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Democracy Not Good Government

Here is a sample page from explaining what many fundamentalists mean when the say America is founded on the Christian religion.

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are secondary to the "Word of God." Doesn't matter what the history books say, they just don't accept anything other than this. Don't kid yourself these people mean what they say, you be the judge. This website rejects this view.

Citizens for the Ten Commandments: Democracy is not a good form of government

Democracy is a principle not fully understood by most people. Thus, when I voice my opposition to democracy, people think I am seditious and ready to overthrow the government.

Maybe if you understood democracy and it's moral overtones, you would understand that rejecting democracy lines right up with Christian principles. In the ultimate sense, democracy is the cause of all world problems. Yes, democracy which is calling itself a remedy of such problems is the real culprit.

Origin of democracy

Democracy hypothetically had it's beginnings in certain city-states of ancient Greece in which the whole citizenry composed the legislature except women and servants.

This was a primitive form of democracy and was made possible simply by the fact that such cities were generally small, no larger than 10,000 people including women, children, and servants. But democracy ultimately started with satan. Satan and thousands of angels, existing in the kingdom of God, wanted to be LIKE God.

This means they wanted to rule over themselves like God did. By trying to rule themselves, they broke the rules of God, and thus God cast them out of His kingdom. After the demons practiced their democracy, satan, on earth sought to get mankind to do the same.

He became successful, when he got Adam to do his own will by eating of the forbidden tree, and thus breaking the command of God. Another major form of democracy was practiced in the crucifixion of Christ.

Pilate, the Roman governor, was petitioning the wills of the people, and they, in essence lobbied to have Christ crucified. The citizens asked to have Barrabas, a murderer, released and for Christ to be put to death. After listening to a lot of shouting, Pilate gave in, just as officials today do, and Christ was crucified. Thus we see democracy at work in at least three of the worse incidents in creation history.

What makes democracy wrong

The main thing that makes democracy wrong is that it doesn't seek out what is best for the citizens, but simply does what the majority of the citizens want. If the majority wants cigarettes given to babies, cigarettes are given to babies, without regard to the harm they cause.

If the majority don't want morality in schools, morality is taken out of the schools. This is not good. You know it is not. Democracy doesn't request for the ordinance of God who of course, knows best for mankind. Democracy acts from the selfish whims of depraved man and since man is depraved, only junk comes from democracy.

Why we shouldn't speak or do anything we please Democracy seeks to make everyone like God. Just as satan wanted to be like God, democracy seeks to make us act like God. For example, God is not under any law, and thus He can say and do anything He pleases. But humans are under the law of God, and thus they CANNOT do anything they want or speak anything they wish to speak.

If humans do anything they wish or say anything they please, they wrongly harm each other, harm themselves, and create discord. God has placed humans under His law (He made them, He does as He pleases) and thus all humans are responsible to obey God. God has told us not to blaspheme. According to democracy however, we can blaspheme, because democracy says we have freedom of speech. But if we blaspheme, we go to hell.

Thus you can see we don't really have the freedom to speak as we wish. No matter how much we wish we were separated from the law of God, we are nevertheless under the Ten Commandments, even in a democracy. We can't do anything we wish without being punished. We can't rule ourselves. God must rule us. Hate it or not.

People rule = sin rules Everyday, people show they are sinful. You mean to tell me you don't sin? Well since everyone sins, and do many evil things, they shouldn't be allowed to make laws for themselves. They are only going to make sinful laws.

Alas, in America, we see that to be very true. Look at all the abortion laws, anti-death penalty laws, gay "rights" laws, etc. These are the result of sinful humans trying to rule themselves. We are unfit to rule ourselves.

In fact, when we try to rule ourselves, the laws becomes so complicated, no one fully understands it, and it has loopholes. Thus we need God's law, the Ten Commandments as a rule of life. From it, we stem all other rules and justifications.

This man has a right to his belief

We have the right to be right and to be right only. We do not have the right to be wrong. If you do not know what is right, go and find out. If you cannot find out, go and draw up in a corner and don't influence anyone else.

You do not have the right to teach that the earth is billions of years old, since that's an untrue statement. You do not have the right to tell a lie. You have only the right to speak what is right.

For those who disagree, they obviously can't condemn racist slurs either, because according to democracy, they have a right to speak that way. We don't have the right to speak derogative things to innocent people.

We have the right to speak what is right, and to treat each of our worthy neighbors with respect. All of the world's problems are the result of people doing simply what they want to do, and not what God told them to do.

If we have a right to practice our belief, we have no basis to condemn Hitler, who was merely practicing his belief. But as you see, it was harmful, just as all other wrong beliefs are harmful. Cults all the time prove to be worthless, when many innocent people get hurt over fantasy.

Wars and clashes initiate when one group holds this belief, contrary to the other group. If both groups simply stopped and thought and decided to do want was right and moral according to the laws of God, the war would turn into peace, and there would be no violence. As you can see, democracy helps spread problems by freeing everyone in all types of dangerous and heterogeneous allies.

I respect your opinion, but I disagree

You are totally free, you are totally liberated from respecting any belief which is wrong by the principles of morality and of God. You do not have to respect this man's belief if it is wrong. If it is right, by all common sense, respect it. But if it is wrong, do what you can to destroy it.

Incorrectness has no right to existence. It is only an alley to discord and trouble. In fact, you cannot really respect a belief you oppose. Your mere opposition is disrespect for it. You cannot fight for a belief you disagree with. Your disagreement with it is the beginnings of a fight against it. I do not respect any belief unless it is right.

God is against democracy

Anyone who thinks God doesn't care if we do anything we wish, is certainly naive and foolish. There is no one existent, who will punish you more for following your own evil desires than God. That's what hell is all about.

But this is a Christian nation

No, this nation is not a Christian nation. Many people who called themselves Christians came here for such freedom, but those who actually set up America, and drew up the laws were people who did not favor Christianity.

They were more conservative than liberals today, but they were nevertheless liberals and they continually tried to keep the morality of God out of government. The Christians living during that time disagreed with those in power or rather the founding fathers. They saw them as ultra liberals, and of course, they were.

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