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Youth unemployment in Bristol Tri-cities continues to explode

Posted April 17, 2015 by Lewis Loflin

The Bristol Herald Courier tells the story of Samantha Terry. She received her administrative support certificate in 2013 and found the certificate is worthless. Stuck with minimum wage jobs she is joining the millions of 18 to 29-year-olds that are unemployed or underemployed.

While local governments in Bristol Virginia-Tennessee squander hundreds of millions for retailed development at public expense the jobs created lead Samantha wondering where her next meal will come from.

The Bristol Herald Courier of course published the woefully understated national unemployment figures. But going by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and labor force participation rates Tri-Cities has a real unemployment rate of 25%; 16% of the 18 to 64-year-olds are on disability. Disability has increasingly become an unemployment program.

What do local business leaders say the reason is for why they won't hire anybody? They list not being able to pass a drug test and back ground check; lack of soft skills like being proactive, having initiative, being flexible, adaptable, dependable, independent and emotionally intelligent; not having the correct job skills or having higher skills than necessary and the fact that a number of older workers earn not retiring or are returning to work. So says the Bristol Herald Courier.

Now let's take this is what they really mean: they want a 20-year-old worker that they refuse to train, with 10 years experience that will happily work and be a loyal employee for $8-$10 an hour. In other words it's an employers market and there's too many workers seeking too few jobs.

As this website has documented going on almost 2 decades efforts at job creation by government in the Tri-Cities Virginia Tennessee region continues to fail and will do so in the future because market forces are working against them. Even if we clear up the crony capitalism and political corruption it will make no real difference.

The region's over reliance on mining and manufacturing is ending. Automation will continue to destroy factory jobs and is now taking a toll even on service jobs. Automation, mass immigration, and incentive packages from state and local governments encouraging business to fire and displace it's workers will continue to devastate American labor.

We simply don't need workers. Even education will make little difference as even those jobs are being automated, out sourced, or displaced by immigrants. Government regulations as well is taking its toll.

In Bristol Virginia Tennessee businesses such as Food City are cutting the hours of its mostly low-wage part-time labor force to under 30 hours a week to evade Obamacare.

Across the nation as well as here college degrees are becoming more and more worthless. Employers to avoid costly litigation by federal civil rights commissions over hiring quotas are now using college degrees is a legal shield from charges of discrimination. Instead of simply giving a test that anybody could take to get a job even menial jobs now require college degrees so the perspective employer won't have to deal with race quotas.

So not only do young people face unemployment and underemployment they are often being straddled with worthless college degrees and high levels of debt. Most people should not go to college and many jobs should not require college degrees. Government meddling has created this appalling situation.

At this point there's really nothing the government can do. Americans in general need to rethink their economic priorities which includes living within their means, staying out of excessive debt, and curving irresponsible behavior such as unwed motherhood and crime.

The government also needs to rethink its role as a babysitter. It should be teaching people how to make better decisions instead of luring them into bad decisions and broken promises back by government handouts. Government must finally stop following policies favoring the investment-speculator class and the welfare dependency class over everyone else.

Reference Bristol Herald Courier February 8, 2015.

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