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Liberal Academic Equates Gun Rights with Racism

by Lewis Loflin

Georgetown's David Cole is a constitutional law professor living in his typical sheltered tenured position. As the The Nation's legal affairs correspondent which tells us exactly the socialist fantasy land he inhabits. And yes you are a racist if you are a legal white gun owner.

In "Who Pays for the Right to Bear Arms?" (New York Times 1/1/2013) Professor David Cole laments:

The right to bear arms typically invokes the romantic image of a cowboy toting a rifle on the plains. In modern-day America, though, the more realistic picture is that of a young black man gunned down in his prime in a dark alley. When we celebrate gun rights, we all too often ignore their disproportionate racial burdens. Any effort to address gun violence must focus on the inner city.

Last year Chicago had some 500 homicides, 87 percent of them gun-related. In the city's public schools, 319 students were shot in the 2011-12 school year, 24 of them fatally. African-Americans are 33 percent of the Chicago population, but about 70 percent of the murder victims.

The same is true in other cities. In 2011, 80 percent of the 324 people killed in Philadelphia were killed by guns, and three-quarters of the victims were black.

The same is true in other cities. In 2011, 80 percent of the 324 people killed in Philadelphia were killed by guns, and three-quarters of the victims were black.

Almost all the killers were feral minorities in particular blacks. The vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding white people such as those of us in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We own more guns than Chicago even with their police dept. thrown in. I know of no case where school students have been shot in our region and our crime is a fraction of Chicago with all of its draconian gun control laws.

The few really serious shootings we've had for example was committed by a feral black male at a Kingsport Waffle House. Another black male emptied a gun into a park in Rogersville while another black male fired a gun into his ex-girl friend's house in Kingsport. There was a shootout in Grundy Virginia that left two deputies dead and two wounded. (The shooter was white in this case.) In another case a black male ambushed and killed a Bristol Tennessee police officer and awaits execution on Tennessee death row.

There have been also a slew of the usual drive by shootings in Knoxville and a few in other areas, but in nearly every case have been by feral blacks, just like in Chicago. Professor Cole I'm sure would blame those incidents too on white racism:

Racial disparities in gun violence far outstrip those in almost any other area of life. Black unemployment is double that for whites, as is black infant mortality. But young black men die of gun homicide at a rate eight times that of young white men. Could it be that the laxity of the nation's gun laws is tolerated because its deadly costs are borne by the segregated black and Latino populations of North Philadelphia and Chicago's South Side?

The history of gun regulation is inextricably interwoven with race. Some of the nation's most stringent gun laws emerged in the South after the Civil War, as Southern whites feared what newly freed slaves might do if armed. At the same time, Northerners saw the freed slaves' right to bear arms as critical to protecting them from the Ku Klux Klan.

Now I understand! The KKK is behind all of those restrictive gun laws in Chicago, Philadelphia, and other third-world Democratic Party ruled cities. Is he suggesting we go ahead and arm the feral minority populations in these urban war zones? Isn't Chicago in the North? There are no restrictive gun laws against blacks or anyone else in the South.

Professor Cole's thinking is totally muddled by political correctness. Low-achieving minorities are always powerless victims. They can't be held responsible for anything and are to be treated as stupid little children. What is his solutions?

If we are to reduce the inequitable costs of gun rights, it's not enough to tighten licensing requirements, expand background checks to private gun sales or ban assault weapons. In addition to such national measures, meaningful reform must include initiatives directed to where gun violence is worst: the inner cities. Aggressive interventions by police and social workers focused on gang gun violence, coupled with economic investment, better schools and more after-school and job training programs, are all necessary if we are to reduce the violence that gun rights entail.

What he means by is more government theft from productive citizens to be redistributed to these animals. We already spend billions and trillions over the last 50 years with zero results. Any real effort to crack down on minority crime and sloth is attacked as racism by Leftists like Professor Cole.

Illegal aliens have knocked Blacks totally of the job market, yet anyone that tries to address that problems will be attacked by Professor Cole. Go the The Nation under Professor Cole and what does he write about:

"On Immigration, United States 1, Arizona 0" he sides with the illegal aliens. He cares nothing about the economic dislocation of the poor of Arizona nor the cost to its citizens for jails and welfare.

"The Outrage of Stop-and-Frisk Policing" he attacks the very thing that in New York has done to dramatically reduced violent minority gun crime. As he whines on,

If North East DC is another country, the poor neighborhoods of New York City are another world, where stop-and-frisk policing has risen to unprecedented levels. From 1990 to 1995 the NYPD subjected about 40,000 people a year to these searches. In 2011 that number skyrocketed to more than 684,000. According to a New York Civil Liberties Union report, blacks and Latinos bear the brunt; together they make up 52 percent of the city's population but 87 percent of those stopped and frisked...The city has indeed seen a remarkable drop in crime for two decades now, better than in any other major American city, so it must be doing something right.

Yet blacks and Hispanics commit almost all the violent crimes in New York City and targeting the source of the crime is not racism to any reasonable person but him and his leftist' comrades. The same rigid police action in other violent third-world cities in America would greatly reduce their minority crime and violence problems. But to Professor Cole it's not feral minority teenagers, but white people in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia that's the problem.

His socialist mindset sees any form of "disparity" as the problem regardless of the cause. He seems to believe minorities are stupid children and are not responsible for their actions and to claim they are makes one a racist. His mindless political correctness simply overrules any form of reason or common sense.

Professor Cole is white and I'm sure his affluent gated community is also near 100 percent white. He has likely never set foot in minority-crime infested inner city neighborhood or public housing. As he finally states, "indifference to poverty kills people." No it doesn't. Come here to Appalachia and see the massive numbers of poor white people. We have guns and we don't behave like animals. What does that tell you from your tenured perch at Georgetown Professor Cole?

Who is the real racist? See How the White Elite Betrayed Black America

Ref. Who Pays for the Right to Bear Arms? New York Times January 1, 2013.

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Excerpts from Will Durant's The Age of Faith Pages 162-186 Pub. 1950