Joseph A. Tester, II
Joseph A. Tester, II

Traffic stop leads to meth lab bust

November 26, 2012: A traffic stop for defective equipment and the subsequent discovery of a mobile meth lab has led to the arrest of one individual and the seizure of a quantity of methamphetamine. According to Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman, a traffic stop was made today at the intersection of Haskell Station Road and Cowan Drive on a 1991 Isuzu pickup truck driven by Joseph A. Tester, II, of Bluff City, TN.

Upon approaching the vehicle, Sheriff's deputies detected a strong chemical odor and observed components commonly used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. A search was conducted of the vehicle which resulted in the discovery of two, one-pot methamphetamine labs.

Joseph A. Tester, II, age 27, of 2405 Chinquapin Grove Road, Bluff City, TN, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with the following four felonies:

1. Two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine;

2. One count of possession of two or more precursors with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine; and

3. One count of possession of methamphetamine.

Three additional misdemeanor traffic charges were also lodged against Tester.

Tester was transported to the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Abingdon and is currently being held on a $5,000 secured bond. An arraignment has been scheduled in the Washington County General District Court for November 19, 2012, at 1:30 pm.

Cartoon lazy Hillbillies.

White People, Crime, and Welfare Myths

Most poor whites like poor blacks end up in poverty for the same reason: behavior. As of 2016 28% of white children were born to single mothers. There is a lazy, shiftless white underclass no different than the lazy, shiftless black underclass.

Not only out of wedlock births, but high levels of substance abuse, violence, sloth, etc. The press loves to play race, but it is class and behavior regardless of race.

In Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee massive drug busts can net as many as 20-50 people in one sweep, 90% white. We have 70-year-olds being busted for drug dealing.


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