Military Quality Standards Institutional Racism?

by Lewis Loflin

Affirmative action racists now claim that qualified white men serving as combat leaders is detrimental to the feelings of less or unqualified minorities. High standards are once again decried as institutional racism. We just can't get any more stupid than this.

Douglas Ernst of The Washington Times on September 11, 2014 is reporting U.S. Army sociologists are "worried" as low-achieving blacks-Hispanics have to serve under qualified white officers will feel bad about themselves. To quote,

"USA Today's research found that 25 relevant brigades it looked at did not have a single black commander in 2014. For 2015, the paper reported that there will be two black commanders of combat brigades."

And a paper pusher Col. Irving Smith, director of sociology at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, told USA Today,

"First we are a public institution. And as a public institution we certainly have more of a responsibility to our nation than a private company to reflect it. In order to maintain their trust and confidence, the people of America need to know that the Army is not only effective but representative of them."

What does that have to do facing people trying to kill you in stupid wars with unrealistic or vague goals?

Capt. Grancis Santana a Hispanic says,

"it wasn't discrimination that was causing a lack of minority officers in key posts - the supply of desired soldiers in his military occupational specialty simply wasn't there. It's not a good feeling when you're one of the few. There was no discrimination; there are just not a lot of people like you."

In other words they are not qualified or the best choices. Further,

"Of the 238 West Point graduates commissioned to be infantry officers in 2012, only seven were black. One of the Army's plans for addressing the issue will be to put more emphasis on recruiting and mentoring minority officers."

In other words racial double standards and more discrimination against better qualified whites, and lowering standards. Oh, let's not forget quotas. The idiots that come up with this nonsense are not the ones whose children serve in the military. Let's go back to a draft and start sending some of the rich kids into the quagmires they create in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Now with homosexuals and various other sexually confused groups allowed to openly serve in the military some of the racist social engineers are now hinting at quotas and special treatment for them.

Also there are bitter complaints that many black and Hispanic candidates don't even meet the minimal qualifications in regards to education and mental ability to even get into the better military specialties.

Where does the racist' insanity that permeates the minds of the nation's elite ever end? The military is not a social experiment.


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