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Raising Taxes to Pay Police While Looting Public Funds

Posted April 17, 2015 by Lewis Loflin

State Sen. Bill Carrico, R-Galax has been right there with fellow Republican pilfering millions of our tax dollars to enrich private business. Now he has introduced a bill to raise vehicle fees to pay for state police. As former state trooper he arrested crooks for pilfering other people's property, now he is in on it and it's legal.

To quote the press,

"Senate Bill 754 seeks to impose an additional annual charge of $1.25 per year for the next 10 years, for each motor vehicle, pickup truck, panel truck and motorcycle registered in the state. If approved, it would be $1.25 on July 1, $2.50 in 2016 and increase to $12.50 by 2024."

He voted to help steal $100 million to underwrite Bristol retail development. While he claims this new tax will help State Police why didn't he think of that before when he help divert other public funds?

The Washington Post askes, is the "A back-door tax increase in Virginia?" and:

But this particular proposal strikes me as bad economics clothed in even worse election-year politics.

But it also follows a time-honored pattern in Virginia state government: shun general tax increases in favor of new or increased fees.

Quoting the press, "Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued a series of proposed budget amendments last month, but none addressed a $12 million gap in funding for the VSP. Currently, the state provides about $249 million of its total budget of $310 million." He too was instrumental in the $100 million theft to underwrite the Falls retail development in Bristol.

The punitive tax would:

"restore their (State Police) operational costs and allow them to hire 750 additional troopers and fix their pay and equity problem. They've had guys wooed away by federal departments after we [state] spent all the money to train them."

He is talking about raising worker pay in a state and political party that works for the opposite?

Ref. January 21, 2015 Bristol Herald Courier

More on the antics of Mr Carrico can be found at www.virginiacopblock.org.

Read the full story at http://www.tricities.com/news/article_fd43305c-a1eb-11e4-adc8-63d35a36f966.html

Looting More Public Funds for the Bristol Retail Wars

Washington County is pissed over competition from the $100 million taxpayer funded Falls retail development luring away retailers from the County. Lowe's has already announced they will jump the City borders to Bristol.

Last time Bristol Virginia and Washington County went to court over retail development (the present Target strip mall on Lee Highway) that cost to local taxpayers was $10 million in losses for court fees and corporate welfare - much of it borrowed - now the Falls will compete with Target in Washington County.

Now they are proposing looting more state tax dollars for retail corporate welfare for Washington County to keep this out of court.

To quote the press in reference to a closed backroom meeting regarding "legislation seeking tax revenues for some land in the county."

Known as the Trammell property the 85 acres would be designated under "development of regional impact legislation" would reap tens of millions in profits for private developers. This is part of our insane retail wars in Bristol:

Bristol, Virginia's The Falls project was designated by the General Assembly as a development of regional impact, which makes it eligible for certain tax revenues as stores open. City leaders sought that arrangement for The Falls, since The Pinnacle, a competing development across the state line in Bristol, Tennessee, will be partially funded by recouping sales tax revenues through Tennessee legislation for large developments in border communities.

For years, Washington County leaders have tried to have land added as a development of regional impact, saying the city's designation gives them an advantage and might lure businesses over into the city. Lowe's has already announced it will leave a county shopping center for The Falls.

Steve Johnson, who is developing The Pinnacle, a giant retail development that includes an already-open Bass Pro Shops, approached the board about working with him on some 250 acres he owns in Washington County adjacent to The Pinnacle...

Guess which politician is behind this scam legislation? None other than ex-state trooper Bill Carrico!

Meanwhile, state Sen. Bill Carrico, R-Galax, who carried similar legislation in the past attempting to get Washington County land added to the city's bill, filed the draft legislation in the General Assembly, though it had not been approved by the supervisors.

That bill, Senate Bill 1172, was filed Jan. 13, according to the bill and state records, the same day the supervisors were planning to meet at night. The bill was moved to the Senate Finance Committee the next day, where it still sits....

Perhaps he can raise some other tax to help pay off his developer friends. As of April 2015 nothing more has been heard. Read the full story at http://www.tricities.com/news/article_1abd7740-a1ed-11e4-ab10-63b166affec5.html

Ref. January 21, 2015 Bristol Herald Courier

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