Jamal Rogers and Antonio Mathis

Black Males Set Pregnant Woman on Fire

Lewis Loflin

Twenty-two-year-old LaTonya Bowman (who is black) was nine months pregnant when her feral ex-boyfriend, Jamal Rogers, 22, and his buddy feral black male Antonio Mathis, 22, decided to set her on fire and shoot her. She survived and gave birth to the latest fatherless black child.

Police said, "She has to be one of the most courageous women I have ever encountered. She had the will and instinct to live." Rogers was the child's father and has a new girlfriend.

The two ferals allegedly bound her with duct tape, doused in lighter fluid, then set her on fire. Then shooting her in the back, they fled the scene thinking her dead. To quote the press:

Once alone, Ms Bowman managed to put out the flames, free herself and drive to a nearby petrol station, where the alarm was raised. Rogers has admitted to police he was unhappy about Ms Bowman's pregnancy, as he did not want a third child with a third different woman. Rogers already has two children aged one and three.

No surprise both have criminal histories and are now charged with kidnapping, assault, and attempted first degree murder.

Refusing to deal with black crime leads to more black victims. Why was this stupid women even with this guy to begin with? Better yet was why was his new stupid girl friend? Just more of the same in the third-world city of Detroit. It's the entire culture of sloth that breeds these problems and not white racism the left tries to present.

How much welfare are all three fatherless black kids and their three whore mothers going to cost? What is wrong with these people? I'm sure the liberal press will find some way to connect all of this to white racism.

Ref. news.ninemsn.com.au May 30 2012

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Female victims of black violence.


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