Arabs. They voted for terror.

They voted for Hamas.

Can we get this much straight in this world of mumbo jumbo?

This rhetorical banditry, that Gaza's Arabs "really want peace," should have been stifled onward from January 2006, when those same Arabs went to the polls, pulled the levers and awarded Hamas 76 of the 132 seats up for grabs in the PA "parliament." The rest went to Fatah, which is similarly terror-intoxicated but at least makes a pretense of "peace."

Hamas declares straight out, even in English, that it wants Israel destroyed and replaced with a Palestinian Islamic state.

The US administration wanted "democracy" and "free elections" in Gaza, as did the Israeli government, and got exactly what it wished for (Hamas!), so congratulations. But let's hear no more speeches that define Hamas as a group that somehow infiltrated and invaded Gaza. No, the people were given a choice between war and peace, and they chose war.

Jimmy Carter verified the results!

With all the speechifying and punditry going on during this election season, it's tough to keep score as to who said what, and yet it appears to be unanimous that the "peace process" must continue and that a "two state-solution" must be found. Hello? To Islamic terrorists peace means war, and a Palestinian state already exists. It is called Jordan.

Was that the sound of clapping at AIPAC, the so-called "powerful Jewish lobby"? Yes, that was applause you heard when Barack Obama, swearing his allegiance to Israel, also spoke in favor of a "two-state solution" and rather than the silence that I'd expected, members of this "powerful Jewish lobby" erupted in applause.

This is what Obama told AIPAC, a message also heard from George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and other "friends" of Israel, including Jewish leaders in America and Israel: "The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive, and that allows them to prosper."

In other words, this nation, Israel, which sits on about one percent of the Middle East, must get split down the middle to make room for a nation, the Arab nation, that occupies 10 percent of the earth's surface. If such a transfer ever happens, there is absolutely no doubt that it will be Hamas all over again, and this time right in the heartland.

This vision, of an Israel cluttered into ghettos, replaced by "cohesive" and "contiguous" terrorists, is what AIPAC applauded.

As for "powerful Jewish lobbies" in general, like AIPAC; on their watch Israel handed off Sinai, Gaza, much of Hebron, swaths of Judea and Samaria –– and there's talk of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. In other words, with all this "power," nothing can stop an Israeli prime minister with a three-percent approval rating from relinquishing Biblical territory and singing, "This land is my land."

Do these Jewish leaders approve even more "land for peace"? Ask the people of Sderot how wonderful this works.

Yes, they approve, these Jewish leaders. They applaud. They would even applaud the division of Jerusalem and giving up the high ground to Syria. There is sure to be a wild ovation when New York philanthropist Mort Zuckerman raises millions to "resettle" the Arabs –– the same millions he raised for the Arabs to resettle Gaza. (We know how terrific that turned out.)

Are we Jews that stupid? Yes. We're so busy "repairing the world" (tikkun olam) that we've forgotten that our homes come first.

There was more cheering and delight at AIPAC when Obama (or was it all the rest of them?) mentioned Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon in heroic terms. Israel hasn't had a decent prime minister since maybe Golda Meir. Corruption didn't begin with Ehud Olmert. He learned from the best (or rather the worst) of them, and yes, this includes the sainted Yitzhak Rabin who had his own money laundering issues, as did Ariel Sharon.

AIPAC is described in the press as "hawkish." I prefer "childish." If this is what we can expect from our Jewish hawks, beware the doves. Those of us (like AFSI) who favor a strong Israel, unconditionally, are finding ourselves outnumbered by our own Jewish brothers and sisters who, along with our politicians and media elites, have bought the jihadist narrative.

It's getting awfully lonely out here.

Jack Engelhard's latest novel, the newsroom thriller, The Bathsheba Deadline, is now ready in paperback and available from and other outlets. Engelhard wrote the international bestselling novel Indecent Proposal, which was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

This article was published June 2, 2008 in Arutz-7 Thanks to Marc Samberg for sending it in.

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