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Eric Lamont Parker
Eric Lamont Parker

Black Male Arrested for Rape,
Robbery, and Attempted Murder in Johnson City

by Lewis Loflin

Update October 2012: DNA tests from evidence at a rape and assault scene are not a conclusive match... Parker's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Bill Donaldson asked Washington County Criminal Court Judge Robert Cupp to reduce his client's $200,000 bond based on the new information.

Assistant District Attorney Erin McArdle argued against the reduction because of Parker's background and his ties to New York. McArdle noted that Parker is scheduled for a sentencing hearing in Sullivan County next month on an aggravated assault of a woman that happened six months before the Johnson City woman's assault.

Cupp reduced the bond to $50,000, but made it a corporate bond through a bonding company. That means the bond would cost Parker $5,000 that would not be refunded. Read more at The Johnson City Press.

The DA's office, based on evidence from the rape test there was no evidence found to link Parker to the aggravated rape, DNA testing of the gun and blood on the scene does link Parker to the attempted murder charge.

Parker was originally charged with attempted first-degree murder, three counts of aggravated rape and one count of especially aggravated robbery. Sessions Judge James Nidiffer dismissed the rape and robbery charges because he said the state had not presented probable cause that Parker committed those offenses. These charges were later reinstated by a grand jury in May. Thus he is already a violent convict felon from an earlier attack, so why is he getting bail at all?

On February 14, 2012, while on normal routine patrol, officers of the Johnson City Police Department came across an unknown female in the parking lot of Lions Park located at 817 Country Club Court, Johnson City. The woman was unconscious and had several gunshot wounds to her torso. The 27-year-old woman had a belt around her neck and was wearing only a T-shirt and calf-high tennis shoes.

The female was rushed to the Johnson City Medical Center where she stopped breathing and rushed for Emergency Surgery where she was resuscitated. Investigators with the Criminal Investigation Unit was able to identify the victim and as a result, located several witnesses. Through these interviews, a possible suspect was identified. Investigators later located the suspect, where he was brought in for questioning.

The woman had been shot multiple times in her lower extremities and appeared to have a dislocated hip. Police also found six Marakov brand ammunition shell casings and a 9mm handgun and blood. The victim was seen leaving Everette's Grill and Saloon, 1121 N. Roan St., with Eric Lamont Parker earlier in the evening in a 1998 silver four-door Cadillac.

The blood in the vehicle suggests the rape took place there and the victim was shot for resisting the rape. It seems in a rage Parker after shooting the victim multiple times - she was thrown from the vehicle afterwards dislocating her hip. Why was she even with somebody 20 years older in the middle of nowhere to begin with?

Johnson City police investigators located blood evidence and a handgun in the vehicle Eric Lamont Parker. Investigators also found the victim's cell phone in Parker's car.

As a result of interviews and physical evidence, officers arrested Eric Lamont Parker, B/M, 12/11/64 of 140 Tucker Lane, Johnson City, Tennessee. Eric Lamont Parker was charged with three counts of Aggravated Rape, one count of Especially Aggravated Robbery and one count of Attempted First Degree Murder. Eric Lamont Parker was booked into the Washington County Detention Center in lieu of a $200,000.00 bond. An arraignment for Eric Lamont Parker will be held on February 15, 2012, in the General Sessions Court of Washington County, Tennessee at 9:00 a.m.

Derived from Johnson City Police reports.