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Taking Away Their Greatest Weapon

by Beth Goodtree

The civilized world has defined religion as something untouchable and sacrosanct. For civilized peoples, this is all well and good. But there are demons that move among us who have perverted the intent of religion as well as the laws protecting it. By doing this, they have waged war, encouraged slavery, and committed and incited murder and genocide with near impunity. It is time for a legal defining of 'religion.'

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines religion as:

  1. The service and worship of God or the observance.
  2. A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
  3. A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

These definitions are not qualified or modified in any way. Why? Because civilized people would find it inconceivable to include murder and genocide, as well as global conquest, slavery and subjugation as part of something Godly.

And yet this is what we are now facing. All in the name of 'religion.'

But then, the civilized world views the whole concept of God as a supernatural force devoted to 'good.' And here we must also define what we think of as 'good.'

To us, 'good' represents anything that encourages freedom, justice, morality, expansion of the mind, and creativity. 'Good' mean life encouraging. 'Good' means the opposite of chaos and restriction. 'Good' means the opposite of despotism and tyranny. 'Good' means acceptance of differing thoughts and opinions so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

Under these definitions, a blanket protection of religion is right and just.

Unfortunately, these definitions of 'goodness' as being necessary to a religion have never been set down or codified -- they have been merely understood. And we are now paying for that.

The non-Islamist (non-radical Islam) world is being forced, by our own laws, to revere and respect all versions of Islam as being equal. They are not. Several forms of Islam (Sufi and Ismaili are two), who believe in our definition of 'good,' are rapidly disappearing through murder and conquest.

But many other forms of Islam actually believe that murder, genocide, war for the sake of religious conquest and expansion, as well as slavery or indenture (they call it debt-servitude to get around the rightfully inflammatory word 'slavery'), sexual mutilations and enforced ignorance are all 'good.' And they have forced us to accept their definitions of 'good' under the legal protections afforded to all religions.

Essentially, Islamism has taken that which we would consider the work of the ultimate evil and wrapped 'religion' around it to circumvent the very laws we have in place to protect us from such demonic and monstrous aspirations.

When you have American mosques, American Islamist publications, and Imams and groups in America calling for 'death to the Zionists, Jews and Crusaders,' this should not be protected under freedom of religion. It is unholy and ungodly by civilized definitions and actually is in conflict with the 'Hate Speech as War Crimes section of the Genocide Laws. Yet it is still, unfortunately, considered 'protected speech,' and thus manages to supercede our other laws banning and punishing such behaviors.

This must change.

When you have constant genocidal speeches urging the murder of Jews and Christians issuing from mosques and on television, as in Israel or in Great Britain, this should not be tolerated. This is not religion. This is conquest politics at it most fiendish.

And yet Israel continues to ignore this and make concessions to a people bent upon their destruction for 'holy' reasons.

Great Britain, meanwhile, seems to blithely allow such hatred and lies which are aimed at instilling genocidal intent. It has reached the shameful point where even their own prince apparently thought that wearing the symbol of a former regime who accomplished just what radical Islam preaches is acceptable.

This must change.

If we are to survive as free, safe, and happy people, the civilized world as a whole must alter their laws to exclude such practices from the protection of being considered legitimate religions.

And the first step to freeing ourselves from the unholy pseudo-religion of Islamism (radical Islam) is to immediately incorporate into our laws what is acceptable as a true religion and what is not. This will liberate us from the losing proposition of tolerating and/or negotiating with murderers, inciters, enslavers and tyrannical regimes, who cowardly hide behind the shield WE provided them with: 'Anything done in the name of religion is untouchable.'

When you have countries such as Saudi Arabia funding terrorism in Israel in the name of Islam and continuing the enslavement of entire peoples as being part of their Islamist version of conversion through conquest as well as 'the Islamic Law of debt servitude," this must not be tolerated. And yet we do. And not merely for the sake of oil.

We must further define our laws to specify that hatred, incitement, tyranny and the goal of conquest and conversion (as opposed to mild verbal and/or intellectual persuasion), as well as slavery and the lack of freedom of choice and thought, should be mandatory in the definition of what is not a religion.

We, the civilized world, must immediately take measures to modify our laws and thus prevent those who yearn for our destruction to use our own freedoms against us.

Beth Goodtree is a writer specializing in political commentary, Islamism and the Middle East and the occasional science and humor article. She has a background in advertising and works as a consultant on Islamism and terrorism to a security firm. Contact her at her website: