Six Illegal Aliens Nailed for Drug Trafficking in Limestone, TN

February 2, 2011: Feds busted six more drug traffickers who are behind bars after law enforcement found four pounds of meth in Limestone, Tennessee in rural Washington County. They are once again illegal alien Hispanics and the police were there due complaints relating to their immigration status. All but one are from the same town in Mexico. The four pounds of meth had an estimated street value of $145,000. They will go before the Federal Court in Greenville, Tennessee. Here is part of the official release:

GREENEVILLE, TN-A multi-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of six persons on January 31, 2012, after law enforcement agents found four pounds of methamphetamine at a rural Washington County, Tennessee home. All six were arrested on complaints relating to their immigration status, made their initial appearances on February 1, 2012, and detained pending their arraignment which is scheduled for February 15, 2012, at the James H Quillen Federal Courthouse in Greeneville, Tennessee.

The six individuals were Jose Cruz Guevara-Cazarez, 55; Rosalva Guadalupe Robeldo, 48; Arnoldo Ayala Guevara,49; Habraham Enrique Guevara, 26; Emilio Beltran Sanchez, 31; and Enrique Rivas, 33. Guevara-Cazarez, Robledo, and Habraham Enrique Guevara lived in Limestone, Tennessee; Arnold Guevara, Sanchez, and Rivas lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All except Rivas are natives of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Members of the public are reminded that these are only charges and that every person is presumed innocent until their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Reported by: FBI

I'll remind the public that many of these Hispanics legal or not are not criminals as such, but often decent hard working people. They are often abused and exploited by low-wage employers who are the real criminals. At the same time the public allows this huge lapse in the Rule of Law to continue as these communities often become a nexus for crime and serious social problems.