National Press Abusing the 1st Amendment Press Protections

by Lewis Loflin


Bart Hinkle is one of the few editorial writers in the Bristol Herald Courier who isn't a racist bigot we get every other day. In "Does the First Amendment cover books and movies?" (October 12, 2016) Mr. Hinkle brought up important points that need examination.

Media is exempt from campaign finance laws and while this argument concerns Netflix, newspapers, etc. are protected because "without it newspapers, TV networks, and similar media would routinely be in violation of the law whenever they carried anything that might be construed a support for, or opposition to, a political candidate."

This exemption gives mega-money corporations such Berkshire Hathaway Media Group an open political porthole to push their radical political and social agendas and expand their personal power. Thus Mr. Beffett's newspapers at least in Bristol have become open political campaigns for Democrats, while selling advertising - the Bristol Herald Courier abuses this to the extreme in my opinion.

Yes, the Bristol Herald Courier isn't officially endorsing any candidate, but their printed content prove this to be false. From August 1st though the 18th was a virtual non-stop Trump hate fest laced with constant screeches of racism - local letters to the editor all but banned. Even here to October 20th nothing on Hillary's Wiki-leak scandals, etc. Negative Trump vs. Hillary reporting 20-30 to 1.

Several times the Bristol Herald Courier has carried this Trump is Hitler nonsense, the kind of incitement leading to the firebombing of a Republican headquarters in North Carolina. This included their resident race pimp Leonard Pitts of the rabid anti-Trump Miami Herald, and Kathleen Parker of the rabidly anti-Trump Washington Post. She claims to be a "conservative", well, so is Hillary.

A lot of this if I'd done it I'd be sued for slander, but the "press" is somehow exempt, and should be stripped of the media protections or broken up. Due to the media being controlled by so few people it's time to hold them to the same political restrictions of other corporations have including suing them for libel and false reporting. That should also include being sued for inciting violence.