Arlene Peck

Having a little Buyer's Remorse Over Obama

by Arlene Peck

For any of you who might wonder, I don't consider myself a Democrat. Nor am I a Republican. If anything, when it comes to political elections, I am an independent. I think they're all corrupt. And, when the next election comes around, I'm voting for the "other one." Yet, for those of you still in a self imposed trance of "Oh, I don't keep up with politics" - or worse - "Obama is the man and going to bring change" attitude, I want to talk to you about 'buyer's remorse."

We, as a country are living in pre-Nazi Germany. Except, our President now gives speeches where he compares the "suffering of the Palestinians" with the Nazi's murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

The Obama administration is systemically changing our culture and laws into a Socialist country. Is that the 'change' you wanted? Does anyone out there think the word "Czar" is a Russian word originating from the 'good old days' of communism? In fact, when I watched a recent television show, I saw a class of Kindergarten children reciting the phrases of their "leader" and it reminded me of Chinese children marching rote in lock-step for Mao when I was a kid. I believed then it was considered brain washing - A phrase that we now live under. Yet, if anyone dares criticize the President, it's a race issue. Hell, the man was elected on personality, not his policies.

I truly believe the "Big Daddy Czar" with the good old wholesome American name of Barak Hussein Obama has created a government sub-culture of Czars who are not checked on or responsible to anyone. But, they want to '"share the wealth." Have you noticed, however, that the politicians who want all of this, sure don't plan on giving up any of those wonderful "perks" that they get from their wonderful job related health policies in the House and Senate.

He is a "master" con-artist who came out of nowhere and ran on the perfect wave of resentment created by Bush. The country was so dissatisfied at that time with the "same old, same old" we would have elected "Jack the Ripper." And, that folks, is exactly who we have put in power. At least the Christian community seems concerned that Obama, while talking to the United Nations, spoke at length about the need for Israel to fulfill Palestinian claims and rights. He also used his favorite word "refugees" in hopes of "returning" millions of Arabs to the Jewish State.

When he awarded two of the most virulent anti-Israel and Jewish people today, Mary Robinson of Ireland and Desmond Tuto of South Africa the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I thought that was pretty bad, but the folks in Norway outdid even that fiasco with the Noble Peace Prize. This is going to set off a wave of new Obama Idolatry and that is dangerous.

There was a time when I took pride in the accomplishments of the Jews and the vast numbers who had joined this exclusive body of men. But, then came along the likes of Arafat and Jimmy Carter whom, I believe, are evil to the core. Arafat left his legacy as being the "Father of Terrorism" and the damage he managed to accomplish will be felt for decades to come. Carter?

Never a man of peace, but an anti-Semite who when he was governor of my state of Georgia, was the most incompetent in memory. And, now we have the first Muslim and Obama's incursion in this group completes my loss of faith in the value of this award. Elie Wiesel has reason to be pretty pissed.

He also is a master speech maker and realized early the power of words. Clinton, I believe, knew that and was the first one to use the word Palestinian State in a political speech. And, once that was said, the "big lie" became a common expression in "mid-east talks" and the impossibility of that was used at every opportunity. Because those who actually "get it" know that the "conflict" in the Middle east isn't, nor has it ever been, about land. It's about the reality that none of the Arab states can bring themselves to even stating that they recognize the right of Israel to even exist.

Land is NOT the issue. It's obvious for those who might take the time to look at a map. Israel is a speck surrounded by twenty-hostile nations with huge land and oil reserves. Picture a pack of matches on a football field with Israel being the matchbook. You get the idea? Yet, he can't even admit that the real obstacle to peace is the right to exist as a Jewish state.

So for Obama to "sneak" in not only how Israel must give up more of it's "occupied" land, but also settle the "refugee" problem, is a major move against the Jewish state that BiBi managed to stand strong on while Obama backed down. His comments on "refugees" would have been enough. In "Obama-speak" that means, "Lets move millions of displaced into the Jewish state." Wow! What a great opportunity to expand the terrorist's state called "Gaza" which Israel was stupid enough to turn over to the previous administration at great cost in Jewish lives, property, and heritage.

What I can't understand or tolerate is how so many of my Jewish brethren continue to have trust in this man or his policies - Especially the Israeli ones. However, it does warm my heart to see that the ones who are actually in the Jewish State have placed their trust in him and his government in almost a negative state. What does it take to actually "get it"?

Amazingly, like the Nazi in Iran, Obama is making very little effort to hide his disdain for the Jews and I believe even the Christians. He gives out a Muslim holiday greeting while leaving the Jews in the cold. It is obvious that his roots and heritage and sympathies are Muslim.

The list goes on and I'd just like to mention that in the recent "giveaways" another little known gift from Obama and Company has quietly, and with little fan-fare, decided to turn over to the terrorists state via Hamas three hundred million dollars of our tax payer money to "re-build" Gaza and it's perpetual refugees from what he considers the war of aggression from Israel. So my question, while he's getting ready to pressure Israel to open the jails and let the tigers (aka terrorists) into the population as they regularly do and have thousands of them out to roam the streets, is why doesn't someone pressure the White House to tie that tainted money to the release of captured Gilat Shalit and gain his freedom?

Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night. Posted November 21, 2009.