Kingsport Bans Home Schoolers From School Facilities

compiled by Lewis Loflin

Homeschool parents pay the same taxes as everyone else. They pull their children out of public schools for a variety of legitimate reasons: crime/drugs, poor academic standards, and often anti-Christian hostility.

Schools spend far too much time on Green Theology and social engineering to the detriment of education. Home school students score as well or above average on mandated state testing as public school students. Tennessee has over 30,000 home schooled students.

So why the hostile treatment from the Kingsport Board of Education? On July 18, 2011 the press reported they said "no" when these tax paying citizens if they could use the sports facilities at the public schools they paid for. It seems the Kingsport BOE won't go on the record as to why, but those paying their salaries have.

Parent Sonya Haskins who teaches her five children at home says,

"Its really not fair, as far as getting to pursue athletic interest. I pay the same taxes as everybody and my money goes to the public school system. Well I don't get any advantage out of that money. I get no benefit whatsoever."

Russ Rogers is the head of the Northeast Tennessee Home Educators Association ( says,

"We're actually pursuing it because the homeschoolers have asked us to. There's a lot of talented homeschool kids out there and they have some really big opportunities. So a lot of the big scouts, they won't know to come to a homeschool game and watch these guys...We have kids that have gone on to King (College in Bristol) and some other schools here locally that have gone on scholarship to play basketball."

As a taxpayer myself that has watched my school system in Washington County Virginia graduate functional illiterates and offer multiple phony diplomas (five the last time I heard), I'd consider home schooling if I had kids and I'm no Christian fundamentalist. I've had kids come to me scared to death over this global warming nonsense they were fed in school. Yet our community colleges have to give remedial math and reading classes to over half those students entering from local school systems.

The real question isn't home schooling, but why parents are forced to do it. What are these public schools doing with the money? Ref. BHC.

Facts about Home Schooling in Tri-Cities and Bristol Religion seems the overwhelming criteria in home schooling. These parents want a "Christian centered" education for their children and feel public education is hostile to their beliefs. Homeschool parents set high standards in academics. Education and learning have always been a cornerstone of the Protestant ethic.

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