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Tax Break for Stupid Country Music Museum Schools Go Without

Posted April 17, 2015 by Lewis Loflin

Jan 13 2015 WCYB.com - "Bristol, Virginia City Council voted to give the Birthplace of Country Music Museum a break on its taxes." Quoting Councilman Jim Steele, "We are helping the museum all we can and downtown is thriving and we want it to keep thriving."

They also "gave the same exemption to Household of Faith Church."

So that's tens of thousands of dollars in tax giveaways to the well connected. The Afterbirth of County Music Museum has received other public bailouts: $10,000 of ratepayer funds from scandal ridden Bristol Virginia Utilities; $90,000 in a Virginia tourism grant.

Between Bristol Virginia and nearby Abingdon Artisan Center taxpayers have shelled out over $30 million for Country music hype with no real proof of any benefit to the general public.

As I predicted this $12 million worthless museum is simply a conduit for public dollars going down a rat hole. If downtown Bristol is doing so great Jim then why this report three days later:

Bristol Virginia city schools anticipate a $900,000 shortfall

Ref. January 18, 2015 Bristol Herald Courier.

"City schools face an estimated $900,000 shortfall...The expected gap includes a $271,000 reduction in state revenue based on sales taxes, $129,000 less in state support due to a lower average daily student population, another $200,000 to offset employee contributions to a state retirement program and an expected $185,000 hike in health insurance."

The article went on to say they had cuts last year as Bristol wasted millions on corporate welfare and under writing more retail development. When is all this country music nonsense going to start paying for itself? This is turning out to be the same thing as the $6 million wasted on the Bristol Train Station that still sits empty.

Read more on this at http://www.tricities.com/news/article_8d5f1654-9f91-11e4-b197-4bd2157cb669.html

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