Hillary and a police badge.

Yellow Press Promotes Anti-Semitism Lie

by Lewis Loflin


The above is anti-Semitic according to the Anti-Defamation League a leftist not Jewish political group. They don't represent any Jews that I know. Hillary is not Jewish, that is a six-point police badge like many other police badges and referred to her corrupt money machine. There's nothing anti-Semitic about it.

I have written for years against Christian anti-Semitism on the Right and have been attacked a number of times for being a "dirty Jew" myself (I'm a classical Deist), but this distortion is simply nonsense. I'll take the "dirty Jew" slur as a compliment.

Another ADL lie is to claim "America first" is anti-Semitic. To quote, "The most noteworthy leader of the 'America First Committee' was Charles Lindbergh," the ADL said, "who sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes."

That is a damn lie. There is no proof he was Nazi or had sympathy for Nazis. My dad fought the Nazi bastards in Europe and was wounded! This is what Lindbergh said that has the ADL leftists crapping in their pants:

"I am not attacking either the Jewish or the British people. Both races, I admire. But I am saying that the leaders of both the British and the Jewish races, for reasons which are as understandable from their viewpoint as they are inadvisable from ours, for reasons which are not American, wish to involve us in the war."

"We cannot blame them for looking out for what they believe to be their own interests, but we also must look out for ours. We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples to lead our country to destruction."

Source: http://www.infowars.com/adl-targets-trump-saying-america-first-is-anti-semitic

American's interests come first is anti-Semitic? Total rubbish! As a supporter of Israel I still place my country first! Yet, who is running the ADL, that panders to Muslims as many of them advocate killing Jews? Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. is connected directly to Obama:

ADL's new national director will be social entrepreneur Jonathan Greenblatt - a special assistant to US President Obama who earlier in his career co-founded the bottled water brand Ethos.

Greenblatt, 43, will succeed Abraham Foxman, who announced in February that he would be stepping down effective July 2015. Foxman, 74, has been the ADL’s national director since 1987.

At the White House, Greenblatt serves as director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the Domestic Policy Council, where his portfolio includes national service, civic engagement, impact investing and social enterprise.

A veteran of the Clinton administration, Greenblatt has been a serial social entrepreneur.

Does anyone smell political hit job here? Yet the yellow press runs the lies, but doesn't fill in the details. Yet this same collection of yellow leftist' Jews during WW2 did nothing to help their fellow Jews being slaughtered. They march for every destructive leftwing cause and group out there, but never stand up for Jews as Jews, only as pitiful victims. Too many are self-hating professional victims taking it out on everyone else including fellow Jews.

Rabbi Meir Kahane

The great Rabbi Meir Kahane says,

How the Jewish leadership of our times, and Jews in general have made the Holocaust a religion unto itself, and the raison d'etre of Jewishness! Worse, how the Jews revel in attacking and condemning "the world" for its silence and apathy and refusal to act to save Jews during the Holocaust... "They" stood by and watched Jews die...

Kahane was also called a racist, etc. by the same yellow leftists attacking Trump, and I'm certain now myself. His idea that Jews should arm and defend themselves was considered extremism. Give me Kahane any day! Leftist' Jews are also racist because they ignore Latino, Muslim, and black anti-Semitism, while going to extremes with renouncing anything no matter how absurd to attack working-class and poor whites. Double standards based on race is racism.

My advice to these self-hating leftist' Jews: go join the army if you can America or Israel, learn to fight, buy and keep guns and learn to use them to defend yourselves if needed. Most important return to the Faith of your fathers, return to the Jewish faith as your true religion, not Leftism.

One Jewish writer on a chat board noted the following of the ADL:

The ADL has in many cases done more harm to us Jews than benefits. By over­reacting to the smallest slights, they have continually separated the Jew from other people and maintained our status as the other. I very much blame the ADL for forcing video game industry, for example, to exclude Jewish characters from video games, as it would potentially be too insulting or controversial in their eyes. No. "America First" isn't anti-Semitic. Context matters, ADL, and you're applying a context of a 1930s, 40s, world to one that is in 2016. It isn't the same, and it won't be the same.

Quoting Dr. Stephen M. Steinlight High Noon to Midnight Does Current Immigration Policy Doom American Jewry?,

A recent ADL study found that only some 12 percent of white Christian Americans hold anti-Semitic attitudes; this represents a 50-percent drop over just the past 30 years...(Jewish) leadership is often capable of suppressing bad news, at least when it comes from politically correct quarters. Among the more significant examples of the "bad news" is that survey research has consistently shown high levels of anti-Semitism among Latinos, with percentages in the neighborhood of 47 percent holding hostile attitudes towards Jews.

Milbank like other liberal self-hating whites plays up racial discord I suppose for political gain. This brings us back to liberal mental illness - the complete inability to reason and quantify data - or they simply lie. They can never hold non-whites to the same standards they hold whites, thus are racist. Milbank's extreme tirade never once held rioters in Charlotte, etc. as the criminals they are. It was blame the police or white Trump supporters. The Bristol Herald Courier has printed this poison endless times without updates, corrections, or debate. These lies have led to violence and death.

Liberal self-hating whites ignore minority violence and even apologize for it, so have self-hating leftist' Jews like Greenblatt turned on fellow Jews and even Israel. In "The ADL turns Anti-Israel - Whitewashing BDS and ignoring anti­Semitism" May 23, 2016  Daniel Greenfield notes:

The ADL is no stranger to strange alliances with Islamist groups through its Interfaith Coalition- on Mosques which harasses local communities into acceding to the construction of Islamist institutions. But under its new leader Jonathan Greenblatt, an Obama associate, the organization has also been opening doors to anti­Israel groups across the spectrum...

The ADL is a leftist not Jewish organization that panders to non-white anti-Semitic racists and Muslims the same way the liberal whites in the yellow press panders to Black Lives Matter and La Raza racists. Leftists Jewish or non-Jewish hate working-class and poor whites and HATE believing real Jews with equal vitriol. Israel like America is often a target of hate. The yellow press has flipped Nazism to view working class and poor white people in the way Nazis once viewed Jews.