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What about some solutions for Southwest Virginia?

Posted April 17, 2015 by Lewis Loflin

The question really becomes how much government force do we employ assuming we can root out political corruption? The only way I see of doing this is to massively reduce government meddling, favoritism, and interference in both the economy and the private affairs of its citizens.

This of course runs completely counter to government trying to fix the problem - only individuals can fix these problems.

We must accept once and for all that equality of outcome is a myth and government engineered equality has never worked and never will. We must abandon the concept of collectivism and return to the concept of individualism and individual merit.

We are already employing government force with the thousands of arrests for drug violations and that accomplishes nothing. We as a society refuse to deal with the individual that breaks the rules or games the system. The government has a poor record of fixing any form of social problems and don't kid yourself the problems are social.

I hate to be harsh and cold here but some of this shiftless population is hopeless. We can't and shouldn't jail all of these people and the police are already far too militarized but there's plenty we can do. Why would we want to turn our nation into a police state simply to deal with individual criminals, slackers, and miscreants?

Begin at once to blame these individuals for their problems instead of blaming the general society for it. Start by coming down hard on those abusing and milking government assistance. It makes no sense to pile up millions of people in section 8 housing to scatter their criminality across entire communities then we import millions of Mexicans to do jobs that they should be doing.

Cut off most or all immigration particularly low skilled workers and force the existing low skilled workforce to take those jobs. Their refusal to work or to take these jobs will begin to have consequences. For the welfare recipient that means cutting their benefits.

Come down hard on single motherhood and other forms of irresponsible behavior. (That includes absentee fathers.) Statistics show this problem is most prevalent in the lower class and poorly educated including increasing numbers of low class whites. Those parents who are shown to be irresponsible and unable to care for their children need to have them permanently removed and adopted off by other families. Sorry that's what we used to do and it worked just fine.

On government assistance? Your life will be closely monitored and regulated. You will be on mandatory birth control and if living in government housing will have no boyfriends or others living with you. You will be subject to regular spot inspections for both health and safety reasons, drug testing, and removal of non-authorized residents. For the first time in one's life they will be held directly responsible for their actions.

Those families proven to have drugs or alcohol in the household with children are to be immediately arrested for child neglect and child abuse. As opposed to jail or as an alternative to jail offer them drug and alcohol treatment and mandatory work requirements. That means all those jobs that we're importing foreign workers to take will be worked by them. Refusal to do means that we must begin to have a new form of prison system and work farms would be a solution.

In fact this would be a way to employ large numbers of mostly shiftless people giving them a choice between jail or farms. The crops and surplus produce from this industry can go back to the workers themselves and other low income people.

To prevent possible political corruption we need safeguards ensures that it is not lining the pockets of third parties. This is not to be turned into a form of penal slavery but as a way to force the lowest rungs of our society to become self-sufficient. Assuming they are not in violation of some criminal law they are free to leave at any time.

This system is not here to make money for private business or to interfere with the private sector. And that means limited or no government contracting or meddling with the private sector.

What it means is to take control of those individuals who cannot control themselves as opposed to punishing the broader society by punishing their achievement to reward slackers and miscreants.

That means we also must deal with the issue of public housing which are little more than a way of dumping undesirables off on other communities.

Immediately put an end to any further expansion of section 8 housing. Go into existing units and clean out the crime, the drugs, and deal with the miscreants that turned them into hellholes.

All this system has done is make private landlords rich while shackling many communities with a violent and criminal prone population. This is exactly what has happened to Ferguson Missouri and it needs to end.

From now on if one wants government housing their lives and activities will be closely regulated and monitored. Don't like it? One can get off their ass and make it on their own. Making this unpleasant as possible will motivate people to stand on their own two feet.

But government and society can't demand that people get off their asses and get a job when there are no jobs to be had or we are constantly importing replacement workers.

It's time to change the economy to reward instead of punishing low income workers. I have no problem with some subsidies to help low income workers as long as it doesn't profit private business and allow them to cut the wages of other workers.

We don't want to dump cheap subsidized labor into an already depressed labor market. We as a society in general are going to have to expect some higher cost in consumer goods and services but that should be offset by decreasing cost of taxes for the welfare state and the associated crime and social problems. This is a process that will probably take one or two decades to accomplish.

The alternative is to continue on as we are and allow civil society to disintegrate to further chaos and possible civil war.

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