Liberal Press Hates Working-Class and Poor Whites

by Lewis Loflin


With much of the media compromised by George Soros clones like Buffett they employ two weapons to crush both reason and their opponents: racial attacks to silence discourse and post-modernism to undermine Enlightenment democracy and its values.

Journalists like the vast majority of leftists are incapable of reason and it has several sources I'll touch on. At the Bristol Herald Courier they are overwhelmingly white, college educated, often from top universities. That is where the problem originates. White guilt, anti-white hate, anti-Western hate, racial identity politics, and manufactured victim classes poison their impressionable young minds. I fought this in college as an older student and being in the military, the younger students were mindless robots taught not to question and not interested in doing so.

Liberalism (which it really isn't) has taken racial identity politics to outright racism - self hating racism. Always they seem to identity with anything other than their own culture and heritage - even those that would harm them or represent everything they claim to hate. It's an irrational world, preaching openness, but the culture on campus is so oppressive we have the madness today of "safe spaces" where these adult children avoid having their feelings hurt over a Donald Trump yard sign.

So convinced are these white people they are racist even when they are not, the paranoia and fear of being stigmatized leads them to lash out at others to prove they aren't. Thus fellow whites that don't flail themselves with chains over non-existent racism and shut the hell up, will be stigmatized, something that has become a terror to many.

Shelby Steele author of "White Guilt" calls this "manipulating stigma". In "The Left Incites Racial Controversy to Secure More Power", to quote Denise C. McAllister,

It has been about stigma and the Democratic Party using it to delegitimize anyone who doesn't bend to its will...if an individual or institution in America is stigmatized as racist, then they are delegitimized. They lose all power and authority and influence. They are marginalized and ostracized. When that happens, they can be easily defeated or manipulated...these people the "new totalitarians," they're not all that new. They've been with us for decades. The difference is they have now accumulated a significant amount of power, and the Silent Majority has now become the Silenced Majority. They don't want to be stigmatized. They don't want to lose their legitimacy in society. So they remain silent and they conform. "White guilt is a powerful, powerful force..."

Ref. "Why White People Will Always Be Racists" by Denise C. McAllister, The Federalist 2016.

Republicans are terrified of this and that's why they won't fight back and constantly sell out their base to the racial golden boy Mr. Obama. That is why the Democrat racists use this as a weapon to silence needed discussion on a number of issues and the media is their tool to enforce it.

This is more than just claiming Marxist' professors. We have academics now attacking science and even reason itself as racist and as white social constructs. One academic went as far as claiming "north" was racist because it referred to white countries in Europe and N. America. I'm not kidding you. I wondered being in Germany how an advanced industrial society could fall into Nazism. I see it today with liberals. Driven by emotion Nazis, communists, etc. just couldn't be reasoned with, no amount of proof or evidence will work. It's called indoctrination.

That craziness is post-modernism which rejects science, reason, etc. and has poisoned the liberal white mind against thinking for themselves. Wrapping every issue into race, gender, etc. unfounded guilt paralyzes rational thought out of fear of being called whatever manufactured phobia they have this week. So when Hillary calls millions of people racist, homophobes, Islamophobes, etc. this is a weapon to terrorize others into silence. Donald Trump is an idiot politician, but he threatens their political correctness fascism to its core.

Several articles in the Bristol Herald Courier lament this won't be over even if Trump loses - count on it.

White liberals have developed such a level of self-hatred of their culture and race they are mentally ill. Some call this condition oikophobia - hatred of home and self, an aversion to one's culture, race, and family. It's an inversion of xenophobia turned inward. This self-hatred is taken out on poor and lower-class whites helpless to defend themselves from elitist bigotry and exclusion.

They talk racial equality, but practice none of it. Like the Bristol Herald Courier diversity in the newsroom is often just talk. They want integrated schools and housing, yet most live in segregated upscale communities and send their kids to private schools - like most of the affluent in this country. Post-modernism since WW2 has fractured their minds from reason and rational inquiry.

It's bad enough we still have snobbery and elitism, a new form of segregation has emerged according to Charles Murrey by education, education dominated by rejecting reason and self hating racism.

The college educated are mostly affluent at least in white collar professions. (This excludes recent college graduates unable to find jobs or millions of tech workers replaced by immigrants.) As Murrey notes in his book "Coming Apart" they don't marry "the boy or girl next door" but the fellow lawyer from the other law firm or fellow journalist at the newspaper. I'd also add it's likely their parents were also college graduates, thus many are far removed from any influence among working class or poor whites.

They live in a closed world. It seems we are an alien culture to them - even if they're not mentally poisoned by post-modernist irrationality and racial self-hate and fear in college, they have little reference to us in the real world anyway. So stereotyping and scapegoating is common for poor and working-class whites they because they still have an identity. They become targets of liberal rage as they try to prove a negative - that they are not racist.