Media Truth

Mazer Slams the Doors, Dumps 200 Employees

by Lewis Loflin

The Mazer Corporation, to quote their website, "is a fully integrated content developer and manufacturer of instructional media serving educational publishers, trade associations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

The Mazer printing company in Johnson City closed its doors Tuesday, December 30, leaving almost 200 people without jobs. Company officials are " not sure if they will be paid for Monday and Tuesday at this time, but the employees 401K plans are safe." (Really?) To quote one displaced worker, "There's a feeling of betrayal. This was a very dedicated and loyal workforce. You couldn't have asked for a better workforce."

Employees claim the company changed its health insurance policy earlier this year to read that within 24 hours of termination an employee would lose insurance. They are now jobless and uninsured. The company didn't give 60 days notice, it just slammed the doors. Ref. BHC December 31, 2008. Their website at mentions nothing about this.

Update: WJHL TV (January 23, 2009) reports more bad news for former employees of Mazer Corporation. They are finding out their health insurance was gone long before they were sent home...Three weeks ago Mazer Corporation told their employees they'd be laid off, but they left one thing out, that their health insurance had lapsed a month earlier. Some employees not only have no job, but got stuck with big medical bills. One employee got nailed for almost $10,000 and has "learned neither Mazer Corporation nor the insurance company broke any laws." Mazer Corporation won't talk to the press.