President Obama & Silicon Valley Oligarchs Destroy Workers

by Lewis Loflin

"Since 2000 virtually all the job growth in the United States has gone to immigrants with almost no increase for those who were born in the USA...all of the net gain in the number of working age (16-65) people holding a job has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal)...In august 2015, for example, 698,000 native born-Americans lost their jobs, 204,000 foreign-born...gained employment." 1

To add even more damage to the IT workforce Cisco Systems is firing 5500 American IT workers while demanding more H1B workers. They join other firms such as Disney and Abbott Laboratories in firing and replacing their workers with imported replacements often from India.

Cisco Systems has a horrible record at firing workers and replacing them with imported cheaper workers. They laid off 6000 workers in 2014, 4000 workers in 2013, and 6500 workers in 2011. 3

Even American college IT graduates are denied jobs as their foreign classmates snap up job after job. January 1, 2016 Obama upped the number of Green Cards to foreign college grads expected to increase the number of replacement workers to over 100,000. This is in addition to 800,000 new 2-year work permits for "Dreamers" (illegal alien children brought into the country to be used as leverage against deportation), and in 2013 added another 2 million foreign workers. Add to this 650,000 H1-B Visa holders here for 5 years plus another 120,000 foreign graduates under the OPT program. 2

These workers have no rights to things such as Obama Care nor can they change jobs, have workers protections etc. or face deportation by their employer. They are virtual indentured servants grossly underpaid.

Yet the New York Times itself harps on open borders in one issue, then decries student loan debt and lack of jobs in another issue - they like all Progressives refuse to connect the dots.

See A College Degree, but Not a College Job from The New York Times. The $34,100 a year for a 4-year degree in computer science and a massive debt load is a joke and wages are kept depressed by a flood of foreign workers and students hired over American students. A CNC machine operator with a 1-year certificate in Mississippi earns more than this. This has discouraged many from even going into IT jobs because of so many layoffs and low entry level pay.

Foreigners are willing to work these depressed wage scales and live in a broom closet, Americans often can't afford to live in places like California with the highest poverty rates in the nation - and you thought it was West Virginia was the number 1 poverty state. California is becoming more Third-World in every way culturally and economically.

"Immigrants" also took 81% of the job growth in Texas that Republicans claimed was such a job creation miracle.

Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and other IT and silicon Valley oligarchs have been lobbying to increase H1B visas 295,000 a year, more than triple the present 65,000.

This is one of the reasons Donald Trump has been elected president. He has vowed to look into this visa abuse and it's about time. Reference The Daily Caller September 2, 2016.

In one of the few victories of IT workers against the Silicon Valley oligarchs, the New York Times is reporting that a federal judge has slammed IT firms with hundreds of millions for conspiring to lock down wages.

Led by Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Apple they conspired in the agreement not to "poach" or higher each other's employees in order to keep wages low. When they are not hiring illegal aliens or abusing the H1B visa system, they resort to this.

These anti-poaching agreements go all the way back to the 1980s but accelerated after 2000. The class-action lawsuit represents 65,000 workers. While the New York Times article dates from August 8, 2014, the case is still ongoing at the end of 2016 as lawyers claim, and the judge agrees, the damage amount is insufficient.

For all of their talk in Silicon Valley about private enterprise, when it comes to labor they practice none of it. Mass conspiracies to lock down wages and importing a deluge of cheaper replacement labor has cheated tens of thousands of American IT workers out of wages, jobs, and benefits.

It's time to halt issuing any more Green Cards and H1-B visas being used as a mass worker replacement program. Also, begin revoking many of those already issued often under fraudulent circumstances. Put Americans first, send all non-citizens home.

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