Gate City Virginia Students Send the ACLU a Message

Gate City High School is hoping to send a message to let the American Civil Liberties Union know that they can't make them stop praying. "This Friday (October 2) at the homecoming football game, students, and whomever wants to join, will be saying a prayer," said Lindsey Burke, a senior and member of the volleyball team at Gate City.

"We are also planning to wear the T-shirts at the game. By doing this we are hoping to prove a point ... that no one can stop Christians from praying." Burke and several hundred others plan on wearing black T-shirts that sport the school's initials and a cross with the phrase "I still pray..." written on the front and "in Jesus' name" on the back.

As the Times-News continues, "As a result of the ACLU's actions, nearly 700 of the $8 shirts were given out at the Crossroads Community Center Wednesday afternoon, with another order approaching 400 on the way soon. The idea to hold some kind of civil protest was thought up by students over the past few weeks both in and out of class and on Internet message boards." September 30th, 2009 Kingsport Times-News extracts. Visit the Gate City High School website.

Who is mostly behind the ACLU, ADL, etc.? To quote Burt Prelutsky, It is the ACLU, which is overwhelmingly Jewish in terms of membership and funding, that is leading the attack against Christianity in America...

the ACLU is highly selective when it comes to religious intolerance. The same group of self-righteous shysters who, at the drop of a "Merry Christmas" will slap you with an injunction, will fight for the right of an American Indian to ingest peyote and a devout Islamic woman to be veiled on her driver's license...

I should point out that many of these people abhor Judaism every bit as much as they do Christianity. They're the ones who behave as if atheism were a calling. They're the nutcakes who go berserk if anyone even says, "In God we trust" or mentions that the Declaration of Independence refers to a Creator with a capital "C."

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