Christian-Newsom Killers

New Trials in Christian/Newsom Murders Still Unclear

by Lewis Loflin

Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were carjacked, raped, and murdered in January 2007. Five feral blacks were convicted for the killings, but because of allegations of drug abuse by former judge Richard Baumgartner, new trials were ordered. Later Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood was looking at recusal, the Tennessee Court of Appeals entered the circus.

The local press reported, "That hearing became heated when the judge got into a verbal argument with Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols, eventually threatening to hold the DA in contempt of court...Judge Blackwood again granted new trials for Davidson, Cobbins and George Thomas on June 5 after the Tennessee Supreme Court overruled Blackwood's previous decision to grant new trials."

And so it goes. As of the end of August 2012 their ultimate fates are still unknown, but the issue of racism still lingers. That is the discussion here. Was race a factor in the killings? Probably later on, but all evidence clearly points that wasn't the motive of the initial carjacking.

How did a carjacking turn to torture, rape, and murder? Was it sudden black attack syndrome that erupted when the victims tried to resist the thugs? (This is what Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts refers to as 'trying to validate their manhood on the cheap' combined with pent-up rage.) Was it the reaction of violent people that saw those as weak and submissive as willing targets deserving any horror inflicted on them?

But that tends to suggest a momentary reaction. They weren't shot or injured during the carjacking itself, but elsewhere. The ordeal lasted over a two day period in a different location.

See Racist' Wisconsin State Fair Mob Attack is Simply Black Manhood.

Was it a dog pack mentality? Many people will do in a group what they might not do as individuals. The trial seemed to show of the five people involved likely one or two were the leaders and the others followed along or were at least indifferent. One strong person in this gang could have stopped this dangerous cycle that fed the ego of the leaders leading to brutal murder. As a friend noted, the group "self-selects" and produced the kind of power structure we have here.

Or was it simply hatred of white people whom they had been told all their lives were responsible for all their own failures and problems? A steady diet of "white racism" this and "white racism" that from those seeking to exploit the issue for political gain could have easily built up that inner rage ready to explode. A steady diet of Negro this/that fed to dysfunctional white trash can and has led to similar violence against blacks.

The defence pointed out the white-whore girlfriend of one defendant as proof it wasn't racism. That proves nothing as he was in control as her dope supplier and sex wins out as long as "they" know who is in charge. One of the defendants during the trial claimed Ms. Christian consented to oral sex with him hoping to get his help. Did he really intend to help? Who knows, but I'm sure he had his fun. The typical white racist for example would certainly rape or have sex with a black women if given an opportunity.

So that is proof of nothing as racism to me seems more about power than anything the intended victim ever did. Most crimes of violence unless insanity or blind rage is a factor involves the relationship of power. We can only speculate as to the inner thoughts and complex interactions of five dysfunctional and violent black people that murdered two young white people for no apparent reason.