Immigrant Population Hits Record 38 Million

Extract from Newsmax. According to Chris Gonsalves, Newsmax November 28, 2007:

Immigrants, legal and illegal have swelled to 38 million, one-third illegal. One-third are on welfare and from 2000 - 2007 over "10 million immigrants have entered the U.S., more than half of them illegally" with "another 15 million immigrants will likely arrive in the next 10 years." The last seven years have been record breaking. To quote, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the CIS,

"An increasing burden on taxpayers to subsidize a 19th century workforce imported into a 21st century society; further displacement and wage reductions for the low-skilled and teen-age American workers who are the chief competitors of illegal immigrants; and continued slowing of technological innovation in the fields where immigrants are concentrated due to the artificial flooding of the low-skilled labor market and consequent reduction of incentives for businesses to mechanize and use labor more efficiently."

A third of all U.S. immigrants come from Mexico, making it the top country of origin followed by China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam. Almost 60 percent of the Illegal aliens entering the U.S. come from Mexico. The numbers portend a major shift in American demographics.

More than 72 percent of native U.S. residents are white, 13 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic and 2 percent are Asian. But among the burgeoning immigrant population, over 48 percent are Hispanic, 23 percent are Asian, 21 percent are white and 7 percent are black...immigrants now make up one in every five school-age children in America. Immigration accounts for all of the increases in public school enrollment nationwide over the past 20 years.

17 percent of immigrants and their children live below the poverty line - with income of less than $20,000 per year for a family of four - some 50 percent higher than the poverty rate for native U.S. residents...(They) are more likely than native residents to live in poverty, lack health insurance and use the welfare system...More than 31 percent of adult immigrants have not completed high school, compared to just 8 percent of U.S. natives. Since 2000, immigrants have boosted the overall number of workers who lack a high school diploma to 14 percent.

Of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S., nearly 7 million have jobs.

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Mass Immigration Killing the Working Poor Here Too

Immigration reform will cause even more misery for the working poor as an additional 22 million more guest workers over the next decade will further displace native born low-wage workers and already have in East Tennessee and Tri-Cities. Low-wage black workers have been driven out of the labor force across the nation by immigration and the same thing is happening to poor whites in our region as employers hunt for more cheap-exploitable labor.

In fact this has been recommended to business as a way to lower labor costs in the tourist-retirement related industries this region is promoting. Simply put they want to bring in even cheaper labor to displace the working poor that already dominates our private sector labor market. The working poor are ignored and marginalized already and so the system of social apartheid will continue to flourish.