How Mass Illegal-Legal Immigration Hurts Blacks Workers the Most

by Lewis Loflin

"Under our current immigration system, the U.S. brings in around 1 million temporary workers through visas and grants another 1 million people green cards every year." 1

I'd add in another 1 million illegals.

"Since 2000 virtually all the job growth in the United States has gone to immigrants with almost no increase for those who were born in the USA...all of the net gain in the number of working age (16-65) people holding a job has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal)...In august 2015, for example, 698,000 native born Americans lost their jobs, 204,000 foreign born...gained employment." 2

The New York Times 3 is reporting that a group of black workers filed a class-action lawsuit against several staffing agencies in Illinois. These agencies typically refuse jobs for black Americans, instead, preferred illegal alien Hispanics.

The lawsuit claimed racial discrimination, but put the government in a peculiar position of protecting the rights of one protected minority class, against another protected minority class. It's well known that the millions of illegal aliens, mainly low skill Third World peasants, have driven millions of blacks out of the labor force.

To quote, this is "a microcosm of the problem that's happening across our economy." The New York Times a big supporter of open borders, mass immigration, and amnesty, admits "companies have figured out that if they outsource their recruiting and hiring, and what's often considered to be the messy parts of their HR function, they can then absolve themselves of any (criminal) liability."

One plaintiff noted of the worksites, "I'd say the whole staff was Mexican. It was like the whole thing was built mainly around Hispanics." Staffing agencies often had codewords to hide what they were doing. Illegal aliens of course can be paid far less and have no recourse against company abuse. The managers were often Hispanic as well.

This is the situation in the entire industries such as meat packing, construction, and janitorial work where native born white and black workers are virtually nonexistent in some areas.

While this taken to court and won, why is the mass replacement of thousands of American tech workers by H1-B candidates from Asia not racism? Most American tech workers are white, and thus efforts to fight this in court even when there is blatant racism preferring Asians over whites, is useless. Many outsourcing firms are Indian controlled and staffed exclusively by male Indians doing the exact same thing as the Illinois firms.

Mass legal and illegal immigration has cost native born American workers $500 billion a year in wealth transferred to business and is at the heart of the great wealth inequality in this country. Business just can't get enough foreign replacement workers, preferably illegal - native born blacks are hit the worst.


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