Immigration welfare high cost families with children.
Fig. 1 Families with children collecting welfare by race.

New York City Sanctions Fraud, Crime

by Lewis Loflin

According to Comrade Bill de Blasio Mayor of New York City, "the Constitution a lot of the rights and powers of localities. That's how it was built."

Tell that to millions suffering the endless tidal wave of federal rules and regulations costing billions and stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights every day. Unless you are an illegal alien, you have no real rights, but they do.

Comrade de Blasio has gone Hugo Chavez as he fights to reduce New York to a Third World socialist cesspool. The City is over $118 billion in debt it can never pay and the productive white population has fallen to one-third. He is determined to shelter illegal alien criminals even as fiscal costs spiral out of control and they commit felony level crime.

The white population in "Progressive" socialist' bastions of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia averages 31% - they also suffer among the highest income disparity rates and are massive welfare basket cases.

Progressivism (socialism) is choking the City awash with a massive welfare population with almost 1.5 million subsidized or rent controlled housing units. 38% or about 3.2 million residents are on enrolled in Medicaid as of 2013. While the "poor" are showered with billions in public handouts the "projects" boast poverty rates of 51% for lack of disposable income. Wages are so low it makes no sense to work and income disparity like most "progressive" communities is among the 25 worst in the nation. 1

Robbing Workers to Pay the Rich

While Progressive social policies discourage work mass immigration legal and illegal robs those that do work of billions in income transferred to the wealthy. A study by the National Academy of Sciences shows "the net economic benefit of mass immigration is around $55 billion (going to business), but that money results from a $500 billion wage transfer from low-skilled workers to businesses." This cost is annual.

This is in addition to $300 billion annually in welfare costs, jails, etc. above taxes they pay that's shifted onto legal tax payers. They also heavily bleed the welfare system. This costs New York alone $5.79 billion.2, 3 In addition third-world immigrants are driving down test scores in schools across the nation and score poorly, along with blacks, on the international PISA test. 4

The large illegal labor also drives wages through the floor for entry level workers in particular.

New York Crime by race.

Government Sanctioned Crime

When Mr. Bloomberg was in office he claimed the 500,000 illegal aliens "indispensable" as I remember to the New York City economy. As part of its sanctuary city policies New York City now hands out IDNYC photo ID that allow illegal aliens the rights of citizens including setting up bank accounts and entering public buildings. Almost 900,000 people have obtained the ID by showing a utility bill to prove residence. 5

There could be between 1-2 million illegal aliens in New York creating a massive underground economy warned about in a study by Bear Stearns in 2005. The illegal alien population is more likely 20-30 million nationally. Criminality tends to breed more of the same and Comrade de Blasio is Mayor Fraud on steroids.

While one can get a NYCID with a "gas bill and a foreign passport", the City then threatens to destroy all public records connecting illegal aliens to immigration violations and ID fraud, in addition to refusal to cooperate with ICE. Mayor de Blasio has forced ICE to close its office at the Rikers Island city jail. Under NYC sanctuary policies whole categories of crime are no longer grounds for deportation.

This includes bigamy, incest, drug charges, felony convictions for insurance fraud, welfare fraud, larceny, and money laundering as long as it's not connected with terrorism. Ditto immigration related crimes, ID theft, tax evasion, etc.

This culture of fraud and crime has other ramifications beyond New York City. Large concentrations of illegal aliens skew the Electoral College to states where they assumedly can't "legally" vote, robbing legitimate Americans of their vote. In New York City Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 1.5 million votes - how many came from illegal aliens?

This accounts for over half of Mrs. Clinton's "popular vote" margin while Los Angeles, another sanctuary racket city, easily counts for the rest. Why shouldn't we question voter fraud in a community where lawlessness and fraud is City policy?

New York City in both demographics and culture has become a Third-World enclave with legalized crime, graft, and fraud surviving on Federal handouts. Income disparity is rampant, while an unknown size underground economy robs workers of income and the government of billions in tax collections. What we have seen in Venezuela will come to New York City.

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