Bristol Herald Courier Inciting Violence?

by Lewis Loflin


The Bristol Herald Courier regurgitated a racist hit piece from the Richmond Times Dispatch titled "Two More tragic deaths of black men at the hands of police." It also included a racist cartoon claiming whites with guns are treated differently while blacks with broken tail lights get shot. This was built on lies. This trash was published July 9, 2016 and had been in the news cycle for days pushing a false narrative, two days earlier a black male goes gunning for white people on the Volunteer Parkway.

Another similar hit piece was published July 12, by Kathleen Parker of "We're all Democrats Now", a Bush conservative and rabid Trump hater.

They asked the stupid question, "Do gun owners, - black ones in particular - have a right not to get shot for simply having a firearm in their possession." It's obvious where this is going - Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile got shot because they refused to follow police instructions with a gun in their possession.

The story on Sterling left out important details: the police were called because he was brandishing a gun; he was tasered, still fighting the two officers for several minutes and in the video I saw looked like he was going for something which was a gun. Their details on Castile were simple, he was "pulled over for a broken tail light and promptly would be nice if the back to back slayings of two black men by white officers..." and goes down the toilet from there. Then they inserted the Walter Scott shooting in N. Charleston S.C. which was a murder into the mix, etc. They cited the Washington Post that claimed black men make up 6 percent of the population, but 40% of the unarmed men shot by police. But how many is that total? Didn't say.

The Washington Post is another yellow journalism rag owned by Mr. Bezos founder of Amazon.

In other words the narrative is white police are hunting down and killing black men for fun and sport. Let's rewind back to Philandro Castile. He was not pulled over for a broken tail light, but as a possible suspect black male wanted in an armed robbery. The officer who shot him was Hispanic, not white. There's no proof he had a concealed carry permit and that is irrelevant anyway. Most important is he and his girlfriend with high on drugs with her child in the back seat. My guess is his impaired judgment led him to pick up the gun next to him and that is why he was shot - not a damn tail light.

The Scott shooting in Charleston is no remote way similar to the Sterling and Castile shootings and was used to poison the discussion. Once again the yellow press brought up "pervasive racism" in the Ferguson Police Dept. after admitting the Michael Brown "hands up" story was a myth. The narrative is innocent black men are being murdered by police because they are black. As for the racism in Ferguson, that was over too many blacks being disproportionately arrested, but ignores the massive levels of black crime relative to whites which justified those arrests.

See Crime Rates by Race in Missouri

The article plays up the racial victim card for the election, but evades important facts that directly impact these claims - the massive and pervasive violence in these communities makes policing a nightmare. Some drugged up crazy doesn't need a gun to tear ones throat out. The yellow press in this case left out vital details that paint a wholly different picture and the intent it seems is to incite violence.

That press inspired racial violence came to Bristol after days of yellow journalism in the national press. See Black Racist Lakeem Scott Targets Whites