Palestina Isa

Arab Stabs Too American Daughter to Death

Here is another example of Muslim family terror. Palestina Isa (also known as Tina) made several mistakes that outraged her typical Arab father. She dared to get a job outside the family business. She dated a black man, non-Muslim boy, and she wanted to live as a dignified human being, not the typical repressed and brainwashed Muslim women marrying whomever her father said she should.

What was the result of her actions? The following is part of the horror jurors in her parents trial had to listen to as the 16-year-old was stabbed six times with a boning knife as mom (a Brazilian) held her down:

"Here, listen, my dear daughter, do you know that this is the last day. Tonight, you're going to die?"

"Huh?" responds Tina to her father.

Zein Isa replies: "Do you know that you are going to die tonight?"

Her mother is asking her questions about items in her schoolbag. In the midst of her conversation with her mother, Tina begins to shriek in fear.

"Keep still, Tina!" says her father.

"Mother, please help me!"

"Huh? What do you mean?" says her mother.

"Help! Help!" screams Tina, but to no avail.

"What help?" her mother (Maria) responds as Tina is screaming, "Are you going to listen? Are you going to listen?"

Screaming louder, Tina gasps: "Yes! Yes! Yes, I am!" then coughs and adds, "No. Please!"

Her mother says, "Shut up!" as Tina continues to cry, but her voice is garbled from blood loss and six stab wounds to the chest.

"Die! Die quickly! Die quickly!" her Muslim father says. Her older sisters would later support their father's actions. There is one last scream.

"Quiet, little one! Die my daughter, die!" the sick father says.

His violent attack on Tina with a boning knife, pierced her heart, one lung, and liver, according to police. Because her father was working with a Muslim terror group, the apartment in St. Lewis was bugged. The whole horror show was caught on tape.

Both parents were convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. The father dies in prison, mommy got her sentence commuted to life for some reason. Mr. Zein admitted on the witness stand that he put his foot on his daughter's mouth to quiet her while relatives supported his position of maintaining family honor.


Zein Isa (died February 17, 1997) was a Palestinian immigrant living in St. Louis, who was responsible for the honor killing of his 16-year old daughter Palestina (also known as Tina) in 1989. His wife Maria Isa was Brazilian. After learning that Palestina had taken a part-time job without her parents' permission, and dated an African American boyfriend, Maria held down Palestina, who was then repeatedly stabbed by Zein.

Zein Isa was a member of the Abu Nidal (Muslim terrorist) Organization, which at the time he murdered his daughter was plotting to bomb the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.. A crucial factor in his trial was that the FBI had Zein under surveillance in connection with his suspected militant activities, and had recorded Palestina's murder on an audio cassette. This was especially important in confirming that Maria was an active participant in the murder, and that Zein's claim of self-defense was unwarranted.

On December 20, 1991 both Zein and Maria Isa were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. On April 1, 1993 Zein Isa was indicted by the FBI in connection with his Abu Nidal Organization activities, but the charges were dropped because he was already on Death Row. Zein Isa succumbed to diabetes on February 17, 1997. Maria's death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment without parole.

In part of another report:

On one side of the courtroom, Tina Isa's high school friends burst into tears; across the aisle, the Isa family and friends quietly clenched hands.

Soraia Salem, one of Tina's sisters, said the system failed her sister. She said the family sought help from the police (for what?) in the months before the murder, even asking for Tina to be placed in a foster home. But prosecutors said they found only one police report.

After the verdicts were read, an agitated family friend who would give her name only as Mrs. Abraham expressed her dismay at what she saw as the jury's failure to acknowledge the Palestinian culture. "I feel it's not right. We follow our religion," said Mrs. Abraham. She said the Isas had to discipline their daughter or lose respect. "They'd be embarrassed in front of everybody in the country like somebody when they go without their clothes outside."

Acknowledge the Palestinian culture??? I'm doing just that here and they, Arabs, Muslims, and so-called Palestinians are savages! Where are the damn liberals on this? Why would I be called a racist, etc. while this is tolerated as 'diversity'? The jurors were sickened by these savages.

Let's try something really hard for Muslims to understand: Women and girls have EQUAL rights and are not property or cattle. Those born into Islam have every right to leave the faith and convert to another without fear of reprisal and death.

Guarding the Secrets: Palestinian Terrorism and a Father's Murder of His Too-American Daughter

by Ellen Harris
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1995. 352 pp.
Middle East Quarterly
September 1995

Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

In November 1989 in St. Louis, the FBI inadvertently tape recorded the entire episode of a teenage girl's being killed by her Palestinian father and Brazilian mother (the Feds were looking for evidence of terrorism, which they also found). In a ghastly eight-minute sequence, Zein Isa stabbed his daughter Palestina thirteen times with a butcher's knife as his wife held the girl down and responded to Palestina's pleas for help with a brutal "Shut up!" The killing ends with Zein screaming "Die! Die quickly! Die quickly! . . . Quiet, little one! Die, my daughter, die!" By this time, she is dead.

Harris, a St. Louis television reporter, has done admirable spade work going through the court transcripts and interviewing everyone connected to the case in an attempt to piece together the interlocking stories of family murder and active support of Abu Nidal's terrorist organization. In addition, she successfully conjures up the small and exceedingly unpleasant world of Zein Isa and his family of rabid anti-Americans living right in the American heartland.

The murder culminates their lives of frustration, greed, and vulgarity. Unfortunately, Harris spent more effort digging up information than she did writing the book; so the more-than-casual reader must read and reread its pages to piece together the sequence of events and the scope of the Isa family's involvement with Abu Nidal. Doing so repays the effort, however, for Harris has compiled a treasure trove of materials on two usually elusive subjects.

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