Letter on Liberal Racism

by Lewis Loflin

Printed the Bristol Herald Courier December 27, 2013. Since then A&E backed off under public pressure, but is still pandering to the homo-fascists.

Re: Duck Dynasty - Lesbian feminist founder Susan Sontag says, "The white race is the cancer of human history." Celebrated Harvard academic Dr. Noel Ignatiev openly advocates the genocide of "whiteness" in the classroom and on his website racetraitor.org.

CNN anchor Tim Wise preaches similar hate across college campuses advocates the genocide of "whiteness" and "white privilege" while equating Christmas with "white racism." Liberalism today has been conflated into a reverse Nazi racism targeting the majority population for destruction. Success due to talent and hard work is now racism.

They're followers of "critical theory" seeing race as a "social construct" to be destroyed - but only for whites. Say anything unpopular with special protected groups - they are destroyed - free speech is trampled. Critical Theory among liberals is pure racism and hate.

Duck Dynasty is only the latest example. Remember the rodeo clown hysteria? Don't dare mock that black Messiah in public! This is not about "inclusion" but suppression of basic rights. As one that fought openly in this community against the placing of the Ten Commandments in the Sullivan County Courthouse I find liberals are a thousand times worse than the Religious Right ever was.

This attitude permeates the press, academia, etc. peddling this racist' poison through censorship of racist' violence against whites, intolerance against Christians, and affirmative action making a mockery of equality under the law.

I'm forced to renounce liberalism in total. White people and Christians have their rights too, free speech is the law, and these threats will sooner or later destroy everyone. Want equality? Start practicing some of it!