2015 PISA scores by race.Fig. 1

India's Visa Fraud Worker Replacement Racket

by Lewis Loflin

"A key part of India's outsourcing industry, which employs millions and accounts for about 20% of India's exports of goods and services, has long been sending information-technology engineers and programmers to the U.S. on H-1Bs."

Ref. WSJ Nov. 17, 2016

"McDonalds has joined the growing national trend of outsourcing American jobs to cheaper, foreign workers. The McDonalds in Ohio fired 70 American accountants and replaced them foreign, H-1B workers...this was a cost savings effort... "To deliver $500 million in savings, the vast majority by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting function."

Ref. www.Breitbart.com 8/18/2016.

Dec. 15, 2016 it's now being reported Carnival Cruise Line is firing and replacing it's workers in Florida, California, and Washington will be fired and replaced Feb. 3, 2017 by imported H-1B workers. Something called Capgemini out of France has helped American business "import thousands of guest workers" replacing and firing qualified American workers.

While this abuse was widespread under Bush and Clinton, it has exploded under President Obama and would have been expanded if Hillary Clinton became president. Silicon Valley oligarchs and Wall Street plowed millions into the Clinton campaign.

In June 2012 Neil Monroe of the Dailey Caller Mr. Obama held a press conference trying to shove his DREAMers amnesty on the public allowing countless illegal aliens to stay in the country. Described as a "dog and pony show" Mr. Monroe confronted the President, "Why do you favor foreigners over Americans?" Mr. Obama answered, "It was the right thing to do...It's not time for questions sir."

He then called on Congress for amnesty and more open borders and to "get behind the effort". Monroe shouted out, "What about American workers that are unemployed while you import foreigners?" Mr. Obama "stalked" away refusing to answer the question. The Obama worshipping White House press attacked Monroe as a racist, the standard liberal tactic to shut down any subject they reject to being discussed. Malkin 32-33.

President-elect Donald Trump recently met with the Silicon Valley oligarchs at Trump Tower - they left without comment and it's obvious Mr. Trump made it clear American workers won't suffer any more of this abuse. In a number of speeches Trump made it clear this visa abuse was going to be investigated and explains why the oligarchs left Trump Tower in silence.

While it's common knowledge illegal aliens and immigrants have displaced blue collar and unskilled workers, the promised new "technology jobs" that would become the new blue collar jobs have fallen to worker abusive globalism. Of the over 15 million workers in science, math, engineering, computer science, etc. (STEM workers) more than 5 million can't get a job in their field or have left the labor force - and those cited above will be joining them as this trend spreads to all white collar professions.

For American IT workers and STEM graduates this government sanctioned visa fraud has been devastating. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics engineering jobs alone have declined from 2.5 million in 1990 to 2.38 million in 2013 - less jobs while the country was swamped with foreign replacement workers and immigrants.

Even as Silicon Valley fires thousands they demand more H-1B replacements. The fact is studies have proven there's no worker shortages in these professions at all - it's about cheap labor like everything else. The whole process is a fraud and is not about "best and brightest"


If these were top-notch candidates the could use an "O" visa which has no hiring caps, but business refuses to because their preferred "best and brightest" are nothing of the kind. For India and Indian owned outsourcing firms that won't even offer a job to an American this has become a racket. The US government refuses to enforce or even investigate the abuse as proven by Mr. Obama.

The fact is American IT and STEM workers are overwhelmingly white and far outscore imported Indian workers in every field. (Fig. 1) On international PISA rankings white Americans rank right in with most advanced Asian and European nations on education, etc. India scored so badly in the PISA 2009+ they were ranked with sub-Saharan Africa.

To quote the Australian Council for Educational Research for the PISA 2009+,

The mean reading literacy score for Himachal Pradesh-India was 317. This was the lowest mean reading score observed in PISA 2009 and PISA 2009+, along with that of Kyrgyzstan...

Students in Himachal Pradesh-India attained a mean score of 338 on the PISA mathematical literacy scale, statistically the same as those observed in Tamil Nadu-India and Kyrgyzstan...

Himachal Pradesh-India's students were estimated to have a mean score of 325 on the scientific literacy scale, which is below the means of all OECD countries...

They were so bad they didn't even participate in 2012 and 2015. Yet Americans that graduate from superior American colleges are refused jobs by companies importing Indian replacement workers products of Indian diploma mills.

See Why All Illegal Aliens Must Be Deported

It's also a racket hiring foreign graduates of American universities, while American graduates are refused jobs or workers are replaced. To quote,

Though these tech giants claim that Indian students are more qualified, in the global Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) India, which receives about 70% of all H-1B visas, scored almost dead last out of the 74 countries that participated in the program. Also, not one Indian university made it into one of the 250 spots on the World University Rankings Survey. The U.S. has 6 colleges in the top 10 of this international ranking system.

Additionally, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program for foreign STEM students, who study at American universities, was extended from 12 months to 36 months this year due to its high demand in the tech industry. While American STEM graduates struggle to find jobs, OPT visa holders are often courted by these tech companies since they are exempt from payroll taxes and there is no wage requirements or visa caps on the program.

Ref. Daily Caller 8/5/2016 Tech Companies Perpetuate Education Myth in Order to Increase H-1B Visas

So it goes beyond low pay scales and other abuses, H1B visa holders, etc. are not allowed to change jobs, etc. and threatened with deportation if they do. They are indentured servants often facing employer abuse. In addition we have the H-4 Visa racket "allowing the spouses of H-1B guest workers to get work permits." So it's two replacement slave workers for the price of one.

The racket gets even worse than this. How can a foreigner from a poor backward country even afford to come here to college? American universities are awash in foreign students to the point American students are pushed out as colleges prefer the higher fees foreigners pay. The entire family works together to pay for the student regardless of cost, then if they can get a Green Card through the OPT program, etc. the entire family can be brought in legally under family reunification. Why live in the Third-World cesspool when one can often get the American welfare dream?

They are even lowering standards to placate international students from China and Asia!

This often results in importing unskilled and useless relatives ending up on welfare. When they are brought in their sponsoring family member is supposed to support them, that isn't enforced either. The New York Times stated over 5 million foreign born seniors brought in by their relatives are collecting SSI, etc.

It's time to demand an end to the fraud and abuse of American workers. Let's hope a President Trump can keep his promise to end this racket.

Also buy and read Sold Out by Michelle Malkin and John Miano for an in depth look at the H-1B visa fraud industry.