Gate City Virginia Students take on the ACLU

by Lewis Loflin

Religion has always been fun in Tri-Cities and there has been a number of protest against the often anti-Christian bullying of the Virginia ACLU, an organization that has promoted the distribution of child pornography. Their former President Charles Rust-Tierney is serving eight years for possession of child porn, some of which depicted the torture and rape of little girls.

The ACLU has also supported groups such as the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) that advocates sexual relations between adults and little boys. They believe Jesus is the real threat to kids, not their own dogmatic humanism and support of sexual perverts.

The latest fight takes place in Gate City, Virginia in Scott County outside Kingsport. At a recent high school ball game a student (unapproved by the school) said a prayer over the loudspeaker at the game. The ACLU mailed a letter to Gate City High School Principal Greg Ervin. Their Legal Director Rebecca Glenberg claimed a concerned parent contacted them.

As part of her letter, Glenberg alerted Gate City High School that prayers before football games are unconstitutional. To quote the press, "It is my understanding that at a recent game, prior to the National Anthem, a student came over the public address system and said she was a member of the 'Fellowship of Christian Athletes,'" Glenberg wrote in her letter. "After a moment of silence to honor a deceased football player (to which we have no objection), the student delivered a prayer which concluded, 'In Jesus' name, Amen.'" I guess it wasn't a lesbian organization that I'm sure Glenberg and the ACLU would cheer for.

As Glenberg went on, "These kinds of opening prayers at football games have been specifically held by the Supreme Court to violate the First Amendment. Even under these circumstances, the prayer bore the mark of school sponsorship, so it really shouldn't have happened." What about the ACLU sponsoring child porn and child sex?

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