Multiculturaism the real bomb.

Open Borders a Danger to Jews

by Lewis Loflin

As a supporter of Israel myself I know very well that open borders in Israel would mean the destruction of the Jewish state. Culture, language, and borders are essential to the survival of any nation. Israel isn't stupid enough to allow themselves to be swamped with 50 million violent Arab Muslims.

Yet here in America Jewish liberal politicians and organization while asking American taxpayers to fund billions in aid for Israel are determined to sell out their country doing the same thing to us what they don't want Israel to do. Welcome to Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) as one the lead sponsors of the "comprehensive" immigration reform they are trying to shove down our throats in 2013.

It's comprehensive only in the sense it will legalize de-facto government policy they've already achieved by refusal to enforce current immigration laws. They spew an ocean of lies on this issue now and any promises of enforcment or sealing the borders will be more lies.

In and article in the Forward by Nathan Guttman says,

The Jewish-Latino alliance on immigration issues builds on the heritage and experience of the Jewish community and on the enthusiasm and urgent needs of the Hispanic community, which has a strong interest in issues of family unification and the status of the some 12 million illegal immigrants, most of them from Latin America.

Let's look at this as it really is. That 12 million illegal aliens is more likely to be 20 million and with family unification once these people become legal means an additional 40 million or more when their relatives get here. These "Jewish activists" who claim to represent the entire Jewish community have to know this and live in a fantasy world if they don't think it will hurt them.

Yet they don't care about American culture at least among their leadership, but do care about Israel maintaining it's Jewish culture. (A lot of leftist Jews do hate Israel.) Jews collectively are accused by anti-Semites of selling the country out for ulterior motives and Schumer is an anti-Semites wet dream. Gideon Aronoff, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society plays right into this when he says,

"If we want to engage with the Latino community on issues that are of concern for us, including Israel, we need to engage on issues that bother their community. We want to create growing bonds with the Latino community, and we cannot create these bonds if we are indifferent to the issues that are of concern to them."

The two people working on this are Rep. Luis Gutierrez an Illinois Democrat and in the New York's Senator Charles Schumer. While this article dates from 2010, in 2013 with both parties pandering to Hispanics their bill will be shoved down our throats. To quote,

Jewish communal support for immigration reform is organized around several principles, including the need for a path to legalization for illegal immigrants; a mechanism for dealing with future immigration waves; speeding up work on family unification; integrating new immigrants into American society; and finding, as Jewish immigration advocates put it, an "effective and humane" way of enforcing immigration laws and border control.

No they mean non-enforcement. They have no intention of ever enforcing these laws because they want to buy the Latino lobby. The whores in Washington are always for sale. But do traitors like Schumer represent all or even most Jews? Something called the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs based in Chicago laments,

...there is still a need to instill in members of the Jewish community the importance of the issue, which for most Jews carries a symbolic, not personal, importance.

It's easy to say it's Jews selling out the country, but in fact it's a problem of Leftism as opposed to Jews and Judaism as such. Liberal Protestants and Catholics also take the exact same positions as liberal Jews on immigration and most other issues being all are often little more than secular social clubs with a religious veneer.

The fact is it's the Chamber of Commerce, the construction and food processing industries, etc. that are also behind this. Mass legal and illegal immigration is so destructive to labor how can Jews even support this? Were they not champions of labor at one time? Jews being at forefront at least in public means they are facing the scorn and backlash across the board.

And these religious leaders across the board are often out of touch with their rank-and-file even for Jews. A poll by the Center for Immigration Studies was conducted online by Zogby International in December 2009 and,

"...found that Jews were roughly equally divided between those who prefer a stepped-up enforcement approach and those who prefer granting legal status with a path to citizenship...

the CIS poll also found that Jews were still considerably more likely than members of other religious groups to support granting legal status to illegal immigrants, a finding that immigration advocates say rings true.

The organized Jewish community is more committed than ever to immigration reform."

So the Schumer traitor lobby denies this and claim nearly all Jews want amnesty and open borders. So why are mostly leftist Jews so adamant on mass immigration? They are a driving force behind it by all indications. Do they believe it will overwhelm the native white population in the political arena to assure their disproportionate political power or is it their misguided fixation with social justice?

Yet there is a danger to Jews in general as their overwhelming support of leftwing causes may backfire on them. Regardless of their contribution to the civil rights movement, Jews are hated by many blacks and Latinos. Anti-Semitism is rampant among Muslims and Muslim immigrants as shown by increasing attacks on Jews in Europe.

And it's not right calling the backlash against Jewish leaders doing this in the name of all Jews in general as anti-Semitism to silence the discussion. I'm a nationalist, not a socialist. My identity is American, not a world identity. And these self-hating leftist Jews might be cutting their own throats.

Americans have every right to stand up for their culture, language, and borders just as much as Israel does. It's asinine when Jews live like Republicans and vote like blacks other than seeing the Democratic Party as a power base. Because of hatred for Christians in general which I can somewhat understand, conservative Christians are the best friends Israel has instead they waste their trying to buy off Hispanics.

How can American Jews with some of the highest IQ people in the world be so stupid? Perhaps of they gave up their Leftism and went back to the faith of their Fathers perhaps they would be more rational.

The question is why? Many seem intimidated by their leadership. The following excerpts from The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography: Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy by Stephen Steinlight October 2001 might answer some of this:

In a rare experiment in candid public discourse about America's changing demography...The (Jewish) community should stop letting the thought police of the more extreme incarnations of multiculturalism squelch it, feel compelled to genuflect in their direction, or unconsciously internalize or be guilt-tripped into validating their identity politics that masquerade as pluralism.

By liberating themselves from these inhibitions we will unavoidably profane the altars of some of our own politically correct household gods, including the present liberal/ethnic/corporate orthodoxy on immigration...

It must be acknowledged from the start that for many decent, progressive Jewish folk merely asking such fundamental questions is tantamount to heresy, and meddling with them is to conjure the devil. But if we hope to persuade the organized Jewish community to adopt a new stance of enlightened self-interest with regard to the immigration debate, a debate that will surely become increasingly bitter, fractious, and politicized in the crudest partisan ways in the days ahead we have little choice...

Dr. Steinlight goes on to tell how his father escaped the pogroms of Eastern Europe and "America's vast moral failure to offer refuge to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution." What he fails to note that was the Progressive Period when many of the cultural elite admired Mussolini, Lenin, and even Hitler. Their offspring is the very same collection of statist social engineers that make up the Democratic Party which according to polls about one-third hold anti-Semitic attitudes. Further:

But Jewish memories of the failure of U.S. refugee policy and a national-origins immigration policy abandoned some 36 years ago should no longer, can no longer, serve as the basis for communal thinking on this issue. We are, in the first instance, not speaking here of refugees from tyranny or oppressed minorities, but of vast numbers of immigrants seeking economic betterment...

Also, let's confess it: It would be ridiculous to mistake the organized Jewish community's hesitancy to address the subject of the great cultural transformation of America for genuine equanimity. We are, after all, standing on the edge of what is arguably the most profound social transformation in the nation's history.

It is a demographic transformation that, most experts believe, will result in a majority non-white population sometime before the end of the new century. A new American nation is coming into being before our very eyes, and many in the Jewish world are worried about it; some are even terrified... long as we remain frozen in an attitude of unwise wise passivity, we treat the new realities as if they were inevitable. We fall into the trap of seeing the reconfiguration of the American sociological, cultural and, perhaps most important for us, political landscape as if it were being carved out by a glacial force of nature before which we were powerless.

He notes one compelling danger to Jews:

Not far down the list of awful consequences, our unspoken acquiescence leaves the anti-determinist camp, with some notable exceptions (such as the thoughtful and moderate Center for Immigration Studies), largely in the hands of classic anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and racist nativist forces...To allow this opens the door to inter-ethnic conflict and a potential white ethnic (and black) backlash of unimaginable proportions, including a potentially large, violent component, especially if the economy continues to sour, joblessness rises sharply, and anti-immigrant attitudes harden.

...our failure to adjust policy to radically changed and changing realities, our continued failure to distinguish refugee policy from immigration policy, and our continued support (at least on paper) of anachronistic and irrelevant positions cedes them center stage and a wide opportunity to do great mischief. We must be willing to revise our positions and re-enter and reinvigorate the debate.

That is not commit what many Americans would look at as treason with the actions of Chucky Schumer. On this Hispanic deluge,

Equally, and more politically awkward for many Jews, we must save the pro-immigration argument from its own most extreme and uncritical proponents. Especially from those who see unchecked illegal immigration from Mexico (in the 1990s the source of one-third of all immigration to the United States and fully 50 percent of illegal immigration) as a brilliant strategy in an undeclared, low-intensity, and thus far remarkably successful war of Reconquista.

With over 8 percent of Mexico's population already here (as of the 1990s), and who knows what additional percentage on the way, the notion of a de facto Reconquista, especially in the Southwest where the Mexican share of immigration is astronomical, sounds less and less like nativist hyperbole.

It should be added that immigration from the rest of Central and South America and the Caribbean accounts for an additional 23 percent, for a total Hispanic/Caribbean share of 1990s immigration of about 55 percent.

He asks some serious questions on these masses of non-European immigrants. The Jewish ADL says of black anti-Semitism on college campuses,

Anti-Semitism among some segments of the Black community has been a growing campus force since the early 1980s, largely paralleling the increasing popularity of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. NOI's acceptance on campus has been assisted by the increasing trend in student life and academia toward the search for heightened racial consciousness and identity. The organization's anti-Semitic and anti-white message further reinforces and appeals to racial separatism and militancy.

Yes the very same "racial consciousness and identity" that stupid liberal Jews peddle hoping to use these useful idiots for political gain. Let's throw in all of the anti-Israel hate and the fact a lot of blacks are going over to Islam. Now the stupid Jewish ADL with its fixation on conservative whites tries to blame them for the growing black anti-Semitism, but ignores the anti-white race baiting by fellow Democrat socialists. Liberal Jews pushing this nonsense are blind to the fact this is beginning to backfire on them.

MEChA is the Latino equivalent of NOI and the black nationalists. Go to their website and what do we see right on the main page? "Statement of Solidarity Towards the People of Palestine." This anti-Semitic, racist hate group has a lot of overlap and ties with the La Raza racists the Democratic Party and Chucky Schumer panders to. They're some good reasons that Jews should be terrified. Like it or not they are seen as exploitive white people in addition to being singled out as Jews.

Facing Up to the Gradual Demise of Jewish Political Power

To say Jews hold a disproportionate amount of political power is not anti-Semitism, but simply fact. To further quote Dr. Steinlight,

Not that it is the case that our disproportionate political power (pound for pound the greatest of any ethnic/cultural group in America) will erode all at once, or even quickly. We will be able to hang on to it for perhaps a decade or two longer. Unless and until the triumph of campaign finance reform is complete, an extremely unlikely scenario, the great material wealth of the Jewish community will continue to give it significant advantages.

We will continue to court and be courted by key figures in Congress. That power is exerted within the political system from the local to national levels through soft money, and especially the provision of out-of-state funds to candidates sympathetic to Israel, a high wall of church/state separation, and social liberalism combined with selective conservatism on criminal justice and welfare issues...

But should the naturalization of resident aliens begin to move more quickly in the next few years, a virtual certainty - and it should - then it is only a matter of time before the electoral power of Latinos, as well as that of others, overwhelms us.


This open cooperation between Jewish groups and the Latino and minority racists in what many see as an effort to maintain Jewish influence and protect Israel feeds anti-Semitism on the Right. Yet the growing anti-Semitism on the Left among the very people they are counting on to maintain power may come back to bite them.

To quote Dr. Steinlight,

"When Jews talk about tikkun olam [repairing the world], they have to ask themselves a question: Tikkun olam for whom? The illegal immigrant who entered the country last night or their struggling neighbor?

If present immigration levels continue, [Jews] will be outnumbered by Hispanics 50 to 1. What do you think will happen when we're outnumbered 50 to 1?"
To further quote Dr. Steinlight in 2009,
..."Progress by Pesach" (Pesach is the Hebrew name for Passover), the counterfeit "civil rights" campaign for illegal aliens, aimed at achieving citizenship for 11-12 million who have repeatedly mocked the rule of law and stolen employment from unemployed and working Americans as the economy hemorrhages jobs, reducing wages and worsening working conditions for the nation's most vulnerable citizens and legal residents while bloating the profits of its worst exploiters.

The campaign also seeks an exponential increase in immigration, a disastrous policy for all Americans and one that particularly threatens Americans who are Jews.

These low-achieving groups will continue to become more and more radicalized along with their growing numbers. They are taught to hate the system and no matter how much these stupid Schumer Jews pander to them most will end up hating Jews anyway. Jews have considerable political and economic success and as the left continues to become more anti-Semitic and equates successful white people as the enemy, Jews will catch it from both ends.

The multitudes of third-world peasants will see Jews as simply rich white people, the enemy.

Ref. Immigration Debate Prompts Growing Jewish-Latino Ties
by Nathan Guttman January 27, 2010, issue of February 05, 2010.

Dr. Stephen Steinlight was for more than five years Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) at the American Jewish Committee. His bio is at