Donald Trump Bans Yellow Press

by Lewis Loflin


Date November 11, 2016 Bristol herald Courier. The AP is complaining that Pres. elect Donald Trump is "breaking a long-standing practice" by not allowing the press to accompany him. Mr. Trump's "flouting of the press" is one of his first public actions and is entirely warranted.

Wiki-leaks has revealed an astonishing level of coordination between the press and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The yellow press has spread endless lies and distortions of Mr. Trump's positions throughout the entire campaign cycle, and continues to do so. Mr. Trump should ban a number of yellow journalists from the White House press corps. The level of vitriol and pure hatred aimed at Mr. Trump's working-class supporters borders on racism.

The Bristol Herald Courier, like other, in my opinion, yellow Warren Buffett newspapers, continues its attacks on its readers for supporting Mr. Trump. While the editorial "Nightmares end and begin again" is a reprint from another yellow Warren Buffett newspaper The Richmond Times Dispatch, illustrates how indifferent the press is towards working-class Americans. The writer extols the virtue of how other countries' standard of living has increased and how our policies are so wonderful for the world economic order. "Globally" always trumps national.

Yet, not a word on the misery and dislocation of millions of American citizens that have paid a high price for this globalist' world agenda. They also went on to praise "diversity" racism. Yes, "diversity" is simply a globalist effort to dilute and replace America's working class white population and undermine their political power. It failed in the election this time.

Yet, when we peacefully vote our economic and social interests, we're derided as racist and extremist. Nowhere is there a word of condemnation or ridicule of left-wing racial and political violence. They still insist in calling vandalism, looting, racial assaults, and general anarchy as "demonstrations".

This is why "voters have turned their backs" on this elitist' agenda.

What about the criminals I saw on TV vandalizing cars in Portland, Oregon waving Mexican flags? Yet, I'm the extremist for peacefully voting my conscience?

The AP also reported criminal vandalism of statues in Richmond and damage to Republican headquarters. You will find no condemnation of this either in the yellow Richmond Times Dispatch or the yellow Bristol Herald Courier, always hinting at "incitement" for failing to conform to political correctness. This is why Mr. Trump needs to continue banning the yellow press.

Journalism has become nothing more than a left-wing, globalist political action forum. But not all journalists and media outlets are one-side propaganda outlets like the Warren Buffett newspapers. The Daily Caller writer P. T. Carlo on 09/27/2016 notes,

"The past several days have seen the reappearance of a trend that is becoming as common in American life as school shootings and intellectually dishonest Voxsplainers. The formula goes something like this: 1) a black man, usually while engaged in a criminal act is shot and killed by a police officer 2) said black man's name becomes an instant hashtag on social media 3) Soros funded agitators (sometimes referred to as Black Lives Matter) descend on the city in question and begin to foment "protests" 4) Chaos ensues as said "protest" quickly descends into an orgy of looting, burning and random acts of violence against innocent passers-by.

One of the most interesting facets of this story is that, at least in the cases that led to full-scale rioting (Ferguson, Milwaukee, Charlotte etc) the alleged victim tended to actually be the guilty party...The official line has been that these outbursts of criminality have been merely the result of the pent up frustration of the black community which has had to endure years of "systematic racism." Thus, random acts of violence are, if not explicitly condoned, at least understandable and therefore tacitly approved of."

Assaulting White Bystanders in Charlotte. - According to videos, protesters attacked white people during the riots. A mob of protesters dragged and assaulted a white man. Ref. The Daily Caller 9/23/2016. Where are the hate crime charges?

Even when the yellow press prints facts they themselves ignore them. "August had more homicides in one month than has happened in 20 years." The Chicago Tribune August 20, 2016.

"The city hasn't seen a deadlier month since October of 1997, when there were 79 homicides. For the whole year, the count was 761, according to department numbers. Chicago has recorded 487 homicides and more than 2,800 people shot so far this year, compared to 491 homicides and 2,988 people shot all of last year, according to Tribune data.

Chicago has a lower homicide rate than many other U.S. cities that are smaller in population. But this year, the city has recorded more homicides and shooting victims than New York City and Los Angeles combined, even though the two cities are larger than Chicago's population of roughly 2.7 million."

2016 ended with 762 killed in the Chicago war zone, 80% black.

"Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times"

Peter Hasson, Reporter, Associate Editor The Daily Caller 10/18/2016.

"A key operative in a Democratic scheme to send agitators to cause unrest at Donald Trump's rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009, White House records show.

Robert Creamer, who acted as a middle man between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and "protesters" who tried - and succeeded - to provoke violence at Trump rallies met with President Obama 47 times, according to White House records. Creamer's last visit was in June 2016."

Yet the Bristol Herald Courier printed endless hit pieces on how violent Trump supporters are, yet ignores all of the above. Let's hear the Bristol Herald Courier without excuses condemn this behavior. That includes an accurate description of the savages involved. Otherwise we are forced to believe they support Democrat political and racial violence.