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Confronting Black Crime in Virginia

by Lewis Loflin


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This was taken from a local racism organization in Bristol:

Bold black headlines dominating the front pages of our nation's newspapers record increasing racist and hate crime incidents since the election of our first African-American President, Barack Obama. The alarming surge in discrimination, injustices, racist messages, hate graffiti, cartoons, jokes, sexism, ageism, homophobia, religious persecution, and hate group activity, including violence and death, is another Rorschach inkblot on the world's stage.

Racism affects us all in some way, individuality, collectively or institutionally. In this Twitter-messaging, "post-racial" era of instant worldwide news, the blatant old-boy and stagnant blood racist-stained domination is exposed for the world to see. How can it so blatantly continue? Can our economy afford it? How does it affect our position in the world? New attitudes and actions are a must, beginning with addressing the denial of equal justice to the very air we breathe, i.e., environmental racism.

Perhaps better stated was the bold printed headline in a local newspaper article of November 6, 2008, "Old Virginny is dead". The tide of change cannot, should not and will not be held back. It is incumbent upon each of us to assume the responsibility for altering the intolerable situation of overt and covert racism in our community and our nation. We will either ride the waves of change or drown in the sea of hate...

In light of the resurgence of racism...

So says Wilhelmina S. Banks, Chairperson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Team on their website at

This raving nonsense aside, when she uses such terms as "the intolerable situation of overt and covert racism in our community" she implies there is racism in the Bristol VA/TN community. But who exactly is she accusing and of what? It's funny with a leftist newspaper like the Bristol Herald Courier ready to blow even the most minor race incident into the stratosphere, they've reported no such thing.

Unless the Bristol police on both sides of town both with outstanding black officers on their forces are in on a mass coverup, this women needs to brought to task for these accusations. The local press as usual is giving them free advertising as they plan "to hold a series of community discussions on racism over the next two months..." (BHC August 24, 2009)

To quote the press, The forums also will address what organizers say is a "resurgence of racism and racist behavior" following the election of Barack Obama as president...It's in your face every day, just pick up one of the papers and listen to what people are saying." It no surprise their website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center considered as extremists in their own right.

They whine about some cartoon in a New York newspaper, but what does that have to do with Bristol? They whine about some racist graffiti in Kingsport, Tennessee and are convinced "a discussion on racism was timely." The only problem is that "racist graffiti" was the work of a lone individual.

See Trial of Lone Spay-Painting White Racist on Hold

They merely want to use race as an issue, but won't discuss the massive and disproportionate level of black crime. See Drug watch in Tri-Cities Virginia/Tennessee

But the real gimmick is revealed: The "discussions" are limited to only 12 preselected people and the general public will have no say in it. This is a staged publicity stunt. If these Van Jones clones are so hysterical because of politically incorrect speech, let's look at some real racism from the black community and their refusal to deal with it. It's one thing to whine about name calling or some cartoon, physical violence is another thing.

Published in the Bristol Herald Courier:

Re: this Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Team (August 24) I'm taking a strong exception to their racist' undertones. If they want to trump the race card as an excuse for the self-inflicted failure within their community, here are some facts on race that we should discuss:

Over 50 percent of blacks drop out of school and 70-80 percent of black children are born to unwed black mothers; it's their choice, their fault.

Blacks make up 20 percent of the Virginia population; black males say 10 percent. In the sections where crime was reported by race, Hispanics and illegal aliens are counted as white thus inflating the white crime rate. (They commit 3-4 times the white crime rate, I excluded Asians.)

On sexual offences whites are 72 percent of the victims, black males committed 37.3 percent of the offences. Black males commit 80 percent of the robberies. Blacks commit 53 percent of the assaults and 54 percent of the car thefts. Black males alone commit 56 percent of the violent crime, with black females 63 percent. (Source: Virginia State Police)

Now the hate crime statistics for 2005-2008 are the real shocker. Almost two-thirds of the victims are white, but almost two-thirds of the hate crime charges are against whites. In 2008 153 whites were victims of hate crimes while 99 blacks were victims. Yet 73% of the Virginia population is white while the black population is just under 20%. But 128 whites were charged with hate crimes with only 99 black victims. Only 72 blacks were charged with hate crimes, less than half the number of white victims.

That's consistent year after year and it's clearly anti-white racism. Be aware that the definition of hate crimes have been expanded to the absurd. Only 185 out of 337 concerned race. Of most of the race offences (185) only 72 were assault, most of the rest property crimes. Per-capita blacks commit far more hate crimes than whites do even though police are loath to even charge non-whites for hate crimes at all.

The Virginia white population is 5,671,432. 128 white offenders commit one hate crime for 44,308 white people. Per 100,000 rate = 2.25.

The Virginia black population is 1,546,048. 72 black offenders commit one hate crime for 21,472 black people. Per 100,000 rate = 4.66.

Blacks per-capita commit more than twice the hate crimes of whites.

Before these Obamanite useful idiots start playing the race card and insinuate anyone that opposes his lies and the racists and Marxists he surrounds himself with, clean up their own act. All racism is wrong and it's time to end Progressive anti-white racism.